Call for Change: The PHB is not the only voice!

Hey everyone, it’s Perfect Sky.

Today I’d like to bring up some issues within our Poptropica community of fansites and chat servers. In all that I’m about to say, I want to emphasize supporting the multitudes of Poptropican voices out there, and remind everyone that the PHB is not the only voice in this community. And I believe we can work together to make things better.

phb voice

The only server in the community?

Ah, the Poptropica Help Chat. While it’s fun to chat on there most of the time, it seems that other, smaller chat servers with Poptropicans in them have fallen off the wayside. These other servers that were once very active now remain quiet. But guys, the PHC is not the only Discord server in the Poptropica community. Let’s start talking on smaller servers so people can have a wide variety of places to chat.

Although it makes sense that the most popular chat server with the largest list of members will be the most active, there’s no reason why other places can’t have a chance to thrive, too. It makes no sense to join smaller servers with no intent of participating in conversation there as well. Having many decently active servers provides a place for several different discussions at a time, making it easier to find a topic that suits your interest. Not to mention, this gives more others a chance at having a staff position – if not on the PHC, then on another Poptropica chat that they enjoy.

Please, let’s tone down the PHB “worship”

The PHB is an amazing blog, there’s no doubt about that.Many people seem to value any content from the PHB at the same level, if not more, than the Poptropica Creators’ Blog itself. But the flipside to this is that smaller blogs aren’t getting the attention they deserve. Often, any positive comment towards smaller blogs includes a comparison to the PHB, such as “Your blog is the best, besides the PHB.” I get where you’re coming from with that – and it is a privilege for the PHB to provide content that gets enjoyed – but let’s be a little more gracious to our fellow Poptropicans, alright?

But this ‘worshipping’ doesn’t end there! For some, Poptropica blogging has become a competitive race to see who can make it onto the PHB first, and that’s not how it should be. Many smaller bloggers never feel quite ‘good enough’ when skills are primarily judged by the number of guest posts someone has written for the PHB, and becoming a PHB author, of course.

And anyone who’s ever attended a PHC party and a non-PHC Pop party has probably noticed the difference in attendance. Now, it makes total sense that the blog with the largest following would have more people show up to these events, but hey, let’s support our fellow non-PHB Poptropicans’ events, too. Let’s engage in conversations on other servers, be listeners and appreciators, and focus on building a diverse community that spans many more sites beyond the PHB network. After all, are we just the PHB community, or are we the wider Poptropica community?

Everyone deserves a voice – so support those other voices!

I remember logging onto Discord one Saturday afternoon in October to chat on the PHC, when I noticed someone repeatedly tagging a PHB author with a Pop-related question. As the author was idle at the time, this person received no response, so I decided to answer their question for them. But after answering five times, I gave up when I realized they wouldn’t listen until a PHB author responded.

Several other people have experienced similar situations in which a PHB author’s voice was favored over that of another member of the community. And, skipping ahead a couple months, after having been invited to join the PHB, I began to receive that kind of attention myself: somehow, becoming a PHB staffer had elevated my authority in Poptropica knowledge. Which is an understandable train of thought, but ultimately a mistaken one: a person does not need to be a PHB author to give good insight on all matters of Poptropica. So let’s listen to the other voices.

If we work together, we can bridge the gaps of inequality, and once again make the PHC a fun place to hang out and make friends. This community is for Poptropica after all. And that includes every Poptropican.

It’s not a competition to see who gets on the PHB first. Please remember, just because someone works on the PHB doesn’t make them better than everyone else. Everyone deserves a voice, so let’s be engaged with every voice.

Thank you for reading. You can pop into the PHC anytime at discord.me/thephc, and be sure to look around for and participate in other Poptropicans’ chat servers and fan blogs too. There’s a whole bunch of them waiting to be discovered.

-Perfect Sky ✨

65 thoughts on “Call for Change: The PHB is not the only voice!”

  1. OH my gosh I agree with you so much Perfect sky! Like the community is kinda iffy right now! Like the thing is most of the other Poptropica discord servers are dying! I remember Perfects skys server used to be so popular but then it just died out! I know like many Mods on the PHC are barely even active. This was a problem even when Xat was still around! There is so many underated Poptropica blogs! I am so so so so so so so glad that Perfect Sky joined the Poptropica community she is always doing good stuff no matter what it is!

