Cobalt’s Corner: Islands

Hoi, I’m Koi.

Being in the Poptropica universe since 2008, I’ve had plenty of island ideas. Many I don’t remember, but a few have always stuck with me. Today I’m going to be sharing them! 🙂

Court Calamity

Plot: In France, the town of LoyarTyler Tortsin has just been accused of a crime, a good old cliché bank-robbery. He promises to pay you in a gold medallion and 150 credits – if you can prove his innocence. But… is he?

Objective: Explore the town, interrogate his family, his friends, his acquaintances, Loyar’s citizens – and hope you can give something good to Judge Tudy.

Plot-twist: Judge Tudy is actually Gillian Guiltman, the criminal herself!

Ideas: Here are Judge Tudy’s and Gillian’s quick, quick concepts!

I didn’t want to go too bold with their outfits, because one’s just a judge and the others just a girl who knows how to rob banks. (Not necessarily get away with it, though.) 😉

PoptropiKart Island

Plot: Poptropica’s favorite sport besides the Poptropolis Games are clearly PoptropiKart Racing! When Lester Leadlap gets into an accident and can’t compete, it’s you who must fill his place! You’re the one that dropped the doomed Korndog onto the race track, after all. Winning… can’t be that hard. Oh, but it is when a masked individual is placing traps on the track, tainting people’s karts with unneeded modifications and more! Who is this labeled Krazy Karter? Karter Krazfield, of course.

Ideas: 1) You can modify and customize Lester’s Kart with size, texture, color, and shape of wheels, exterior, etc… 2) Karter Krazfield runs a food shop inside the stadium – Karter’s Korndogs.

Here’s very quick, quick concepts I drew of Karter’s designs.

Super Soda

Plot: Professor Phizzy unleashes radioactive explosive candies into the world’s largest soda bottle – monster mentos. The soda bottle becomes alive, wreaking havoc on all islands – the worst part is, it acts like acid. You touch it with your hand… let’s just hope you write with the other. Poptropica’s precious islands are flooding, and you gotta do something! Everyone’s hiding places aren’t going to last forever.

Ideas: You’re in a locked down museum. You find a way out through the sewage system, and conveniently – a hazmat suit. With the sewage drain, you use it on the crazy cola as a bottle cap.

Here’s a quick, quick doodle of Professor Phizzy.

Yes, he purposely takes some influence from Rick Sanchez. 😛 I actually really like that my younger self gave him a rendition with rotten teeth, I think it’s still a nice touch. Just kinda gross. I have a few more island ideas, 3 more to be exact, but I didn’t want to stretch this post out more than necessary, so I’ll be talking about more in the future!

Hope you guys enjoyed my islands! Here’s a little extra segment:

Cobalt’s Comments: A drawn out thank you.

Ever since I came back, I have had a ton of support, I seriously didn’t expect it at all, and it’s absolutely awesome. To thank the most repetitive commenters, I’ve drawn you all. 🙂

Disclaimer: I don’t own a tablet, nor digital software on my laptop. I draw these on my iPhone 6 Plus, using the application Sketchbook. I’m no Crafty or HPuterpop. I just wanted to give you something more than a blatant thank you.

Also, if I didn’t thank you with a doodle – I’ll thank you now. ❤

Happy Lobster, Tall Cactus, Marshmallow, and MariotropicaX – these are for you!

For any reason you don’t like the quality, I’ll send y’alls a full resolution version on the PHC. I think it’s fine, though. 😛

I also do some more arts on my iPhone (wow, that seriously sounds pathetic) that I upload to my DeviantArt!

-Koi (◑‿◐)


24 thoughts on “Cobalt’s Corner: Islands

  1. Lucky Joker says:

    Nice drawings Cobalt! Really impressive. Especially for doing it on iPhone. I also liked your drawings for the Poptropica Help Vlogs April Fool’s Day Prank. Those were funny. 😛

  2. Marshmallow says:

    Holy cheese, thanks for drawing me, Koi! It looks awesome! It’s going on as my discord pic right away! And the island ideas are REALLY cool! I really like the first one. 😀

  3. Happy Lobster says:

    Thank you so much for the drawing! It’s really awesome, and doing it on a phone – very impressive. 😉 I can only draw somewhat greatly with the old-fashioned pen and paper. And all the other drawings are equally remarkable, too.
    And awesome island ideas! And as Marshie said, I particularly like the concept of the first island. Hopefully the Creators will check this post and make the island, if not something similar to it. (however unlikely that situation will arise.) Still, it doesn’t hurt to dream. 😛

  4. Happy Lobster says:

    And Lucky Joker is totally right – your drawings for the April Fool’s PHV were quite amusing, really. 😛

  5. Jessica says:

    Those are awesome ideas!! I’ve really been looking forward to a Harry Potter island though. It would be so fun! I’m sure all Harry Potter fans agree!

  6. MariotropicaX says:

    Thanks for the Art Koi! It looks AWESOME! I was just looking at this creative post, and then when I got to the end I was like, ” WHAT THE HECK! THAT’S ME!!” Thank you for the Thank You, I must Thank You!

  7. Rocky Rockstar says:

    Yeah, I would want a Harry Potter Island or maybe Percy Jackson Island. Nice drawings, Koi! Cool Island ideas, except they seem a tiny bit similar to some current Islands.

  8. Friendly Foot (a girl) says:

    Gosh… If we had a Harry Potter island I would be screaming my pants off… Heh heh… Or maybe even a Friendly Foot Is Awesome island… Lol!

  9. Lucky Wing says:

    These are brilliant! i haven’t had any ideas like these…
    No wait, i have. OMGosh!! I MUST GO WRITE THESE DOWN!!!
    Or make a vid about it!!

    I spent to much time on the channel.

  10. thesilvertornado says:

    @cobalt Can you please make a artwork for on of my costumes? it’s the costume with the purple hair in my closet. Add me lotusgirl3. And can you make it like what you did with the others on your phone? thanks!

  11. Friendly Whale says:

    @Cobalt I was wondering if you could please make a doodle of my poptropican? She’s already wearing the outfit I wanted in a doodle. And could it be the same style of the ones that you made? My user is justicefashion#1. The doodle would be a great avatar picture. Thanks! Oh, and BTW, your island ideas and your doodles are amazing! You can send the doodle to my discord account, the discord tag is Friendly Whale#2052. If you want, you can make @thesilvertornado’s doodle first, just take your time, and again, thanks!

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