Quick Skinny Moon Session: It’s Friday Edition!

skinnymoon phc

Hoi, I’m Koi. Just so before I get addressed any of these questions, my current Gravatar is a Poptropican version of what I really look like in real life, not a new Popsona! I want to start a blog for my own clutter that doesn’t surround Poptropica, but Poptropica is also a big part of me, so I thought the icon was appropriate.

Anyway Poptropicanos, just early this morning, from about 10:40AM to 11AM Eastern time, Pop Creator Skinny Moon dipped into our Discord chat – the PHC! She answered a few pressing questions – to the extent she could ‘Kick back, relax–’ oh, that’s for a post later today. Alrighty, let’s get into it!

Skinny Moon: Hi all! Just popping in for a minute! I’m doing great! It’s Friday! YAY!

Tall Cactus: When do you think new pop will be out and when can you tell us more info? We want a new island on CURRENT pop!
Skinny Moon: I really can’t say anything. All details have to be kept confidential for many boring business reasons.

KeithSammut: Crisis Cavers got removed but are you guys gonna do some other island?
Skinny Moon: We do have plans for the current Pop. I can’t tell you what/when/how, but I definitely will start dropping hints when I can!

Tall Cactus: What about that guy who won Island Hopper Contest, the video chat was never posted in the Creators blog.
Skinny Moon: I just don’t have the resources/time right now to edit a video. It exists but I have to actually deal with it and have more pressing stuff to deal with right now! Sorry!

Kaliscene: Well, if I recall, you said we’d get some significant news about the New Pop very soon, will that be on the creators blog soon, and if so, how long from now?
Skinny Moon: I’m not sure I remember saying that. When we can release news, we will. I know it’s hard to wait but we have SO much going on.

Skinny Moon: You guys, I can’t give you details on the current and new Poptropica. Sorry. I’m just here checking messages and saying hi. I know it’s hard to wait but there are real-world business reasons I can’t talk about it.

Please know that all of us at Poptropica LOVE Poptropica and we are brainstorming and working and creating completely awesome stuff for you. It just takes time. Remember, we aren’t just working on the current Poptropica. We’re also developing the New Poptropica on a totally new platform – for web and mobile! So instead of just working on one game and its web and mobile versions, we’re working on two games and their web and mobile versions – on two different platforms (flash and unity). It’s a lot of work for a small company and we’re working like crazy to update what we can on the current Poptropica and create the New Poptropica.

When we used to release many islands each year, we only had web to focus on – know what I mean? We are in a period of transition and it’s very exciting!!!

Tall Cactus: Why don’t the other creators post as much on their blog as they used to? Will the second graphic novel become an island?
Skinny Moon: People don’t have as much time to post as they used to, for all the reasons I just wrote about. Not sure about the 2nd novel becoming an island – I hope so, but it’s not one of the ones we’re working on right now.

KeithSammut: Why did you choose the name Skinny Moon instead of all the other choices you had xD
^ I’ve always been curious about that
Skinny Moon: It was the first name that popped up and I went with it. I thought it was fun.

Skinny Moon: PS: Everyone should enter the #poptropicaArt contest. Even if you think you’re “not good.” We’re not necessarily looking for professional art! If you don’t have Facebook, Twitter, or Instagram, a family member or another Poptropica player can enter you! And don’t forget to spin the wheel for credits so you can grab the costumes/powers you want in the store before they’re gone… Spin every day! Your credits will build up super fast! BYE! Have a great weekend!!!

What a poppin’ morning! All the PHB staff sadly missed her while she was really on, whoops. I would’ve asked her why there wasn’t a shrine of me on an island somewhere. But, it is what it is. Thanks for coming on, Skinny Moon! See you guys later.

12 thoughts on “Quick Skinny Moon Session: It’s Friday Edition!

  1. Friendly Whale says:

    I seriously wanted to see skinny moon ( plz check out my poptropica blog, friendlywhalesblog.wordpress.com and if you like it, plz follow it. Even though I made it yesterday)

  2. AdelaideQueen says:

    I have some information about New Pop that I randomly remembered. The New Pop will appeal more to kids, and the islands will be choose your own adventures and divided into chapters, and some of the chapters will be up to a minute long (why?). The old Poptropica will remain the same, and the old islands might be ported, idk, but I hope so. 😦

  3. Slanted Fish says:

    The part about dividing it up into shorter parts may be referring to other StoryArc Media productions, like Adventure Pig. The part about choose-your-own-adventure type gameplay may be an interpretation of the idea that each player might get different results – that I do remember being mentioned somewhere by Poptropica.

  4. Slanted Fish says:

    She says “it’s not anything we’ve said”… which is neither confirming or denying whether it will be. How mysterious… 😛

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