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A Not So Common Room Game and Unreleased Game Cards?

Hoi, I’m Koi.

So, idk made me aware of some unreleased game files. Digging through 78 Poptropica files was not fun, but I did find the most interesting stuff for y’alls.

An abandoned common room game called Track & Find.

Actual Game

So, see the blue loading symbol and green square? As weird as that sounds, that resembles what would be you on the right and the person you’re battling with on the left. The DNA looking strand are NPCs, which are probably the Poptropicans you’re not supposed to find.

Game Assets

So, I don’t exactly see where the basketball and soccer ball fit in this, I’ll be honest. Though, the text graphics definitely make sense. 😛

Game Dialogue

Screenshot at Jul 22 19-25-52

I didn’t find anything incredibly interesting, but this dialogue showing pretty much the game right here. I have no clue why it wasn’t finished, maybe the devs just thought we already have had enough games – or they just didn’t like it.

Honestly though, I would love to play this.  I made a mockup of what the game would be like, or at least I’d imagine.


I spent about 5 hours on this. Graphic design is seriously my passion.

Here are some unreleased game cards brought to my attention by Keith Sammut!

The first one is a Double Play Game Pack, containing Thunder Volt (the bonus quest for Wimpy Boardwalk) and DC Diner (the promo game for Mystery Train).

This is My Jam sounds like it might be either be a dance pattern kind of game, or just a different version of the robotic dance card. Who knows? Maybe we’ll see these on the new Pop.




Cobalt’s Corner: Islands

Hoi, I’m Koi.

Being in the Poptropica universe since 2008, I’ve had plenty of island ideas. Many I don’t remember, but a few have always stuck with me. Today I’m going to be sharing them! 🙂

Court Calamity

Plot: In France, the town of LoyarTyler Tortsin has just been accused of a crime, a good old cliché bank-robbery. He promises to pay you in a gold medallion and 150 credits – if you can prove his innocence. But… is he?

Objective: Explore the town, interrogate his family, his friends, his acquaintances, Loyar’s citizens – and hope you can give something good to Judge Tudy.

Plot-twist: Judge Tudy is actually Gillian Guiltman, the criminal herself!

Ideas: Here are Judge Tudy’s and Gillian’s quick, quick concepts!

I didn’t want to go too bold with their outfits, because one’s just a judge and the others just a girl who knows how to rob banks. (Not necessarily get away with it, though.) 😉

PoptropiKart Island

Plot: Poptropica’s favorite sport besides the Poptropolis Games are clearly PoptropiKart Racing! When Lester Leadlap gets into an accident and can’t compete, it’s you who must fill his place! You’re the one that dropped the doomed Korndog onto the race track, after all. Winning… can’t be that hard. Oh, but it is when a masked individual is placing traps on the track, tainting people’s karts with unneeded modifications and more! Who is this labeled Krazy Karter? Karter Krazfield, of course.

Ideas: 1) You can modify and customize Lester’s Kart with size, texture, color, and shape of wheels, exterior, etc… 2) Karter Krazfield runs a food shop inside the stadium – Karter’s Korndogs.

Here’s very quick, quick concepts I drew of Karter’s designs.

Super Soda

Plot: Professor Phizzy unleashes radioactive explosive candies into the world’s largest soda bottle – monster mentos. The soda bottle becomes alive, wreaking havoc on all islands – the worst part is, it acts like acid. You touch it with your hand… let’s just hope you write with the other. Poptropica’s precious islands are flooding, and you gotta do something! Everyone’s hiding places aren’t going to last forever.

Ideas: You’re in a locked down museum. You find a way out through the sewage system, and conveniently – a hazmat suit. With the sewage drain, you use it on the crazy cola as a bottle cap.

Here’s a quick, quick doodle of Professor Phizzy.

Yes, he purposely takes some influence from Rick Sanchez. 😛 I actually really like that my younger self gave him a rendition with rotten teeth, I think it’s still a nice touch. Just kinda gross. I have a few more island ideas, 3 more to be exact, but I didn’t want to stretch this post out more than necessary, so I’ll be talking about more in the future!

Hope you guys enjoyed my islands! Here’s a little extra segment:

Cobalt’s Comments: A drawn out thank you.

