Community Creations

Community Creations: June 2018


Hello once again everyone! Spotted Dragon here bringing you the June recap for Community Creations! June’s theme was under the sea and the featured work is not in any particular order. Be sure to check out all the featured artists!

No clue what’s going on? Go see our intro post.

Top 5 Picks

Pisces by ArtisticAsianBunny

ArtisticAsianBunny - Pisces

Another wonderful piece from this artist! The lighting is really immersive and the colors go great with the underwater setting. Do the fish really need to be prettier than me though? Anyway, the scene feels magical and the detail to Red Panda’s surroundings brings everything together. It’s cool to see artists stepping out of their comfort zones and trying new things, because that’s the only way to improve! Anyone else a Pisces? Find her DeviantArt here.

Coral Reef by Fierce Flyer

Fierce Flyer - Coral Reef

Super cool! The sketchy style and bright colors make this piece look playful and full of adventure! The quick brushstrokes remind me of ocean waves and provide a pretty decent sense of movement. The vibrant lighting makes for a cheerful mood and gives life to the plants. Fierce Flyer looks ready to explore! I kinda want more water themed islands now too, what do you guys think? Find his DeviantArt here, and of course check out his posts right here on the PHB.

Scuba Diving Purple Seagull by Purple Seagull

Purple Seagul - Scuba Diving Purple Seagul

Very nice! The bright colors really capture your attention, but still don’t hurt the eye too much. The neon vibe is super interesting and I love Purple Seagull’s design! The scene definitely makes me want to go scuba diving! All the blue makes everything look cool and calm. Find Purple Seagull often in the comments section.

Queen Naiad by JordynGowens (AKA Gentle Dolphin)


It may not be mer–May anymore, but this drawing still definitely fits our theme! Modeled after a mermaid costume made by It’s a Poptropica Blog, lots of thought was sure put into this character. Not only is this well drawn, but even a bit of backstory was described by the artist. The bubbles make for a simple, but still interesting background and the blue colors really pop! Find her DeviantArt here.

Poseidon Pop Worlds Style by SuperGrape1

SuperGrape1 - Poseidon Pop Worlds Style

This one is a bit simple compared to others, but still a nice drawing nonetheless! The colors are spot on, matching our beloved Greek god perfectly. And I must say, Poseidon has to be the best mascot for this month’s theme! A wonderful choice for this illustration. Who is your favorite Poptropica deity? Find her DeviantArt here.

Honorable Mentions

We were just a bit short on artwork this month compared to others, so we don’t have honorable mentions to share, but that doesn’t mean these submissions weren’t awesome! Be sure to keep sending us your creations, because we love featuring Poptropicans with such amazing talent. 😀

July: How Do I Participate?

Community Creations is a cool series for anyone in the Poptropica community to join in on. To sum up what it’s about, it’s basically a chance to show off your artwork, creepy fan-fics, Worlds houses, costumes, and anything else that pops into your mind.

If we really like the piece you submit, we will feature it here on the PHB! As long as it relates to that month’s theme. So what is July’s theme? July’s theme is…

Blogs & Fans!

July is the PHB’s anniversary month, and that means more than our annual award livestream! It’s a huge occasion, and it baffles my mind how long this site has been running. Though we’ve lost authors along the way, it’s sites like this one that keep the Poptropica fanbase thriving! The fans are what have held the game up all these years, so I think it’s time to celebrate that in Community Creations!

So, what can you submit? Draw some cool group illustrations of PHB (or other blogs) authors! Write a “Pop 5” style post about your favorite parts of your favorite blogs! Create Poptropica costumes of what you think the ultimate fan looks like! Even write songs or poems dedicated to what makes Poptropica so great. You might be wondering… is this month’s theme an excuse just to let us PHB authors get some fan art out of you guys? Well… I have the right to remain silent on that.

And for your inspiration, a major throwback:

by (Dr.) Ashley Lange, Poptropica Creator (2014)
  • Submitting: Comment below with a link to whatever you’ve created OR share it with me (SydVC aka Spotted Dragon) on DeviantArt, Twitter, or Discord.
  • Results: I will feature 5 of the submissions as well as 3 honorable mentions.
  • Limitations: Nothing NSFW, and make sure you relate to the theme.
  • Due Date: I will take any entries before the end of this month. Submit as many things as you’d like!

I will always be sure to let you know I have seen your creation. Bonus points if you make a compelling description for your piece! While quality counts, I’m mainly looking for something to simply catch my eye, so don’t be afraid to join in!

So what are you waiting for? Go make something awesome!


Clubhouse, Home Island, Membership, Store

A Little Color In Your Summer: Pop Worlds Updates

Hey everyone! Spotted Dragon here with a Poptropica Worlds summer update! And this one comes with a lot of big additions to the game that we’ve been waiting for.

popworlds summer update 1

I’ll start off with what everyone will be happy to hear about: the colorizer is here! This is a feature that many of us have missed and it’s one that was even listed in our first Pop Petitions post!

