Book Review: Poptropica’s “The End of Time”


Hey Poptropicans! In this post, we’re going to take a good look at Poptropica: The End of Time, the fourth and final book in the Poptropica graphic novel series, which released September 12, 2017. It’s going to be a long post, but a good one!

You can get the book on Amazon, which ships worldwide (plus, it’s currently 25% off!). If you haven’t already, you’ll also want to check out the first 3 books in the series: Mystery of the Map (which also has an island in the game, reviewed here), The Lost Expedition (review here), and The Secret Society (review here). And now, onto the review!

A Spoiler-Free Overview

Good book reviews tend not to give away the entire story, so for this segment, we’ll be sticking to a (relatively) spoiler-free discussion of events. However, because this is a Poptropica fan blog and we tend to discuss as much Poptropica as we can, the rest of the review is going to have to give away some pertinent details (but we won’t ruin the whole reading experience for you). So here’s an overview of the book from us:

Following the events of The Secret Society, the trio – Mya, Jorge, and Oliver – are more lost than ever in their quest to find their way home. And Octavian is still in the picture, but as the way forward looks bleaker, it seems that all of them are wondering the same thing: What if their lives had been different? With flashbacks to events in each of their lives, the plot culminates as the Nexus is discovered. Known as the “heart of Poptropica,” its very existence (finally) explains Poptropica’s relation with the timeline of history on Earth as we know it as well as the presence of seemingly bizarre twists of our reality.

With the Nexus, it becomes possible to change fate itself. But who will go for it, and what’s at stake? As each character reflects on their own stories, we’re taken through both heartwarming and heart-wrenching times, and we ourselves may wonder what the cost of rewriting our own histories might be. With deep themes on the power of choice and treasuring the life we have, The End of Time is a brilliant conclusion to the Poptropica series that fans of all ages can resonate with.

Now the following segments are going to have some spoilers, so if possible, we recommend that you read the book first so we don’t ruin too many surprises.


The story picks up where we last left off in The Secret Society, the previous book in the series. Having brought about a cataclysm in the only place they knew to be safe, the trio – Jorge, Mya, and Oliver – are more concerned than ever about whether they’ll actually find a way out of Poptropica safely and return home. However, what makes The End of Time stand out from the rest of the Poptropica books are the flashbacks: we get glimpses into the lives of our main characters before this whole mess happened. (Plus, we learn the surnames of each of the kids!)

Octavian is our first flashback – and yes, he’s still alive. Octavian, as we know, was a member of the Secret Society that protected Poptropica. And now we see what turned him to rebellion: he meets a lady, Paulla, in 79 A.D. Pompeii, just before the infamous volcanic eruption that buried the Roman town. He would have saved her, of course, if it weren’t for the Secret Society’s #1 rule: History must be preserved at all costs. That’s why he’s been messing with the timeline: he’ll do anything to be reunited with his lover.


Meanwhile, Mya blames Oliver for the mess they are in, since he was the one to pull the plug on the Aegis earlier. In the next couple of flashbacks, we see that their sibling rivalry goes way back – in fact, we see how they became siblings in the first place. Mya’s mother had passed away, leaving Mya Wong with her dad, and Oliver’s father had walked out on their family, leaving Oliver Hartman with his mom. The two single parents somehow met, and eventually Kevin (Mya’s dad) married Sandy (Oliver’s mom). While Oliver was ecstatic to have his family expand, Mya is very clear to him about her feelings at the wedding, telling him: “…You are not my brother.”


Back to present day, the trio finds Jonas (the right-hand man of the Secret Society operation with Spencer Albright) still alive, albeit barely able to walk. But Jonas has a plan, thanks to a secret project Spencer started, which actually explains how Poptropica is connected to the real world as we know it (and where the kids came from). With the help of a secret submarine, they begin to make their way to the Nexus, or the heart of Poptropica – a land of limitless time crystals.


Oh, and Octavian has snuck his way on board the submarine – but before we deal with him, we’re taken to another flashback, starring Jorge Flores. The younger Jorge would love to play with his friends, but his mother’s overprotectiveness hasn’t exactly helped his street cred. Stuck with having just his mom for company, the two of them head to A-1 Balloon Tours, which, if you remember from Mystery of the Map, is where this all began. In a last-minute weight limit revelation, Jorge is directed to a balloon away from his mother, where he meets Oliver and Mya for the first time.