Ever since I came back, I have had a ton of support, I seriously didn’t expect it at all, and it’s absolutely awesome. To thank the most repetitive commenters, I’ve drawn you all. 🙂

Disclaimer: I don’t own a tablet, nor digital software on my laptop. I draw these on my iPhone 6 Plus, using the application Sketchbook. I’m no Crafty or HPuterpop. I just wanted to give you something more than a blatant thank you.

Also, if I didn’t thank you with a doodle – I’ll thank you now. ❤

Happy Lobster, Tall Cactus, Marshmallow, and MariotropicaX – these are for you!

For any reason you don’t like the quality, I’ll send y’alls a full resolution version on the PHC. I think it’s fine, though. 😛

I also do some more arts on my iPhone (wow, that seriously sounds pathetic) that I upload to my DeviantArt!

-Koi (◑‿◐)


Quick Skinny Moon Session: It’s Friday Edition!

skinnymoon phc

Hoi, I’m Koi. Just so before I get addressed any of these questions, my current Gravatar is a Poptropican version of what I really look like in real life, not a new Popsona! I want to start a blog for my own clutter that doesn’t surround Poptropica, but Poptropica is also a big part of me, so I thought the icon was appropriate.

Anyway Poptropicanos, just early this morning, from about 10:40AM to 11AM Eastern time, Pop Creator Skinny Moon dipped into our Discord chat – the PHC! She answered a few pressing questions – to the extent she could ‘Kick back, relax–’ oh, that’s for a post later today. Alrighty, let’s get into it!

Skinny Moon: Hi all! Just popping in for a minute! I’m doing great! It’s Friday! YAY!

Tall Cactus: When do you think new pop will be out and when can you tell us more info? We want a new island on CURRENT pop!
Skinny Moon: I really can’t say anything. All details have to be kept confidential for many boring business reasons.

KeithSammut: Crisis Cavers got removed but are you guys gonna do some other island?
Skinny Moon: We do have plans for the current Pop. I can’t tell you what/when/how, but I definitely will start dropping hints when I can!

Tall Cactus: What about that guy who won Island Hopper Contest, the video chat was never posted in the Creators blog.
Skinny Moon: I just don’t have the resources/time right now to edit a video. It exists but I have to actually deal with it and have more pressing stuff to deal with right now! Sorry!

Kaliscene: Well, if I recall, you said we’d get some significant news about the New Pop very soon, will that be on the creators blog soon, and if so, how long from now?
Skinny Moon: I’m not sure I remember saying that. When we can release news, we will. I know it’s hard to wait but we have SO much going on.

Skinny Moon: You guys, I can’t give you details on the current and new Poptropica. Sorry. I’m just here checking messages and saying hi. I know it’s hard to wait but there are real-world business reasons I can’t talk about it.

Please know that all of us at Poptropica LOVE Poptropica and we are brainstorming and working and creating completely awesome stuff for you. It just takes time. Remember, we aren’t just working on the current Poptropica. We’re also developing the New Poptropica on a totally new platform – for web and mobile! So instead of just working on one game and its web and mobile versions, we’re working on two games and their web and mobile versions – on two different platforms (flash and unity). It’s a lot of work for a small company and we’re working like crazy to update what we can on the current Poptropica and create the New Poptropica.

When we used to release many islands each year, we only had web to focus on – know what I mean? We are in a period of transition and it’s very exciting!!!

Tall Cactus: Why don’t the other creators post as much on their blog as they used to? Will the second graphic novel become an island?
Skinny Moon: People don’t have as much time to post as they used to, for all the reasons I just wrote about. Not sure about the 2nd novel becoming an island – I hope so, but it’s not one of the ones we’re working on right now.

KeithSammut: Why did you choose the name Skinny Moon instead of all the other choices you had xD
^ I’ve always been curious about that
Skinny Moon: It was the first name that popped up and I went with it. I thought it was fun.

Skinny Moon: PS: Everyone should enter the #poptropicaArt contest. Even if you think you’re “not good.” We’re not necessarily looking for professional art! If you don’t have Facebook, Twitter, or Instagram, a family member or another Poptropica player can enter you! And don’t forget to spin the wheel for credits so you can grab the costumes/powers you want in the store before they’re gone… Spin every day! Your credits will build up super fast! BYE! Have a great weekend!!!

