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Pop 5: The Very Worst Poptropicans


Heya there! It’s Happy Lobster, with yet another Pop 5!

So, Poptropica is full of brilliant and likable characters… but there are also a lot of Poptropicans who are more than a bit of a pain to be around. This post is all about the latter. Here’s a list of 5 characters who are out to ruin Poptropicans’ lives!

#5: The Warden (Escape From Pelican Rock Island)


Well, this slightly pretentious warden from EFPR Island isn’t exactly the most likable person: he has no respect for any of his prisoners (which maybe isn’t a great surprise, being the warden of a prison), particularly you.

That’s to be expected, but still, he’s a little more cranky than your average prison warden.


#4: Zeus (Mythology Island)

MythologyCharacterFor the king of the gods in Greek mythology, he definitely doesn’t make a great impression throughout Mythology Island. From sending you off to collect some sacred items in return for immortality to laughing in your face once you obtain them, he’s definitely not doing you any favors… just trying to dominate Poptropica.

Then [spoiler], when he re-appears in Super Villain, he asks you to fetch some more powerful objects, and once you get them, he laughs in your face andย tries to take over Poptropica, again. Bit of a one-track mind, Zeus has.


#3: Myron Van Buren (Survival Island)


Over in Survival Island, MVB spies on you during three of its episodes, where you nearly freeze to death, nearly starve to death and nearly fall off a radio tower multiple times. Then, when you manage to get the radio tower working, he conveniently arrives to rescue you as if he only found you because of the radio.

Then he gives you a warm bed, a “kind” gesture only slightly ruined by giving you a poisoned meal to make you drowsy, locking your bedroom door, and then announcing that you get the honor of being the subject of his hunt, as if you were some prize animal.ย Well, at least he fills just about all villain conventions.


#2: Kirk Strayer (Back Lot Island)


Kirk Strayer is supposed to be one of the greatest and most famous actors of all time in Poptropica. (Well, I’d never heard of him till I set foot on Back Lot Island, but I digress.) Anyway, when you actually meet him in person… well, he turns out to be a bit of a disappointment.

He throws a temper tantrum when you interrupt his acting and storms away to his caravan, forcing you and the director Carson Willis to chase after him. He says he’ll only come out if you fetch him a “half-caf leviathan latte-espresso, on the double!” and throws a coffee cup out of the window. (Well, at least you learn some random coffee information no-one asked for.) Then, you find him arguing with Carson yet again about how he doesn’t want to act as a gorilla.

Well, at least he does a exceedingly superb job of acting a spoiled brat.


#1: Samuel Brains (Zomberry Island)


This guy was the whole reason the Zomberry epidemic began โ€“ it was all because of his infected blueberries โ€“ and, to make up for it, he gives out his deepest sympathies and apologies about it by… giving free certificates for his own smoothies?!


Moreover, why does he look like he picked out his outfit while blindfolded? Maybe that’s one of the many reasons Sarah Snooty didn’t enjoy her birthday party so much. For someone with the name Brains, you’d think he’d have some, huh?


And on that note, that concludes this post. Is there any other Poptropican who’s even more irritating and annoying who deserves to be on this list? Share your thoughts and loathing in the comments below!

Stay popping! ^^

14 thoughts on “Pop 5: The Very Worst Poptropicans”

  1. i gotta disagree, this list needs gabe from monster carnival

    most of these characters are love to hate imo, but gabe, gabe is just the worst

    again this is my opinion, i like the list nonetheless ๐Ÿ˜›

  2. Nice list! Samuel Brains is often forgotten, but he did cause the whole zomberry apocalypse, and yes, is badly dressed. ๐Ÿ˜‚ I think Henry Flatbottom from Ghost Story and Mr Silva from Shrink Ray could also be counted among the worst Poptropicans.

    1. Yeah, he wasn’t completely detestable – he did end up regretting his actions, but they were pretty bad ones (most notably betraying his best friend, costing his life and the immense grief of his lover). ๐Ÿ˜›

    1. i hate those spies so much it sucked that i accidentally deleted my spy island progress only to do it again ugh i hate those spies

  3. I think Myran van Buran is based off Jumanji’s Van Pelt. It was obvious he was going to hunt you in survival.

  4. I know this is unrelated, but does anyone know what’s up with Realms on Poptropica Original? I’ve been trying to access my realm for a few weeks but I keep getting a message saying “we’re having technical difficulties with realms at the moment” or something along those lines… Does anyone know what’s happened? Thanks!

    1. Not entirely sure, but as you mentioned, it’s been like that for a while now. Sounds like they’re probably having to fix some glitches, but who knows when it’ll be back in business… ๐Ÿ˜›

      1. Ok, I guess I’ll just have to be patient. ๐Ÿ˜€
        I really wanted to write a “realm tour” and send it in as a guest post here, but it looks like I’m going to have to wait to do that as I can’t access my realm to take screenshots. :/

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