Introducing a New World of PHB: PopFeedz!

Well, Poptropica hasn’t always been this glam
It was a lame little game once
But now, we gotta say, it’s our jam
Because it’s beautiful, baby…

So we all know about the new Poptropica Worlds that’s going to debut this spring. But it’s been quite the wait, and all this talk of new has gotten the PHB team thinking: As Worlds takes on a life of its own, what are we going to do to adapt?

It occurred to us that, just as the game has to adapt to modern technologies, so too should our blog adapt to what’s in these days. And that’s why we’re excited to present…

popfeedz logo

{ }

PopFeedz, the brand-new cooler, cutting-edge cousin of the Poptropica Help Blog! Yeah, come on, check out what the buzz is all about. It’s pretty awesome.

This newfangled, revamped PHB brings you the latest fads in website entertainment, and honestly, it’s so cool that it makes what we’ve got here on the old PHB look boring.

On PopFeedz, we don’t need tedious guides that only serve to cheat people out of the joys of playing the game. Nor does PopFeedz fool around with lengthy posts that analyze Poptropica’s updates to death the way the PHB would. Instead, it fools around with the fun parts of Poptropica, and everything’s short and sweet!

There are the personality quizzes…

pf quiz

(So far, we’ve got the big hits of “What Island Are You?”, “Can You Pop to the Top?”, and “Do You Know Your Poptropica Islands in 140 Characters or Less?” Stay tuned for “Which Astro-Knights planet describes your mood?”, “What flavor of PopGum are you?”, and lots more!)

the celebrity gossip and memes…

pf sm and tweets

(Haven’t you always wondered about Skinny Moon’s childhood? We don’t want to give too much away here… you’ll have to see it for yourself…)

the cute pets…

pf pets

(Toby the #PoptropicaPup isn’t the only cute animal in this community!)

…and muuuuch more. Seriously, you’re going to love it. So come on over and read our new clickbait articles until the sun comes up in the morning and you’re wondering why you still didn’t finish your homework. It doesn’t get much better than this.

popfeedz layout

Gone are the old ways of the PHB. No more long wordy posts investigating the tiniest detail of an image. In fact, we’ll stop rambling on soon and let the site speak for itself. Everything’s bite-sized these days, and it’s all about the fun, fun, fun.

No need to come to us for the news – that’s all on the Creators’ Blog. We’ll make it fun for you, though, so come back to PopFeedz for the latest gossip, cute pet pics, and other entertainment! Just as Poptropica Worlds is bringing us a new gaming experience, so PopFeedz is here to bring you a new fansite experience.

This might just be the last long-winded post on the PHB. From here on out, we’re handing the reins over to PopFeedz. New style. New substance.

A poppin’, shiny, simpler newsfeed. Check out PopFeedz today.

We’d rather be… shiny
Like treasure from old Captain Crawfish’s wreck
Scrub the deck and make it look… shiny!

(Certified 100% Shiny™ by our crustaceous friend Tamatoa.)

–the PHB PopFeedz team–

57 thoughts on “Introducing a New World of PHB: PopFeedz!”

    1. 1.this is not a prank how dare you >:((((
      2. Buzzfeed is awesome! My favourite video is when they make American people eat foreign food! …you know the one. It’s great,unredundant and original and not redundant in the slightest! So how dare you hate on Popfeedz!

      Also I got strawberry as my PopGum flavour what about you

      1. I’m joking,by the way. Yes,you heard me right. Specifically,the part where I said that I GOT STRAWBERRY


      2. Hey, strawberry isn’t an option! 🍓 Anyway, the post only says to “stay tuned” for the quiz because it wasn’t ready for the world yet. But it’s here now, thanks to LJ!

  1. I have to agree with Tall Cactus…this is a total Buzzfeed rip off!! And of course, the PHBWs (phb worshippers) are all over this. We have to stand up to this kind of stuff!

  2. Everyone’s saying April Fools so… Happy April Fools day? I actually got tricked by this… wow I’m gullible XD

  3. I almost believed it for a second. it would be pretty cool, if it wasn’t called pop feedz. I like the idea tho hahah. anyways…. bye!! (wow I’m lame)

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