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Customization in the age of Haxe (or lack thereof)

Hey Poptropicans, you need look no further for the news—and this time, it’s all about the looks. Let’s pop in.

First, new store items are here! Poptropica actually missed last week, which is the first time that’s happened since they made the store rotations weekly.

The non-costume categories haven’t changed since the last rotation, so only the store’s costumes are pictured above. This week’s items are:

  • Costumes: Lumberjerk (male and female), Boho Chic*, Furry Monster 4 (two different versions)*, Magician (male and female)*, Friendly Face Masks, Mud Pie, Rockstar, Mech Pilot*, Clown, Pig#, Bottle Cap#, Ringmaster*, Cool Boy Plush#, Shark Plush*, Milk Box#
  • Followers: Deer, Dryad, Dolphin*, Mini Astroknight*
  • Powers: Hypno-Powder, (Cinnamon Fire) PopGum, Raven Swarm*, Fireworks*
  • Pranks: Hypno-Powder, Octo Prank, Silly Streams
  • Misc: (Cinnamon Fire) PopGum, Coconut Drink#, Cool Boy Plush#, Shark Plush*, Colorizer*

As is the norm these days, about half of the store stock is for members only. Still, both non-members and members have the chance to snag some great deals with several items at 75 credits (marked with #): the Pig, Bottle Cap, and Milk Box costumes, plus the Cool Boy Plush and Coconut Drink.

Interesting detail: the handheld plushie of the Shark Tooth Island character previously known as Shark Boy before his erasure is not called “Shark Guy” as he later came to be known, but now, the item is simply “Shark Plush” despite not being a shark but rather a dude in a shark suit. 🦈

If you’re playing in Haxe, you may also notice that a couple of NPCs have gotten makeovers! The person in front of the store is now a golden-haired girl, and the lady by the New You building has gotten a glow-up.

(You can see what they used to look like in our post about summer coming to Home Island on Haxe.)

That’s not all that’s new in looks. If you head over to the home page to create a new character with one of the default picks, you’ll be taken to a screen where you can further customize your character before diving into the game.

We’ve seen this orange customization screen before, back before “pick a character” became a thing. And new players can still access it by speaking to Amelia, the girl on the Home Island bridge. But it’s interesting to now have it show up right after picking a default character design, when it seemed the whole point of that was to skip the step of customization from the beginning.

However, when the “pick a character” update first rolled out, players had commented on how it took away from the fun of carefully crafting one’s character right from the get-go. For them, this reversion may be a welcome update. But having both a simplified selection screen and a customization screen seems odd—what about the new player who carefully selects a default character only to realize it could’ve been altered all along? Will this inclusion of both features be temporary?

Speaking of customization, there’s been a startling development: the beloved Costumizer tool—the green shirt button which allows you to “steal” clothing parts from other characters—has disappeared from most areas in Haxe. Will it return, or are the Creators sabotaging the fun in yet another way? We can only hope this is temporary, but it’s hard to tell…

That’s all for this post. Be sure to check out our previous posts to catch up on other Poptropica news, and see you at the Poppies this weekend! 🏆

~slantedfish 🐠

Poptropica Store

Costumizer’s Sister: the Colorizer

Meet the Customizer‘s sister, the Colorizer! Like “sisters”, they both serve a similar purpose – spicing up your Poptropican character! Similar to the Customizer, this new wowing peek from the Creators (Dr. Hare this time) shows something called the “Colorizer”, where you will soon be able to edit your character’s colors!

Blog Post Title: The Colorizer
Description: The Colorizer will make coloring your character a breeze… anywhere, any color.
Image URL: http://2.bp.blogspot.com/_AkTCxo8C1Ys/Sh6r1s3v_hI/AAAAAAAAAGI/QO9pNaCsqd4/s1600-h/colorizer.png
Image Name: colorizer.png

With this cool upcoming feature, we won’t have to use cheat codes or travel to faraway islands just to change our character’s colors! This sneak peek shows that we are able to color hair and skin with a never-before-seen shade of green as well as some other cool color tones to pick from. Maybe someday they’ll even let us change the color of our outfits! Speaking of outfits… the example character is wearing a really cool Robin Hood-like costume, complete with bow and arrows! I hope we’ll be able to Customize this on Astro-Knights Island, especially since it looks so medieval-themed!

Oh, and if you look closely at the background (which shows Main Street on 24 Carrot Island), you’ll notice a star symbol next to the Inventory, and the Games button is gone! Many think that the star button could either be the Colorizer or the Poptropica Credits thing from the post below, because the credits sneak peek also shows the star button there.

There’s also a new poll on the PCB: Which are you most excited for? This time there are only two options – ‘The Poptropica Store’ and ‘Astro-Knights Island’. AK Island is by far winning this one, with 77% of all votes at the time of my posting this. Therefore, the Poptropica Store has 22% of all votes.

Learn more about The Poptropica Store in the post below: https://poptropica.wordpress.com/2009/05/28/poptropica-credits-stats-store-and-more/


Costumizer Update and Cinnamon Toast Jump Game!

If you don’t like your character’s mouth, don’t worry! Costumizer has just been updated so that you can now change your mouth on Poptropica! 😛

You can also find some new hairstyles and outfits on Poptropica you might like to Costumize!

Next, there’s a new advertisement building called Cinnamon Toast Crunch Jump Game. It is located on Main Street (I don’t think it matters what island!). The prize is a Cinnamon Toast Crunch Adventure suit, but it is temporary so when the building leaves, so will the suit. I recommend playing this game on Super Power Island if you have the flying power because you can use the flying power to help you move around better. 😉

Also, if you haven’t already, check out the post below; we have a new staff member! Everyone give a warm welcome to Codien!