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Pop-TROPE-ica: Inter-Island Connections 🏝

This is a guest post by Silver Shell. Enjoy!

Scope It Out: Keep watching the skies.

Hello again, Poptropicans! It’s Silver Shell, back again for another Pop-TROPE-ica post. Similar to my last one about time travel, this post is about how Poptropica rarely sends us to the same place twice.

I can’t even make a list for this one. Every single Poptropica island has its own unique setting (unless you count remakes such as the new Mythology Island or episodic islands, like Survival, or the time you go to Early Poptropica to complete the quest from Counterfeit).

Although each island always seems to be set in different places, there are times when we find Easter Eggs on an island that reminds us of another place on the map. For example, in the Baron’s Crusade mini-quest, we see the cove from the Pirate Outpost on Skullduggery Island.

Islands also contain references to items or brands from other islands. There are quite a few on PoptropiCon, such as the back of a sign for Queequeg’s Coffeehouse which first appeared in Back Lot Island, or the guy eating pizza puffs outside Pepe’s stand, who’s wearing the goblin hat from Twisted Thicket

However, there are some mysteries about whether or not certain islands take place in the same setting. For example, both Skullduggery and Shark Tooth have a part where you sail or swim through the ocean, but on the Poptropica map, there is only one large ocean containing all the islands (Pop-cific Ocean? Atlant-ica Ocean?). Do those quests take place in the same ocean, and by extension, the same area?

There’s a similar question with Astro-Knights and Lunar Colony. When you’re in your spaceship on Astro-Knights, you can bring up a whole map of Poptropica’s solar system. It appears Planet Poptropica has only one moon, and it is inhabited by hospitable aliens all around.

Yet, on Lunar Colony, we seem to cross the entire moon, or at least one half of it, and there is hardly a bit of proof of alien occupancy. (Sure, Salerno discovers an alien world in the end, but we never see it.) What we do see are what appear to be ancient alien artifacts, left behind a long time ago. Are we still on the same moon?

Maybe we went to a moon of one of the other planets, like the Fire Planet? Or did one of the two islands take place in a completely different solar system?

Whatever the case, I think it’s still safe to say that, regardless of how confusing some of Poptropica’s inter-island logic may be, Poptropica takes place in all sorts of different places, all across the world, and never seems to repeat itself. So thanks for reading! Comment below! 👇

Pop Nonstop,
Silver Shell 🥈🐚

Hope you enjoyed this guest post by Silver Shell. If you did, you might also like another one of hers: Pop-TROPE-ica: 10 Times We Time Travel.

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