#FreeThe15: finally free!

Slip here. Congratulations, Poptropicans! We’ve won free stuff!

In honor of the #FreeThe15 Challenge, the Creators have released, as promised, a whole bunch of new home decor you can find in the Home Store. Check out all the stuff!


ICYMI, the recently-concluded challenge had Poptropica fans takings snapshots of their ice cream machines inside their homes—quite peculiar, but free items, yay! A lot of players have joined in the challenge and this is what we get in return, which is pretty sweet! (pun intended)

Moreover, because of the fans’ unwavering and overwhelming support, the Creators decided to add 5 more home decorations—making it a total of 20 items! Here are the newly-added decors in the Home Store (click to enlarge the images):

Interestingly though, I’ve counted a total of 21 sweet new decor items for the house instead of 20. In spite of that, it’s still really cool to have new stuff: we’ve got a drumset, a shower, a chandelier, a shark statue, a baseball, and even a pet iguana!

Why don’t you play Poptropica Worlds to get your hands on the 21 brand new items on the Home Store! Time to redecorate our houses! What do you think of the #FreeThe15 challenge? Don’t forget to leave your thoughts below!

Random theory:  I don’t know if you’ll believe me, but don’t you think that the Skullduggery Island painting foreshadows something? Are the Creators remastering Skullduggery, one of the hardest Poptropica islands, in Poptropica Worlds? What do you think?


Anyway, stay awesome!

// 💦🐊 //


14 thoughts on “#FreeThe15: finally free!”

      1. I feel that it’s more time consuming than anything. You just go around the islands for most of the island, which takes quite a while. Other than the occasional hazards, there’s nothing really challenging about it.

  1. The 16 new free decore items are sweet. Definitely found a place in my house for some of them. Although I’m running out of space, which will be an issue later on ^^’. Oh well, I’ll figure something out.

    1. I don’t think it’s going to “mess up your computer” unless you have experienced otherwise. At worst, it might just be slow to load, but it should still be quite playable.

    1. Free as in available for nonmembers to buy, silly ^^ . Member only items aren’t considered free since you have to pay actual money for the membership in order to access them. Coins, on the other hand, are simply a free virtual currency. A free currency that is easy to get too. But if you consider an absolutely free time to cost 0 coins available to nonmembers than technically none of them are free.

  2. It seems like the creators might remaster Skullduggery but not anytime soon. After the unexpected(but not unwelcome)release of 24 Carrot Island so soon after the release of Crisis Caverns, the creators probably won’t produce new islands for at least two months. Then again, with the lack of islands in Poptropica Worlds they might put out another to give players new content. Also here’s a theory of my own; all of the islands seen in the background of the Poptropica Worlds banner will be remastered, like the skull shaped island that looks like the one on Skullduggery, the snow-filled one that looks like Survival, and the castle one that really really resembles Astroknights!

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