With it, you can color your hair and skin any way you see fit! Just like in Original Poptropica. Once you change colors, you won’t be able to go back to the exact tone you had when you first logged in, unless it’s included in the basic palette we’re provided, but either way this is a big step forward for our customizing possibilities.

popworlds summer update 4

The colorizer is located in the closet, but there is one big drawback: only members can pick any color they want. The rest of us can only pick colors from a small color palette. While the addition of the colorizer is great and everything, this puts a damper on the feature for most players.

Talking about changing colors, this isn’t the only update bringing color into our summer (or… not depending on where you live). We also get two new color changing outfits! There is a male and female version, but every player is able to buy both, no matter your gender! That’s great if I do say so myself.

popworlds summer update 5

Sadly, many accessories in these outfits are for members only. But they do look pretty cool! A Poptropican in the a full color changing outfit also shows up on Home Island, right outside your door, to tell you about the new things in the store. In addition to these color changing costumes, there are also new summer themed outfits in store! We’ve seen promises for these outfits before, but they haven’t shown up until now.

popworlds summer update 6

Crop tops and rompers, huh? These 8 brand new costumes have a very modern look to them. Anyway, all outfits are available to players of any gender too, which I’m glad to see is becoming a norm for Poptropica. Sadly, many of these outfits are completely members only.

I am a bit disappointed about all the membership restrictions, but I do like some of the new accessories. If only we could customize lips/mouths at this point too, right?

Lastly, we have one more summer update to share… a House Expansion! We’ve all seen the locked doors in our house and it’s finally time to unlock one of them. What lies behind the door you ask? A beach themed room, fit for summer! My apologies to those living where it’s not summer at the moment.

popworlds summer update 2

Personally, I was expecting these expansions to just be like the main room we already have. I was not expecting an entire theme! Anyway, to get into this room you have to first find the key. No, it’s not hidden somewhere where you’ll have to go on a quest to find it (which is a bit disappointing to be honest). The key is simply located in the Decor Shop, under the (you guessed it) key tab.

After unlocking the room, you also gain access to new beach themed decor! 19 new items should be available to purchase, marked in the store with a blue banner and key symbol. From pineapple wallpaper to windows with a palm tree view, there’s lots of new items to choose from.

popworlds summer update 3

Sadly, expansions are for members only. I saw this coming, but it (like the other membership restrictions) is super disappointing. I understand that Poptropica needs membership to earn money (and that membership needs to be worth buying), but I feel like regular players (like myself) are gonna be missing out on a lot.

With these summer updates, many players have been complaining about missing house decor and house resets. Even before this update, missing items have been a problem. But fear not!

According to Poptropica’s Twitter, this issue shouldn’t be a problem any more.

So how do you guys feel about these updates? Let us know in the comments below.


PHB Parties

PHB’s Summer Kickoff Party 2016: You’re All Invited!


Hey, Poptropicans! What time is it?!

SUMMER TIME!! (Yes, High School Musical reference fully intended.)

Oh, and the PHB recently reached 25 million hits! That’s two reasons to celebrate! And that means… we’re hosting a party! The party will be held at the PHC, a place for Poptropicans to talk, share Multiverse codes, and just have a good time!

If you’re not familiar with the PHC, it’s the PHB’s official chat hangout, and it stands for Poptropica Help Chat. Anyone is welcome to come and chat at any time, even when there isn’t a party going on. You can access it anytime at the link, and we highly encourage you to make a Discord account – it’s easy and free! You might even meet a Poptropica Creator!

It’s important to note that the PHC is a kid-friendly chat, with certain guidelines in place. You can find these under the #tutorial text channel, where you’ll also find other things like formatting help, a channel guide, and more! Our party will most likely take place in the #main channel, but feel free to explore the other channels as well! Since moving away from Xat a while back, this will be our first PHC party on Discord, and we hope it’s a good one!

This year’s summer solstice is Monday, June 20, 2016 at 6:34pm EST, so if you come a little early, you can join us in counting down to the summer kickoff! From there, the festivities could go on for a few hours, so feel free to come and go as your schedule permits.

Anyway, you’re all invited, and here are the details for the event:

  • WHO: Everyone is welcome to come and talk to other Poptropicans and PHB staff!
  • WHAT: Chatting on the PHC (Discord) with other Poptropicans
  • WHEN: Monday, June 20, 2016 at 6:30pm Eastern (that’s 5:30pm Central, 4:30pm Mountain, 3:30pm Pacific Time – for all other time zones, please check a time-zone converter to find out what time that is in your area!) You are welcome to join in earlier or later as well.
  • WHERE: The PHC! Click here to get to the PHB’s official chat.
  • WHY: We’re celebrating the PHB’s milestone of 25 million hits as well as the official start of summer beginning with the solstice on June 20, 2016 at 6:34pm EST!

If you have any questions about the party, ask in the comments and we’ll answer you as best as we can! To get an idea of what to look forward to, check out our past PHB party recaps!

Well, see you there, Poptropicans! Don’t miss out on the fun. 😀


–the PHB team