Now back to Octavian and the gang – now faced with having to spend time together on a submarine on autopilot, Octavian spills his heart about his desire to save Paulla, at the cost of everything else that his interference with the timeline entailed, including dragging the trio of kids into Poptropica, which, it turns out, he couldn’t care less about. And then they arrive at the Nexus.

This is where things get the most interesting. An unexpected guest shows up: Spencer Albright, the head of the Secret Society who was formerly erased from history by Octavian. Isn’t he supposed to be dead?! Well, as Spencer explains, he is gone from one time stream – but lives on in many others. As it turns out, he was wrong about something too: Poptropica doesn’t have just one history that needs protecting; instead, there are infinitely many possible time streams, and each one is as real as the next.


Of course, this begs the question the other characters have been wondering: can they change just one thing about their lives that they wish was different? The answer is yes – and each of them take turns touching the main crystal that allows them glimpses of their lives altered. Octavian, not too surprisingly, leaps at the chance, and is soon taken into the alternate time stream he prefers. Mya and the rest are tempted, too… but in the end, the trio decides, each individually but with the help of each other’s insights, that changing the things they wish so badly were different in their lives is not worth losing what they all have together.


With the portal of timeline travel right in front of them, the trio can finally head home – together – but before they do, Spencer puts Jonas in charge of the Secret Society, handing over his time crystal necklace for future adventures in protecting Poptropica. The kids each get one, too, promising to come back if Poptropica ever needs their help. And with that, they jump back into the time stream that lands them right back into their A-1 Balloon Tour. Though their balloon has had a crash landing, it seems no time at all has passed in their world, and everyone – including the parents – are glad they’re back.

Character Development

All the main characters really get a chance to shine in The End of Time, and not only do they learn something about themselves and their lives, their journey also brings them closer to the one(s) they love.

Everyone can’t help but wonder how things could have been different in their lives, but no one wants things to change as badly as Mya. Ever since her mother’s death, Mya can’t help but think that she was robbed of the life she was supposed to have. When Octavian gives his spiel about losing Paulla, both in the submarine and at the Nexus, it’s Mya who’s leaning the closest – Mya actually feels for Octavian in those moments.


Octavian, of course, doesn’t hesitate to jump into the time stream where he will be with Paulla, once the opportunity presents himself. It makes sense, since it was his one and only goal in life to be reunited with her. Despite his villainous track record with the kids, he still has his humanizing moments when he explains that everything he did, he did for Paulla, even at the cost of almost killing the kids (and erasing Spencer from one time stream) for being in the way of his mission to get her back. Even to the end, he still holds resentment against Spencer for trying to stop him.

Although it’s kind of nice to see Octavian get his happy ending, he never really shows remorse towards the kids. But perhaps, like real life, we just have to accept that some people simply won’t be sorry, and the best we can do is part ways with them. And it also shows a dimensionality to his character: we can’t consider Octavian purely a villain, because his intentions were good, but at the same time, he cared so much about one person that he neglected to care about many others.

The choice to alter their lives, however, is not so clear for the three kids. For easygoing Oliver, he loves his new family – but he still misses his biological father. But a glimpse into a possible future with him reveals something he hadn’t expected: in Oliver’s words, “My dad’s kind of a jerk.” The friendship-starved Jorge has a similar revelation when it’s his turn at the omniscient crystal: the “friends” he knew turn out to be kind of jerks, too.

And it’s when Jorge realizes that he’s met his best friends right here, in Poptropica, that Mya finally gets on board with everything her life has become. She may not have her mother anymore in this time stream, but if she did, she wouldn’t have met Oliver and Jorge. It’s a conflicting choice, having to choose one version of events over another – but in the end, Mya decides that the life she has with Oliver and Jorge is what things have turned out to be in this particular time stream, and she’s able to find satisfaction in that. We might wonder if we would have had the courage to say the same about our own lives.


So in the end, all our main characters are able to find what they’re looking for. For Octavian, he remains his Paulla-centered self, never truly feeling the effects of all the damage he caused along the way. For the kids, they gain a newfound appreciation for what life has thrown at them, in both good times and bad. Even though there are things they thought they wanted to change, all three of them have come full circle to realize that their struggles have played important roles in each of their lives.

Fun References

Just like in the previous books, The End of Time contains various references to popular culture, which are always fun to find. We’ll bring up the ones we found interesting, but there may be more surprises in the book!

