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A Not So Common Room Game and Unreleased Game Cards?

Hoi, I’m Koi.

So, idk made me aware of some unreleased game files. Digging through 78 Poptropica files was not fun, but I did find the most interesting stuff for y’alls.

An abandoned common room game called Track & Find.

Actual Game

So, see the blue loading symbol and green square? As weird as that sounds, that resembles what would be you on the right and the person you’re battling with on the left. The DNA looking strand are NPCs, which are probably the Poptropicans you’re not supposed to find.

Game Assets

So, I don’t exactly see where the basketball and soccer ball fit in this, I’ll be honest. Though, the text graphics definitely make sense. 😛

Game Dialogue

Screenshot at Jul 22 19-25-52

I didn’t find anything incredibly interesting, but this dialogue showing pretty much the game right here. I have no clue why it wasn’t finished, maybe the devs just thought we already have had enough games – or they just didn’t like it.

Honestly though, I would love to play this.  I made a mockup of what the game would be like, or at least I’d imagine.


I spent about 5 hours on this. Graphic design is seriously my passion.

Here are some unreleased game cards brought to my attention by Keith Sammut!

The first one is a Double Play Game Pack, containing Thunder Volt (the bonus quest for Wimpy Boardwalk) and DC Diner (the promo game for Mystery Train).

This is My Jam sounds like it might be either be a dance pattern kind of game, or just a different version of the robotic dance card. Who knows? Maybe we’ll see these on the new Pop.



23 thoughts on “A Not So Common Room Game and Unreleased Game Cards?”

  1. @cobalt Can you please make a artwork for on of my costumes? it’s the costume with the purple hair in my closet. Add me lotusgirl3. And can you make it like what you did with the others on your phone? thanks!

  2. hey silver,

    i’m pretty swamped as it is. see, my drawings were special gifts, even though they didn’t hold much value, my art isnt that great.

    i’m writing a novel, and screenplay for a movie that i’ll hopefully (fingers crossed) pitch to networks in a few years.

    while the phb is my biggest hobby, your “biggest hobby” usually doubles as a job of sorts, if that makes sense. i just have too much going on.

    i’m also starting school soon, and i have to prepare to try much harder as i’ve ever had, considering sophomore and junior year of hs are your most important , so i can GET into a good school with creative writing and film as a major. the majors i would like to take as of now, i mean.

    theres plenty of artists over at the PHC and even commenters that would be loving to draw your popsona, though.

    keep poppin’, my apologizes.

  3. There’s a new ad for a Disney movie Pete’s Dragon…(I already sent a comment but I don’t think it went through) basically you have to run ahead of this guy to find Elliot the dragon. You can’t let this guy catch up to you either. At the end you find Elliot and get a swishy tail and wings. It’s similar to the Nine Lives ad.

  4. Friendly Foot, I’ll have to check it out. Thanks! Also, cool behind-the-scenes, Koi. Those pictures are cool as well. 🙂 I hope those unreleased gold cards come in New Pop, too! Good luck with school!

  5. Someone who likes Wimpy Boardwalk, of course. Though I’m not sure who does like Wimpy Boardwalk that much. At least it’s better than Wimpy Wonderland.

  6. I really want that double game pack.

    Heck,I want there to be all minigames in Poptropica to be given as cards (like Twisted Wizard,or Shrink Shot).

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