10 thoughts on “Curious icons and hare-raising items for Poptropica Worlds”

  1. Looking forward to being able to customize that random guy’s shirt on mainstreet again xD. That Carrot Transporter redesign looks sweet, it’s a shame it remained unused. I guess there wasn’t much of a point to teleporting to the Carrot Cake Factory’s entrance, I don’t recall ever really needing to use it even in original Poptropica ^^’. The eject command is kinda dark when you think about the original version of the final scene – nothing like ejecting Dr. Hare into the cold expanse of space. The sparkle and paw icons may be a hint to the release of powers and followers, but that’s my guess.

  2. Geez creators stop hogging all the good stuff #notmypoptropica

    The new icon…could use a little work. I like what you tried to do there, Fishy, but the overlap of the blog name and the original image feels a little….unprofessional.

    1. Hmm… I think it’s readable, if that’s the concern. The overlap was an attempt to play with the shape of the blimp with the shape of the letters, but if you find it lacking, what do you suggest?

      1. Personally, I find it more cohesive with the outline of the original graphic hinted at in the background, so it fits in with the letters. However, I made this for comparison:

        In any case, it’s going to be shrunk down when it’s used as a logo, so the details (or lack of them) are not too observable. What matters more is whether it still looks fine when shrunk, and personally, I think it still works either way. 😛

  3. Right now in the Poptropica community the best Glitcher in my opinion goes to IDK! First of all he made the item card ASGs! Second he digs into game files and leaks out information! Amazing IDK keep glitching because you are awesome!

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