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Ad-venturing with Pete’s Dragon!

(Hey Poptropicans! This is a quick guest post by Lucky Joker, a blogger over at People of Poptropica, whom you may recognize from his recent MPIP on the PHB. Enjoy!)

Before we get started on the ad, I’d like to say that I actually like the walk-in ads, as I find them more eye opening and fun! They’re much better than the ones where you simply watch a video to earn prizes. With that out of my hair, let’s POP right into it!

This ad is for Disney’s remake of its own original movie, Pete’s Dragon. Upon landing on Home Island, you’ll see the ad in its usual spot and Pete standing outside.

Go ahead and walk in, and let’s see what we’re up for. When you walk in, click on Pete to start the mini-game. The task is to help Pete find Elliot, though what we really want to do is beat him in the race by staying ahead of it (don’t let him catch up!) to find Elliot first.

The game is pretty similar to the game from the Nine Lives ad. You simply have to click and drag your mouse to the right of the screen to run, and jump over the obstructing animals – bears, eagles, owls, beavers and bobcats. Check out this video for a quick guide:

At the end, we get a cool shot Elliot flying. Once you win the game, you’ll earn two awesome prizes: Elliot’s Swishing Tail and Elliot’s Flying Wings!


The film premiers in theaters starting the 12th of August in the US, in 3D, and you can even purchase tickets by clicking the posters inside the ad room! Are you going to see it? Share your thoughts in the comments! Thanks for bearing with me, I just love these types of ads. POP on, jokers!

Thanks again to Lucky Joker for writing this post! Hope you enjoyed it! 🐉

21 thoughts on “Ad-venturing with Pete’s Dragon!”

  1. When it said “press space bar to fly!”, what more should I expect than another animation scene. I find those boring and pointless. And this one isn’t that impressive. It makes you fly in standing position, lame! They could have done something like fire breath or at least something good.

  2. Wow…I just found something that might be related to Poptropica on Snapchat…I was just looking through the filters and saw one that kinda looked like binary bard…it was really weird.. you literally get half of your face to become metal and one of your eyes get red! I wonder if…? Hmmm

  3. Found a glitch! or more over, a girl i know, Brave Owl found a glitch. She was doing Reality TV island and had the wings. She pushed the space bar and was landing just as Bucky Lucas gave her the stamp and she disappeared! It was so cool!

  4. Did you know that if you wore the dragon wings and had the pigxelate power you would have a glitch of a flying pig.

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