What a poppin’ morning! All the PHB staff sadly missed her while she was really on, whoops. I would’ve asked her why there wasn’t a shrine of me on an island somewhere. But, it is what it is. Thanks for coming on, Skinny Moon! See you guys later.

Pop 5

Pop 5: Features That Make Poptropica Unique!

Hoi, I’m Koi.

Poptropica already has so many awesome things, so let’s prepare for the New Poptropica by going over the best of the best!

5) It’s Uncommon For a Common Room

Unlike most kids’ games, our Poptropican plays through missions and quests solo. If we want some social interaction, we can hop into a common room (found on every Main Street) and play games with other kids!

4) A Pair of Photo Booths

Poses, handhelds, and loads of your favorite Poptropican characters in perfect image quality? Photo booths sure provide something fun to play with. Poptropica even sometimes makes themed photo booths, like the Mystery of the Map one.

3) A Multiplayer Multiverse

Common rooms are great, but sometimes, wouldn’t you rather have a blast with some personal friends? Well, there are infinite dimensions for that, which your Poptropican can access through a few simple numerical and alphabetical digits – Multiverse room codes!

Screenshot at Jul 22 13-03-15

Ha, the last one feels just like school. Ha.

2) Gigabytes of Photo Galleries

While you play any island, a few pictures will be taken with a caption. The best part about them isn’t the memories, but in my opinion – that you can customize the outfit you were wearing back then. Snazzy.

1) Roomy Realms

Just kidding. Pft, I’m not a fan.

1) Adventurous Advertisements

Honestly, this probably shocks some people with this choice. Advertisements for most kids games are flashy and un-interactive. About every two or three weeks we get a brand new ad. Yes, most of them are repetitive with quizzes, talking to characters, and just exploring – but some have actual fun unique quests. We haven’t had many of those recently, but they’ve been there, and it’s probably one of the best things Poptropica pulls off that its competitors don’t. Plus, there have been some pretty cool ad prizes as well.

magnus chase ad

That wraps it up for this Top 5 post! See you next time!

-Koi (◑‿◐)

Popspiracy Theories

Poptropica: A Symbolic Meaning

Hoi, I’m Koi.

Poptropica has a recurring sci-fi theme. The only two things that connect them all usually is space and… the symbols. Why I deemed it necessary to say usually is because Zomberry was science fiction, but really had nothing to do with this in the grand scheme of things. Let’s begin!



The first time we encountered these alien scribblings was while we were on a scavenger hunt all through Africa! If you don’t know what I’m talking about, they were imbedded into the Nabooti jewels. When they were all put into the correct order into a wooden totem, it became alive. Then, it thanked us, and returned back to it’s home planet.


The second time we encounter the galactic gibberish is on Astro-Knights.

Now listen, there’s no way to confirm that the writing is absolutely the same language. But, I do have a weird theory. The totem on Nabooti was activated by the writing. When the UFO was getting activated, it went from English to what you can see above. I think the language acts as a power source. Everywhere else on the island, any space signs or books are in English.

Mission Atlantis

The symbols once more act as some kind of space fuel. Also, notice how uncanny these letters compare to Astro-Knights… hm.

Monkey Wrench


While these don’t exactly work as a source of power, they are a language. There’s no way to confirm if these are all the same one, but here’s my Popspiracy:

Poptropicans descended from aliens.

Really, it does make a fair share of sense. While the aliens we’ve seen are on the Pewter moon, they may not have derived from that planet. They can clearly space travel, mind the rockets. It’s possible that they speak English, but write it in a different way. It’s also possible they crash landed, or purposely chose Poptropica. Then, their skin pigments adapted to the environment, their hair adapted to the heat, but one thing that always stayed was their instinct to write in their chicken scratch / extra-terrestrial hieroglyphics.

It’s also logical how when we go to the Pewter moon, the aliens speak to us in our language, and any island in space’s signs and messenges are in English. It’s perfectly possible that English is the prominent communication of the universe, as an extension to my earlier thought.

I understand it’s a game, and the Aliens not speaking English would be hard for kids and anyone for that matter to really understand the story and the game. Though, theoretical does it not only make sense – with what I’ve provided, it also is logical, and better than anything as of now. 😛

What do y’alls think? Are Monktropicans, Poptropicans, and Aliens linked?

-Koi (◑‿◐)