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Poptropica: A Symbolic Meaning

Hoi, I’m Koi.

Poptropica has a recurring sci-fi theme. The only two things that connect them all usually is space and… the symbols. Why I deemed it necessary to say usually is because Zomberry was science fiction, but really had nothing to do with this in the grand scheme of things. Let’s begin!



The first time we encountered these alien scribblings was while we were on a scavenger hunt all through Africa! If you don’t know what I’m talking about, they were imbedded into the Nabooti jewels. When they were all put into the correct order into a wooden totem, it becameย alive.ย Then, it thanked us, and returned back to it’s home planet.


The second time we encounter the galactic gibberish is on Astro-Knights.

Now listen, there’s no way to confirm that the writing is absolutely the same language. But, I do have a weird theory. The totem on Nabooti was activated by the writing. When the UFO was getting activated, it went from English to what you can see above. I think the language acts as a power source. Everywhere else on the island, any space signs or books are in English.

Mission Atlantis

The symbols once more act as some kind of space fuel. Also, notice how uncanny these letters compare to Astro-Knights… hm.

Monkey Wrench


While these don’t exactly work as a source of power, they are a language. There’s no way to confirm if these are all the same one, but here’s my Popspiracy:

Poptropicans descended from aliens.

Really, it does make a fair share of sense. While the aliens we’ve seen are on the Pewter moon, they may not have derived from that planet. They can clearly space travel, mind the rockets. It’s possible that they speak English, but write it in a different way. It’s also possible they crash landed, or purposely chose Poptropica. Then, their skin pigments adapted to the environment, their hair adapted to the heat, but one thing that always stayed was their instinct to write in their chicken scratch / extra-terrestrial hieroglyphics.

It’s also logical how when we go to the Pewter moon, the aliens speak to us in our language, and any island in space’s signs and messenges are in English. It’s perfectly possible that English is the prominent communication of the universe, as an extension to my earlier thought.

I understand it’s a game, and the Aliens not speaking English would be hard for kids and anyone for that matter to really understand the story and the game. Though, theoretical does it not only make sense – with what I’ve provided, it also is logical, and better than anything as of now. ๐Ÿ˜›

What do y’alls think? Are Monktropicans, Poptropicans, and Aliens linked?

-Koi (โ—‘โ€ฟโ—)

28 thoughts on “Poptropica: A Symbolic Meaning”

  1. And then there’s my multiverse I MEAN REALMS theory…you’ll just have to read Season 3 of my upcoming fan fiction on my blog to learn about that!

      1. Lunar Colony wasn’t mentioned at all in the post. I was just curious about that, considering how the symbols shown in the island are the exact same as the ones in Mission Atlantis.

    1. Yes! I originally had Lunar Colony and Legendary Swords lined up before Monkey Wrench. When I realized with what provided was enough, (anymore would’ve made the post have this whole ‘read more’ thing, and with the Poppies and all, didn’t think it was needed.) I just concluded it. ((also had to replay Monkey Wrench, play Astro up till the crash scene, and had to go to Episode 3 in Mission Atlantis.

      So, I originally was going to add those two. I also wasn’t 100% sure if LS had symbols at all, not 100% sure it did. If a lot of people request it, I’ll make a part two post in a few weeks with more info. Had a few more conclusions and such. ๐Ÿ™‚

      1. Ah, that explains it. Yeah, I don’t think Legendary Swords had any symbols either.

  2. Plus there’s lunar colony. I wonder if they were trying to find out information about their ancestors. Especially since Astro Knight appears to have occurred somewhat in the past.

  3. Y’know, I though MotM had the same symbols as seen on the Monkey Wrench blimp design, and I think they’re meaningless Norse runes. But awesome theory!

    1. Thank you for commenting. I want to see you as author one day, if you comment frequently – who knows! ๐Ÿ˜‰ ๐Ÿ˜›

  4. This is a very interesting theory! I don’t necessarily believe it but I like it. I would like to bring up that none of the fonts are identical to each other but this could just be different handwriting.

  5. Great post, Koi. I’m just a tad curious on what those symbols actually mean, if they even have a meaning beyond galactic gibberish. Although it may not necessarily be that relevant, here is my attempt and translating the Monkey Wrench letters from a few months back (Mystery of the Map’s Letters seem to meaningless) :3 :

    1. While those symbols have some resemblance (Korean for Astro-Knights, Thai for Mission Atlantis) – I don’t think they’re actually part of those languages. Those “alien characters” that show up in Poptropica don’t appear in Korean or Thai.

      (I don’t claim to know either language, but just by seeing and having exposure to signage in both, I can tell they are not the same as what we’re seeing on Poptropica.)

  6. Wow, I like the thought of Poptropica being connected to an alien universe. It actually makes sense, too!

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