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Cats and graphic novels are out of the bag!

Hey Poptropicans! 🐠

Before we get into the Poptropica news, there’s a quick announcement I’d like to make – over the next couple of days, as we prepare for something, there may be (temporary) difficulties in loading our site – if this happens, please use our URL instead. Thanks for your patience!

Anyway, let’s pop in to see what’s new on Poptropica! There’s currently a new ad on Main Streets for the upcoming movie Nine Lives, and in it you can watch a trailer and play a game where you have to run away from this cat, Mr. Fuzzypants, who’s chasing you.

At the end, a cat whisperer takes care of Mr. Fuzzypants, and you’ll win a Mr. Fuzzypants Follower and Cake Toss power (press spacebar to shoot cakes on other Poptropicans). Also, after the mini-game, your Poptropican will have cat ears that only show up in the Nine Lives ad room. (Thanks to Friendly Foot for the update and Koi and Yujo for the ad pictures below!)

Over on Home Island, the Mystery of the Map Photo Booth from before has returned, this time to encourage sales instead of pre-orders! (See this PHB post for more about this Photo Booth!)

motm photobooth

In other news, it looks like Poptropica – well, its graphic novel series at least – has a spot in the 2016 San Diego Comic-Con! (If any PHB readers are going, let us know!)

According to this publisher’s tweet, Mitch Krpata, Pop Creator and author of Poptropica: The Lost Expedition (the second Pop graphic novel after Mystery of the Map), will be at SDCC’s Booth #1216, where you can get a copy of the book before it’s officially released on August 16th.

Lastly, voting for the 2016 Poppies is now closed. Stay tuned to the PHB for details about the Poppies party and livestream, coming soon! 🙂

17 thoughts on “Cats and graphic novels are out of the bag!”

  1. Sorry for the excessive comments/reply, but I’m super excited for the Poppies this year! 😀

  2. Here’s what I don’t understand about this second graphic novel:
    1) Why didn’t it release online first like MotM?
    2) If they were on a tropical island in the first volume, then how are they suddenly in an artic area?

    1. These are my guesses:
      1) They probably want to encourage more purchases of the book. Their decision to release MotM online would have been to get people interested and hopefully consider continuing on with reading the rest.
      2) Poptropica is full of weird islands of varying settings! It’s like going from Twisted Thicket to Wimpy Wonderland, for example.

  3. And no, I sadly cannot go to the comic con, I live in PA so San Deigo is WAY too far away and my parents would probably never take me in the first place. Maybe someday…

  4. I wish I could get the books, but I’m not allowed to get “fluff” books. (Courtesy of my parents.:P) (I might as well go read that textbook I’ve been dreading…)

  5. ComicCon?
    Whatever. I can’t say anything about that without giving away where i live.
    *runs into wall knocking self out*

  6. I live close to San Diego so maybe I can go??? I don’t know. I doubt my parents will let me go… 😦

  7. Yeah, I might see it in theaters too! 😀 Looks kinda funny. As for the second novel, I live close to San Diego, so I might be able to attend! Probably not because my parents would think that’s weird.

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