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A Little Color In Your Summer: Pop Worlds Updates

Hey everyone! Spotted Dragon here with a Poptropica Worlds summer update! And this one comes with a lot of big additions to the game that we’ve been waiting for.

popworlds summer update 1

I’ll start off with what everyone will be happy to hear about: the colorizer is here! This is a feature that many of us have missed and it’s one that was even listed in our first Pop Petitions post!

With it, you can color your hair and skin any way you see fit! Just like in Original Poptropica. Once you change colors, you won’t be able to go back to the exact tone you had when you first logged in, unless it’s included in the basic palette we’re provided, but either way this is a big step forward for our customizing possibilities.

popworlds summer update 4

The colorizer is located in the closet, but there is one big drawback: only members can pick any color they want. The rest of us can only pick colors from a small color palette. While the addition of the colorizer is great and everything, this puts a damper on the feature for most players.

Talking about changing colors, this isn’t the only update bringing color into our summer (or… not depending on where you live). We also get two new color changing outfits! There is a male and female version, but every player is able to buy both, no matter your gender! That’s great if I do say so myself.

popworlds summer update 5

Sadly, many accessories in these outfits are for members only. But they do look pretty cool! A Poptropican in the a full color changing outfit also shows up on Home Island, right outside your door, to tell you about the new things in the store. In addition to these color changing costumes, there are also new summer themed outfits in store! We’ve seen promises for these outfits before, but they haven’t shown up until now.

popworlds summer update 6

Crop tops and rompers, huh? These 8 brand new costumes have a very modern look to them. Anyway, all outfits are available to players of any gender too, which I’m glad to see is becoming a norm for Poptropica. Sadly, many of these outfits are completely members only.

I am a bit disappointed about all the membership restrictions, but I do like some of the new accessories. If only we could customize lips/mouths at this point too, right?

Lastly, we have one more summer update to share… a House Expansion! We’ve all seen the locked doors in our house and it’s finally time to unlock one of them. What lies behind the door you ask? A beach themed room, fit for summer! My apologies to those living where it’s not summer at the moment.

popworlds summer update 2

Personally, I was expecting these expansions to just be like the main room we already have. I was not expecting an entire theme! Anyway, to get into this room you have to first find the key. No, it’s not hidden somewhere where you’ll have to go on a quest to find it (which is a bit disappointing to be honest). The key is simply located in the Decor Shop, under the (you guessed it) key tab.

After unlocking the room, you also gain access to new beach themed decor! 19 new items should be available to purchase, marked in the store with a blue banner and key symbol. From pineapple wallpaper to windows with a palm tree view, there’s lots of new items to choose from.

popworlds summer update 3

Sadly, expansions are for members only. I saw this coming, but it (like the other membership restrictions) is super disappointing. I understand that Poptropica needs membership to earn money (and that membership needs to be worth buying), but I feel like regular players (like myself) are gonna be missing out on a lot.

With these summer updates, many players have been complaining about missing house decor and house resets. Even before this update, missing items have been a problem. But fear not!

According to Poptropica’s Twitter, this issue shouldn’t be a problem any more.

So how do you guys feel about these updates? Let us know in the comments below.


29 thoughts on “A Little Color In Your Summer: Pop Worlds Updates”

  1. I’m not surprised by the heavy reliance of the “Membership Only” privileges, it doesn’t make me any less disappointed. And it’s not even just the costumes. I mean we’re all excited for Poptropica Worlds, but it becomes really difficult when the main updates/costumes are members only. This is reminiscent of the Members Only Island debacle and I’m not a fan.

      1. No, we don’t get the colorizer – that is the problem. Unless you are referring to we as in members. Non members can only access the colors shown in Poptropican Creation.

  2. This is pretty disappointing, especially for those people who prefer multiy-color skin/hair. The fact of making the colorizer members only makes it mostly pointless unless you have the time to pay for it.๐Ÿ˜•

  3. Do any of you find it very strange some of the stuff they transfer from the original pop, to pop worlds (black astroknight, midnight ninja, colorizer, etc.) become members only items when they were completely for everybody in the beginning?

  4. The new outfits are great looking, and I got them both myself! ๐Ÿ˜€
    I’m a little disappointed that most of the cool new items and the colorizer are members only, since I just got a Poptropica Membership yesterday and my parents are going to cancel it after this month. ๐Ÿ˜ฆ

  5. What formerly free item/feature will they introduce into Poptropica Worlds next update as a membership feature? Find out next time on Money Grabber Z! Although I usually just used Ctrl+Shift+S to attain my original Poptropican’s coloration, any hope of trying to attain a similar skin tone or hair color in Poptropica Worlds has been thrown to the wayside with this update. Ah well, without considerable membership incentives there is a less likely chance of getting sufficient funds to keep the game running. Still disappointed that the colorizer was used in that regard.