In a flashback to a past Christmas, Mya is given a box set of a Philip Pullman trilogy called “His Dark Materials.” Of the fantasy novels, Northern Lights and The Subtle Knife are seen on p. 19 and The Amber Spy Glass is on p. 24. (Side note: Northern Lights was published as The Golden Compass in North America, and has a film version as well.) What’s even more interesting is that Mitch Krpata, the author of The End of Time, shared in an interview with the PHB that he absolutely loves the “His Dark Materials” trilogy and even named his daughter after the main character, Lyra. So, it’s a nice plug for one of his favorite book series!


Although it could perhaps be assumed based on the locations of Poptropica HQ and the people who made this graphic novel happen, we can see that “home” for our trio of kiddos (Mya, Jorge, Oliver) is the United States. On p. 21, as Mya goes through a sequence of events, her surroundings hint at a rather American lifestyle and traditions such as the 4th of July (American flag included) and Halloween (with other kids dressed up as Harry Potter and The Joker). (Curiously, there’s even a church scene.)


On p. 41, Oliver’s mother’s phone contacts include Jack Chabert (pen name of Max Brallier, author of the first Poptropica graphic novel and Galactic Hot Dogs, whose icon is F.R.E.D. from GHD), Jess Brallier (Poptropica’s former president, whose icon is Zeus), C. Kochman (likely Charles Kochman, a publisher at Abrams who is credited at the back of the book, whose icon is a Poptropican with black hair and beard), Chad B. (likely Chad Beckerman, also from Abrams and credited at the back, whose icon is a Poptropican with glasses, spiky gray hair and stubble), Oliver Sr. (Oliver’s finger covers his picture), and Jeff Kinney (whose icon is Greg Heffley from Diary of a Wimpy Kid).


The cereal Oliver eats (also p. 41) is called Sugar Bombs, which is a cereal found in the Fallout video game series.


While none of the Poptropica islands we know from the game actually appears by name or scenery in the graphic novels, p. 81 does include a reference to Crisis Caverns Island, as Jorge panics about the possibility of encountering a “giant worm or mole person!”


At the discovery of the Nexus (p. 84), the characters contemplate worlds of alternate realities, many of which refer to our real world, except of course the events are slightly different. We see the Soviets land on the moon first, Pepsi reign as the #1 cola drink, and Hillary Clinton inaugurated as US President.


Other alternate worlds (or time streams), Jonas explains, may be wildly different from our own, and that’s where we get the more unique islands and characters like Binary Bard from Astro-Knights Island.

Conclusion: 5/5 time crystals

All things considered, The End of Time feels like a solid conclusion to the Poptropica graphic novel series. In fact, it may even be the best book of the series. Of course, you’ll want to have the other books to make the most sense out of it, but even on its own, it tells a striking story about facing up to your past and living in your present.

We learned a bit about how Poptropica works in The Secret Society – islands float up from time to time, stopping by on “the highway of history” – but The End of Time expands on this and fills in the gaps. In this book, we find out more about the nature of Poptropica, especially in relation to our real world; we learn about the Nexus, which is the one spot where these islands surface, and where we can jump from one time stream to infinitely many others, sometimes with bizarre creations. It makes our understanding of Poptropica a whole lot richer, and it would be awesome to see this brought to the game as well. And islands for the latter three books in the series would be amazing, too.


Perhaps the greatest theme for this book was the whole idea of what Spencer called “finding meaning in struggle.” Because we all struggle, and we don’t usually have the time crystals to escape it. But we can wallow in our struggles for the longest time like Mya, or kick everyone out of our way in our quest to regain our own strength like Octavian – or we can learn to live with the fact that things are not always as we hope, as the kids eventually did. One way or another – whether through a perplexed acceptance or a hope in a divine hand – each of us can find the silver lining to our dark storm clouds.


This story is full of adventure and has its fair share of bittersweet moments, culminating into a fine ending for a fine book series that any Poptropica fan can enjoy. In case you haven’t already, you should catch up with the first three books in the series as well. Whether you’re looking for thought-provoking themes or just a fun read, you can find them with the Poptropica series.


Thanks for sticking with us in this long post – this may even have ended up taking up more words than the book itself (oops). Anyway, be sure to pick up your copy of The End of Time, and share your thoughts and criticisms in the comments below!



An (Ad)venture in Mr. Lemoncello’s Library

Hello, everyone!

Lucky Joker here, today, with the newest Poptropica advertisement!

The advertisement this time around is for Nickelodeon’s newest original movie, Escape from Mr. Lemoncello’s Library, based off of Grabenstein’s best-selling novel. You can see it on the Nickelodeon channel when it premieres on October 9th (which is less than a week from today). Anyway, off to the advertisement game!

