Poptropica Worlds, Sneak Peeks

Poptropica Worlds: Picture Previews

Hey there, Poptropicans!

It’s Happy Lobster, and I’ve got some exciting new sneak peeks of Poptropica Worlds, which isย coming out this spring (for the Northern Hemisphere, and autumn for the Southern Hemisphere).

If you click on the link directly above, there will be a video trailer for Poptropica Worlds, in which you’ll see a few Poptropicans (most recognisably Dr. Lange), but the art style is more detailed than the original Poptropica’s characters – which clearly is the style that will be used in the upcoming Pop Worlds.

But recently, there have been a few more images of these intriguing new Poptropicans, from the Poptropica App descriptions in iTunes and Google Play! (Credit to Perfect Flyer for this discovery!)

From these previews, there are a couple of things to take note of:

  • Five or more new islands not on the original Poptropica will be in Pop Worlds (since there are currently 46 islands in Poptropica, not counting individual episodes, and the bottom-leftmost picture states that there will be 50+ islands in Poptropica Worlds). However, we might not see all of these 50+ islands immediately, answered by Skinny Moon in a somewhat recent Q&A.


  • More Store cards will be in the Poptropica Worlds Store. Since there have been less than 1000 Store cards over Poptropica’s history, still existent or not, in-game or app-exclusive, this much is quite likely (and there are costumes in some of the previews that have never been seen before). However, it seems marginally unlikely that there will be 1000+ Store items at once in the Store to collect, so possibly that picture with Dr. Hare’s statement includes more than just Store items, or there are more app-exclusive costumes in the App included with the 1000+.

That isn’t all, though. The two app sites list some features about Poptropica Worlds:

– Explore the virtual world of Poptropica and its 20 islands!
– Youโ€™re the Hero! Solve 1000+ mysteries!
– Customize your hero from head to toe with 1000+ themed outfits!
– Collect items from your favorite heroes!
– Multiplayer game where you can meet and chat with your friends! Join a community of more than 10M players.
– Create your own island!
– Free to play, with in-app purchases available for more customization!

So, most of these we already know, with the old Poptropica. But it’s that penultimate point which is interesting – that we can create our own island. Most likely it’s just our own unique home island (remember that poll about what house we wanted in Poptropica Worlds?). But who knows what might happen in the future – it could mean something else.

Also, to that top point – the last time Poptropica (the old version) had 20 islands was back in 2011 – so it’s probably a typo. But going back to what Skinny Moon hinted, not all islands may be there at once in Poptropica Worlds.

Well, I hope you enjoyed this tour through some new and revealing Poptropica Worlds articles! I’ll see you soon – stay tuned on the PHB for more upcoming Poptropica Worlds news!


39 thoughts on “Poptropica Worlds: Picture Previews”

  1. โ€“ Youโ€™re the Hero! Solve 1000+ mysteries!


    But I’m happy bout this,all the same. I’m still not fond of the new character model though. I prefer the old one’s simplicity.

    And by 1000+ outfits they probably mean combinations.

  2. Are you sure those are for Worlds? Many of the islands and costumes featured are the exact same ones from the Original Pop, and those Poptropicans may be more detailed just for the pics. Like, that Winter Wonderland promo picture had Poptropicans with fingers and shoes but that was for the Original Pop. Plus, the profile pic for the Creators’ social media accounts is Dr. Hare in that same exact art style, and I don’t think they would make their profile pic one from Worlds just yet. Also, didn’t they say that there would be a new website and app for Worlds? Then again, those pictures could be for Worlds, I really don’t know.

    1. Yeah, some of those points might possibly be for the old Pop. But given that everything is in that art style (and with 50+ islands, whereas we now have 46 with the original Pop, and that there we can create our own island), we can be sure that the app shows part of Pop Worlds (mostly likely all of it), to a certain extent. ๐Ÿ˜‰

    2. While the “new style” (thicker limbs, hands, etc) is currently only being used on promotional pictures, as you mentioned, it’s probably Poptropica’s way of transitioning into Worlds. After all, the artists have been working to produce character art for Poptropica in that style, and will continue to do so. The Worlds trailer showed us that that is the new style we’ll be seeing, and although the promos may have amped up the shiny, it’s still related to the actual game. ๐Ÿ˜›

      1. It sounds like Lucky Wing is asking about the winning costumes from the #MyPoptropicaCostume contest, which are supposed to appear in the store. To answer that question, no, they haven’t added them yet. We’ll let you know on the blog when they do!

