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The Villain Saga – Episode 3, Part 3

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The elevator door opens, and the group enters. This floor is even darker than the rest of the prison, with little to no windows and a sparse amount of dim, yellow lights.




Oh wow, it’s almost like this is a prison.

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“The Villain Saga” Episode 3, Part 2

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CUT TO: DR. HARE being led to D. and MOREAU’S office.


All right, I got the gist of it. You want me to do the dirty work for you so you can achieve some sort of thing?

MOREAU and DIRECTOR D. stare at each other. They’ve been uncovered. Their plan is ruined, if Hare can figure this out, then how long will it be until the others–


We didn’t–


Hey, I was joking. Of course you’re helping me! Why else would you offer to work with someone as great as myself?

MOREAU hides her amusement and relief behind the clipboard she’s holding.


I must ask…how did this whole “rabbit” theme start?


First off, it’s hare, not rabbit. And oh, it’s a long and glorious story! Some say it was tragic, but I say it was destiny, if such a thing exists!

(His backstory is shown in childlike crayon scribbles, while his speech becomes increasingly impassioned.)

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Island Flash-backs

Island Flash-back: Super Villain 🌩

We have arrived at Poptropica’s birthday month, and what better way to celebrate than to honor an island that not only inspired many fans (like myself) but also celebrates many past islands and characters?

That’s right, everyone! We have finally come to the island I absolutely had to feature in a Flash-back…

Super Villain!!

Perchance to Dream: Settle in for a nice, long nap.

This is quite possibly the island with the most fanart, fanfiction, and theories sparking from it. While the ending left many questions (still) unanswered, it continued the arcs of several past characters and brought them all together in a surprising way!

Combo Breaker: It’s robot madness!

Though not much has been publicly written on the development for the ideas and storyline of this island, there is quite a bit of interesting concept art to look through. The first pic above shows a an early idea for the Dream Machine room, where there were originally five (not four) guinea pigs for Jupiter’s experiment.

Next, the above robot-fusion of several characters further proves that El Mustachio Grande was originally meant to be one of them. I wonder what caused that to change? 🤔

This island also has some incredible background art, from the impressive design of the prison interior with the (foreshadowing) lightning motif, to Black Widow’s dream exploring different famous paintings and, of course, Binary Bard’s much-loved dreamscape. I remember restarting this island many times just so I could experience that scene again!

The scenery isn’t the only thing that made this island famous, though — it was also the new lore behind the characters. I redid this island and certain parts so many times, scouring for crumbs of new information. A particularly chilling moment was noticing the torn face of Mordred’s painting in his dream lair… sheesh.

This is probably the most graphic detail we’d ever get of that scene in a game aimed at kids.

Unfortunately, Super Villain will probably be of the later ones to return if we ever see the classic islands again, considering only two out of five of the islands leading up to it have been released on Haxe. That’s why I chose to cover Counterfeit, Astro-Knights, and Skullduggery leading up to this! Yes, I have revealed my evil ploy! This whole series was just for me to have another excuse to talk about Super Villain Island!

“The True Mastermind” by BlazingAngel123 on DeviantArt

So let’s continue the legacy of our villainous friends (unless you count The Villain Saga…ahem, self promotion)! Super Villain and other classic islands were rendered unplayable in the Flash-Haxe transition, but it should not go to waste. Let the Poptropica Creators know what you appreciate about the island to encourage them to preserve it!

Castori honorem ~ Maryann/Smart Bubbles

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“The Villain Saga” – Episode 2, Part 2

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DIRECTOR D. and MADEMOISELLE MOREAU are in their office, waiting during another break between patients.


So, what’s taking so long? We have them, let’s go.


They’ve been tightening security even more than usual, and it doesn’t help that any of the helicopters have to be permitted by the computers in that “off-limits” upper floor.


Ah yes, Jupiter’s lab. Hasn’t Black Widow entered many highly-guarded museums before? She ought to be able to do something.


I asked her, and…

CUT TO BLACK WIDOW laughing for a solid few seconds, before answering dead-faced.



CUT TO present.


…not very positive.

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“The Villain Saga” – Episode 2, Part 1

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We see a very cluttered lab, filled with important scientific instruments as well as random glittery trinkets. A woman sits at her desk alone, dressed in a wrinkled lab coat, several empty energy drinks littered around her.

DR. JUPITER enters the room, holding a cup of morning coffee, and glances at the window.


Have you…been working on that all night?



(She jumps out of her chair.)

And I think I’ve found it, I’ve really got it this time! I mean, I hope–it didn’t go so great before, but I’m (almost) positive now!


Cut to the chase, show me it.

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