You should be able to find the ad on Home Island, so once you do, go ahead and enter the “best library ever.”

Poptropica Mr Lemoncello's library.png

Upon entering, you’ll see Kyle standing at the bottom level. Talk to him to start the minigame.

As seen below, the object of the game is to reach the key by flying on a book, while also dodging all of the storybook characters falling down along the way. Check out these action shots (Narf not included 😛 ):

While playing the game, there’ll be a bar on the left side of your screen to display your progress. On the top will show five smiley faces; those determine how many lives you have. Once you successfully fly to the top, and reach the key, you’ll earn two prizes:  the Flying Book Power and the Mr. Lemoncello Costume!

Poptropica Mr Lemoncello's library (5)

Well, that’s it for now… thanks for reading, and of course, pop on!

Lucky Joker sign off

Community Creations: September 2017


Hello once again everyone! Spotted Dragon here bringing you the August recap for Community Creations! This month’s theme was school and the featured work is not in any particular order. Be sure to check out all the featured artists!

No clue what’s going on? Go see our intro post.

Top 5 Picks

Highschool Dr. Hare by Echoingback

Echoingback - Highschool Dr. Hare

This rendition of Dr. Hare as a highschooler is super cute. The sketchy but clean lines make our beloved rabbit look really soft and the expression on his face is positively up to no good! Overall, this is an adorable, simple bust drawing that’s easily pleasing to the eye. Love the hoodie! Find their DeviantArt here.

My Life at School by Dreamer2127 aka Cinnabunny

Dreamer2127 aka Cinnabunny - My Life at School

This cute little comic is something we can all relate to. If you can’t read it, the left panel has our expectations for school, in which the student does their work in class. On the right however is our reality, where the student gets caught playing Poptropica instead! The characters are cute and the humor is perfectly shown. It’s a bit hard to see, especially with sketchy lines, but the dialogue is the main focus and overall this is well executed! Sweet drawing! Find her DeviantArt here.

Even Chickens Need to Learn by ArtisticAsianBunny

ArtisticAsianBunny - Even Chickens Need to Learn

What have we here you ask? Shrunken Mr. Silva is teaching some basic English to Ringmaster Raven while CJ and Edgar watch of course! This drawing is pretty random, but it’s not without its humor. While the situation would never be canon, the simple drawing is still very well executed and I admit, it made me laugh. Education is important kiddos! The image is kinda small, but let’s not forget those sweet easter eggs on the bookshelf… Find her DeviantArt here.

Mr. Silva: Poptropica Worlds Style by SuperGrape1

SuperGrape1 - Mr. Silva Poptropica Worlds Style

This piece not only ties in school, but both original Poptropica and Poptropica Worlds as well! Who knew Poptropicans would look so cute with hands? You might love him or you might hate him, but we all easily recognize Mr. Silva. Body proportions aren’t the best, but the head is super accurate and the simple execution makes for a very clear subject. I love to see artists improving every day! Find her DeviantArt here.

Help Style by Criaha

Criaha - Help

This sketch may not have a lot of detail, but it sure is relatable. With a lot of Poptropicans in high school by now, it can feel like our school work is constantly looming over us. Honestly, it can feel that way in any grade, I know. Almost like the looming glare of infamous Poptropica villains, right? The emotion and simplicity in this sketch is hilarious. Find her DeviantArt here.

Okay, so I have to confess… Why? Welllllll, those are the only submissions we got this month. That means no honorable mentions, sadly. Still, those drawings totally deserve the spotlight! There weren’t that many, but they were still super cool.

School might not me the most exciting theme, but there’s always next month. Leave suggestions for better themes in the comments below! I know with school starting, it can be a lot harder for people to find time to make submissions.

October: How do I Participate?

Community Creations is a cool series for anyone in the Poptropica community to join in on. To sum up what it’s about, it’s basically a chance to show off your artwork, creepy fan-fic, realms, costumes, and anything else that pops into your mind.

If we really like the piece you submit, we will feature it here on the PHB! As long as it relates to that month’s theme. So what is October’s theme? October’s theme is…


I mean, were you really surprised? How could we not pick Halloween as the theme! It’s the spoopiest time of the year! I’m a total sucker for autumn aesthetics. Sadly, there is one catch this month: we will not be accepting any costumes! I know, I know, it’s the main part of the holiday! Don’t worry! We just don’t wanna take the spotlight off of the PHB’s annual Halloween Costume Contest. Check it out, because over on that post is where you really get the chance to show off your spooky style.