      1. In some games, sure – but not Poptropica. The benefits of Poptropica membership don’t guarantee “winning” anymore than non-membership does. The only exception may be the members-only islands, which non-members can’t access, but even so, they are paying to play the island without any other advantage during the island-playing.

    1. The in-app purchases are only cosmetic (that is, to buy costumes for your character). It won’t affect your game experience other than your character’s appearance. Most of the customization options remain free. ๐Ÿ˜‰

  3. Sigh… I was staying pretty positive when they first announced Worlds, but the more and more that I see design pictures…

    I don’t think it’s harsh to say that the design is ruined. They’ve created something… different. From the legs to the mouth. It looks more like a type of fan art I would make as apposed to an actual final concept. I don’t even see a reason why they have to change it at all.

    I hate to say it after all my years of playing, but there might be a fairly good chance that I would quit playing.

    I’m sorry folks. I guess we’ve come to a new generation…

    1. I get what you mean – the new design certainly is different. Whether it’s “ruined” or not is subjective, and of course, you are entitled to your opinion. It’s the Poptropica Creators’ opinion that this new style is somehow better, and they have given it over a years’ worth of thought and work into creating something they hope their audience will like.

      Personally, while I still appreciate the current/”old” design, I don’t mind most aspects of the new design – the limbs that are more than sticks, the hands and feet, the extra dimensionality. I do however feel that some of it is too shiny. Perhaps this is more so for the promotional pictures, which are to grab people’s attention, but some of the colors do strike me as a little too bright for the eyes (particularly the amped-up shine of the girl in the “open worlds” picture that looks quite doll-like).

      On the other hand, Poptropica is known to be a “kids’ game” – and preteens in general are more attracted to bright colors. However, Poptropica also knows its audience is comprised of older kids (and even some young adults) as well, and have repeatedly emphasized that they will do away with the “6-15” age registration, so it should only make sense that they should try to cater their color palettes to a wider range as well – that’s one thing I hope they work on with this newer aesthetic.

      Anyway, different is not necessarily worse, and maybe it just takes some time to get used to the new. ๐Ÿ™‚

  4. I saw that the app icon was different…. I just didn’t feel like checking it out at that time. But when I see THIS, wow, just wow, it looks so amazing…

  5. Time to do some picture analysis; The “Solve Poptropica’s Mysteries” picture appears to have Super Villain, Arabian Nights, Vampire Curse, and Zomberry(?) Island, which may be returning. The open world concept seems pretty vague, though I hope it won’t be like most MMO’s where open world is literally open world. The challenging friends thing is pretty interesting, I’m hoping they release a Reality TV Island-esque game that you can do with real life players, that’d be fun. Returning costumes are nice and all, but what I really hope the developers release is a function that allows us to see what our current Poptropican will look like in the new Pop Worlds style.

    1. Interesting question about the “open world” idea. While I can’t confirm anything, and don’t know what they mean by the phrase, I think it’s unlikely that it means a literal open world where you see all other Poptropicans playing in real-time. At least, that would be tricky to implement on the island quests. We do already see other players in common rooms.

      As for what our current Poptropican will look like in Worlds, that’s hard to say. There could very well be items that don’t get re-designed for Worlds, as well as new items that don’t appear in the old Poptropica. Many of the Store items look like they will stay, though. ๐Ÿ˜›

    1. The art style doesn’t quite bug me as much, but the “open world” term seems unsettling, hopefully it won’t be like most MMO’s that utilize open world gameplay. I’d prefer to use my Poptropican without other people staring down his back. :triumph:

  6. Okay, who here thinks you should be able to buy 1 member only island permanently, for $1.50 or so? It is dumb because I have completed all the islands except Charlie and the Chocolate Factory, and don’t want to pay $3.65 for a membership for only a month because I want to replay the island. Also, my username is jpyoung add me.

  7. It doesn’t seem like anyone likes the new design XD I’m just nervous in general for Worlds. What will it be like? The house thing sounds cool, though.

  8. Not to be nitpicky, but the last time I checked Poptropica currently has 47 islands ^^’ . Regardless of these designs, I just want to see how the actual Poptropica Worlds looks like. The wait is going to kill me.

    1. “Spring” in the northern hemisphere (March-June, and this is where Poptropica HQ is located) is “autumn” in the southern hemisphere (also March-June).

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