    1. Hahaha! Money Grabber Z is right! That’s all they seem to care about with this new game. I refuse to pay a membership for something that isn’t even close to being worth my real hard earned cash.

  6. Great post, SD! You covered it all. ^^

    And I agree with the frustrations other players have been expressing about the membership restrictions. Poptropica has always been a free game. You can argue that it still is, but that line is becoming more blurred than it used to be.

    The issue is that things like the endless Colorizer and certain costumes, that were free on Poptropica, have been put against a paywall on Worlds. Plus this Worlds update is mostly for members: non-members only get about half of the costume parts, a highly limited Colorizer, and nothing about the new house stuff.

    Now it’s also true that they no longer make a “members only early access period” for new islands, arguably the most important aspect of actual gameplay. But I think this would’ve been less obtrusive to gameplay because the players who couldn’t get a membership for any reason could still wait it out and play the island eventually.

    Poptropica wants to make membership more attractive to players so Creators can be paid for their hard work, and I get that. They do deserve good salaries. But they need to remember that membership is simply not an option for most players, who are kids without money, who were attracted to Poptropica because it provided quality entertainment for free.

    No matter how much the Creators avoid the word “membership” in their posts, when a majority of new updates are no longer free… we lose a huge part of what Poptropica has been for many years.

    1. I find it interesting how they probably are trying to get membership to become more attractive, but as someone who is a member, they’re doing the opposite. My main complaint is that, despite paying for membership with *real* money, I still have to collect enough credits to buy all the items I want, rather than them being free as before. To me, it seems as if they’re just making it worse for everyone.

  7. When I saw that they had made all this new stuff, I thought that at least half the things they had just made were members only.
    And I know that Poptropica needs money because it takes money to update the game and buy all that technology, but I don’t exactly want to use my money to buy pixels on a screen! (NO OFFENSE FOR THOSE WHO HAVE BOUGHT MEMBERSHIP, THIS IS JUST MY OPINION)
    I wish that they let everyone use the colorizer, mainly because that’s how it was in the original game. I feel like Poptropica is going to create a million other items that are member’s only and then make the price higher to buy membership.
    Poptropica is going to be another one of those sites that want money, and create a special “coin” or something that you can only get if you buy it with REAL money. Hey, they might do that with the furniture, too so I’m expecting a lot of disappointing changes.
    I loved Poptropica and have played it for years, but now, my Poptropica has changed, along with other’s, but I’m going to stand strong and keep playing without membership, no matter how unique the visuals are.

    1. Amen! You hit the nail on the head. Poptropica Worlds is just another sell out game that claims it’s free and then goes on to make it to where you still need to pay if you really want the full experience.

  8. Poptropica Worlds is starting to turn Club Penguin island… Ok Poptropica if you are reading this comment right now I only thing i want you do to is to make the colourizer non members. Like just do that only!

    1. I find that as an over exaggeration:
      To clear things off, CPI is nearly a paid game and is owned by company who practically owns everything.

      The creators of Poptropica are kinda generous at times, I mean the original Poptropica still exists, right?

      I mean hey, at least you have the freedom to actually wear something right?

    2. TALLMELONISCOOL – I agree with you. It’s the fact that they had it free in the original game and then all of the sudden they want to make it cost now.

  9. I’m as disappointed about the members-only stuff as any other Poptropican, but can we talk about the fact that all outfits are available for both genders? As someone with gender problems, I had originally had a boy account & a girl one (because sometimes masculine outfits made me uncomfortable, and sometimes feminine ones did too) and when I found out about the fact that you can wear anything in Worlds, regardless of gender, I was ecstatic.

    1. (Also, I feel like that’s a step towards letting the future generations express themselves better, and it makes me happy to think about that.)

    2. The non gender restrictive costume parts are definitely along the plus side of Poptropica Worlds ๐Ÿ™‚ . Glad that is no longer a problem.

  10. I agree with pretty much everyone else here. This was a money grab and its really disappointing to see that Poptropica is all about getting money now vs actually giving people a good game experience. Seems like the Pop-team need to take a look back at what made people love Poptropica so much in the first place. Because right now I think that all they are seeing is dollar signs…

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