    1. Maybe you guys should hire people from less popular blogs (like SW and PC) so you guys can have a wider variety of posts?

      1. We do look at the active Poptropica blogs when we’re considering new staff – but we’re not currently looking for more. With 8 staff currently on the PHB, that’s 8 different voices you can hear from our site.

  2. Oh dear. I’m not too familiar with the other blogs other than the PTFP and I don’t go on the PHC anymore,but to me this seems a bit appalling. Don’t apologise,Perfect Sky. This stuff needs to be brought to light.

  3. Fishy, why do you keep making every important sentence bold? It’s unnecessary and looks bad on the eye.

    1. You said it yourself: because they’re the important parts.

      Sure, they’re not “necessary” per se, but bolding is helpful, especially for those skimming (which is pretty common for the average web user). I don’t think it’s hard on the eyes at all – as I just expressed, it’s quite the opposite – but if you disagree, that’s your opinion.

    1. actually i dont mean to be that guy but i dont like how the wording of this post was changed so much. its very unauthentic. it doesnt sound like ps

    1. Not sure what you mean here. The post is emphasizing being involved in various different voices within the Poptropica community. As in, not sounding the same.

      If you mean the revision of this post, the core message has remained the same as the original – the unique points that were brought up are kept.

  4. Wow, this was a great post. The PHB has much better articles to read than those other crummy blogs. This article was so well written, concise and had a good message. In fact, it was so good that I think I am going to stop reading those other articles on other blogs and only visit this site from now on. 🙂

    1. I think the entire purpose of the article was to not say stuff like that in the comments. Correct me if I’m wrong, but I still think that’s not polite especially since the article specifically says “This community is for Poptropica after all. And that includes every Poptropican.” And then you post a comment saying “The PHB has much better articles to read than those other crummy blogs.” Those blogs are crummy in your opinion, and your opinion is viewing them negatively, so please keep your negative opinions to yourself and if you still want to express your opinion politely and with a little additional proof; like saying “I disagree with the fact that all blogs have good articles because although other blogs may have okay articles the PHB has well written articles that were written with thought and express a good message.” instead of saying “all other blogs have crummy quality and have no whatsoever thought put in their articles.”
      Thank You. 🙂

    2. @Quick Lizard – Each blogger works hard to come up with interesting posts. The message of PS’ post is literally the opposite of what you just said. What you’re saying is really offensive towards me, and I believe, towards other non-PHB bloggers. I know it’s your opinion and all, but the term you just used is really, really mean. You can indeed share your opinion with others, but I believe there are nicer ways to do so. If you detest any of these blogs, no one can convince you to suddenly like them. Also, Perfect Sky pointed out that smaller blogs don’t get the attention they actually deserve, and I can confirm that. Next time, try not to be so rude towards other people’s work. Thank you for your time! 🙂

      1. Oh, and Purple Claw, I love your blog too, It’s amazing to see how much time people can put into these sort of things. I honestly could never create a blog myself. 😛

      2. Your welcome!😄 I’ve tried making a blog, but my life isn’t to interesting and I have school so I deleted it.

  5. i believe that phb is kinda a waste of time and that when you want to have fun it isnt as much fun when you cheat and use other peoples brains to figure out problems you have facing a great adventure (poptropica) the phb is a site for not creative people if you see this post make sure you never come here again unless for news on new poptropica islands

    the most best news publisher of all time, booger bear

      1. That is solely your opinion and if you are talking about the Island Guides it’s not technically considered cheating since they are only helping you and you are still doing all the work yourself. The PHB isn’t only for Island Guides, they also have so many blog posts and those blog posts are only spreading news, so there isn’t too much using other peoples brains to figure out problem. Also, It’s impolite to call people “n_o_o_b_s.”

  6. Should this count as spam since it has no meaning (at least to me) and is just a bunch of random letters?

  7. I love this post spreading such a good message! Each blog is unique in their own way• The PHB is such a wonderful blog, yet we shouldn’t compare it to growing blogs👍🏻 Bravo, perfect sky!

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