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Pop-TROPE-ica: 10 Times We Time Travel โฑ

This is a guest post by Silver Shell. Enjoy!

What’s up, Poptropicans? Silver Shell here. I’m back to show you my latest Pop-TROPE-ica post, a series about trends in the game.

This time, we’re talking about how some Poptropica islands send you through time and space. Let’s get into it!

10. Early Poptropica

This island goes way back โ€” and not just in the sense that it’s the first Poptropica island ever. The 8-bit characters are definitely old-timey, and reflect the pilgrims who settled in what became America. While only one half of the island is designed like this, the Pop Art museum also has you meet artists from the past, such as da Vinci and van Gogh.

9. Red Dragon

Remember this one? This island is one of my favorites. It’s based off of Mary Pope Osborne’sย Magic Tree House series, and has you go back in time to the Edo period of Japan with Jack and Annie. However, instead of being set in the past from beginning to end like Early Poptropica, you first arrive in the present before the tree house sends you to Old Japan a little later.

8. Mystery Train

Not only is this island full of mystery, it also puts you way back in time–to 1893, specifically–and has historical figures around every corner. From Nikola Tesla to Susan B. Anthony to President Cleveland, this island is definitely an island set a long time ago.

7. Astro-Knights

This one’s a good example. It shows both time travel to the past, what with the medieval knights and all that, and futuristic technology. Though it was a good mix of the two, I think it was set more in the past, just with items of the future.

6. Super Power

This one may be just me, but doesn’t it kind of seem like Super Power is set in the future? Think about it. Radioactive meteorites giving regular criminals superhuman powers, anti-power handcuffs, and everything else. I guess it’s more sci-fi than anything, but don’t you think it could also be futuristic? I mean, who knows what could be invented in the near future? Anyway, it seems possible that it’s in the future.

5. Mythology (or Mythology – Classic Version)

Yes, Mythology Island! Puts you back in time to when the gods walked among mortals, as the legends would have it. From the design of the buildings to the way people are dressed, you can see this island is set back in Ancient Greece.ย 

4. Shrink Ray

Shrink Ray, the island where you get shrunk by an evil teacher! While I suppose it doesn’t really seem like time-travel since it looks like a modern town with modern stuff, it gives me a sense of the future. Shrink ray guns have been talked about since forever, and the fact that it exists here makes it seem like the island is set in the near future, perhaps.

3. S.O.S.

Being modeled after the fall of the Titanic, when I played this one it kind of seemed like we were had gone back in time to experience this bit of history. While it could have been in the present but just similar to something from the past, the Titanic connection makes me think S.O.S. should be considered an island with time travel.

2. Cryptids

People have been obsessed with finding cryptids since forever, but the ones we spot on this island have yet to be confirmed in our IRL timeline. Actually finding them here hints at what could happen in the future. I guess this one’s kind of a long shot, but it’s still remotely related to time travel in my opinion. It’s not just me, is it?

1. Time Tangled

Of course this one! Visiting eleven different time periods from the past! That’s a time travel island if you ask me. I bet everyone expected this one would come up on this list. Come on, this island is the most related to time travel ever to appear on the map.

So, how do you like it? Ten whole islands that take you back in time. That’s a Poptropica trend for sure. Maybe the next Dream Island, Secret of the Jade Scarab, will also have time travel. We’ll see. Until next time!

Pop Nonstop,
Silver Shell ๐Ÿฅˆ๐Ÿš

Hope you enjoyed this guest post by Silver Shell. If you did, you might also like her other posts, such as this Pop Petition: Stop replacing good features.

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