April forecast: a weekly showering in store

Hey Poptropicans, April’s showering of store items is here—with a new twist?

A billboard on Home Island is promoting several springtime items now available in the store, with the promise that there will be “new stuff every week.” That weekly part is a first, since we’ve been getting monthly updates in the store for a couple years now.

In the store, we’ve got followers we’ve seen before from other places, such as last year’s Easter items: Chick, Narf, Mini Astroknight, Woodstock. Pranks this time are the Silly Streams, Egg Launcher, and Sneezing Powder. And in Miscellaneous, we have Hiking Shoes and a Marshmallow Roaster.

Some items from last month remain as well: in Powers, we still have Torch, Phantom, and Electrify; while in Costumes, there’s the Chomper, Red Heart, Clover Kid, Lilac Star, Wrestling Gear (boy and girl), and Prom King and Queen.

And if the billboard is any indicator, we’ll probably see the return of the pink bunny costume and pastel green dress in the coming weeks!

Stay tuned for updates to the store, as well as our next PHB post! Coming soon: we’ll be exploring the latest in Poptropica’s HAXE Javascript project


What's popping, Poptropicans?

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