Sooo… got any ideas yet? Not allowing costumes does limit your creativity a bit, but it doesn’t totally cut off your options! You could create a cool pic in the Photo Booth of your Poptropican trick-or-treating, all dressed up, or you could draw one of your favorite scenes from the Haunted House mini-quest! You could create a scary Poptropica ghost story or even make an entire haunted house yourself in Realms! And remember to submit any costumes you make specifically into the Costume Contest.


  • Submitting: Comment below with a link to whatever you’ve created OR share it with me (SydVC aka Spotted Dragon) on DeviantArtTwitter, or Discord.
  • Results: I will feature 5 of the submissions as well as 3 honorable mentions.
  • Limitations: Nothing NSFW, and make sure you relate to the theme.
  • Due Date: I will take any entries before the end of this month. Submit as many things as you’d like!

I will always be sure to let you know I have seen your creation. Bonus points if you make a compelling description for your piece! While quality counts, I’m mainly looking for something to simply catch my eye, so don’t be afraid to join in!

So what are you waiting for? Go make something awesome!


Parrotfish for Membership and Top 5 Fashion Tips

Hello, everyone!

Lucky Joker here with the results of Poptropica’s 10th Birthday Membership Contest, as well as a “Pop 5” of fashion tips from Poptropica! First, let’s hear from the winners…

On September 15th, Poptropica announced their membership contest, in celebration of Poptropica’s 10th birthday. The contest called for a submission of an original island idea including a birthday cake, a parrotfish, and the color green in the story.

The winners receive a free 1-month Poptropica membership (which works for Poptropica Original and Worlds). The ten lucky winners are listed below, where you can also read their winning submissions! Click to view the images in full size.

Gentle Singer (Alh1106)

pop10 gentlesinger

Hyper Gamer (17312043 – a VIP blogger at Poptropica Fun Zone!)

Fearless Lizard

Young Cloud (Brikris)

Maroon Jumper (LillySparkle$ – a VIP blogger at Pop Blog!)

Thirsty Seal (Peanutty333)

Friendly Grape (SimplyArtByAlly – a Poptropica VIP!)

Wild Bubbles (TheUnicorn09)

Striped Dolphin (warblaster414)

Jumpy Coyote (westpb) (aka Yujo – a guardian on the PHC!)

So creative, right? Congratulations to all of the winners, and good job to everyone who participated!

Moving along… Poptropica posted a new video on their YouTube channel yesterday! Stephanie, the newly introduced Creator, shares her fashion tips on how to make your Poptropican look its very best. Check it out!

In the video, Stephanie goofily dresses up in costume (in real life) to present her ideas. Here are the tips she gave in the video, summarized below:

  1. catshirt

    This cat shirt, shown in the video, is available on the girl with the pink jacket in the shop!

    Patterns are your friends: Patterns can amp up any style. Mixing in patterns can help give your avatar personality. Stripes, polka dots, checkers, flannels, floral – you name it! Pairing similar patterns in different colors, sizes, and tights is a great way to go.

  2. Don’t be afraid to accessorize: Accessories can help define your look and bring it together. They can be useful, like a hat and scarf, or ornamental, like a pair of earrings. There are tons of things you can choose from in the Poptropica Worlds shop, so don’t be shy, and accessorize!
  3. Layers upon layers: Layers in real life can keep you warm, which makes layers a flexible fashion tip. Layers aren’t just useful in the cold, however — they also look cool! A sweater, a button-down, or a flannel could really change your style.
  4. Colors: Bold or Matchy-Matchy?: Colors have been shown to create different feelings. For instance, blue tends to calm you, and yellow makes you hungry. Additionally, colors can also convey your mood. So, wear what you’re feeling!
  5. Alter ego: Who inspires you? Maybe a celebrity? An athlete? A superhero? Whoever it might be, try recreating their style with a twist that represents you. Whatever your alter ego is, let it shine through. There’s nothing from stopping you be whoever you want to be!
  6. Bonus Tip: Look for sales! With a Poptropica membership (which, again, works for both games), you can get all items for 25% off, as well as exclusive member-only costumes. (Not sure when the percentage changed, but it looks like the Creators heard our comment about the upping the membership advantage for the shop!)

What do you think about the video? What contests would you like to see from Poptropica in the future? Let us know down in the comments! This is Lucky Joker signing off; we’ll talk soon…

Lucky Joker sign off

Worlds Livestream #2: Echoing and Clothing!

Hey Poptropicans!

Remember Poptropica’s first livestream episode earlier this week? Well, it’s back for its second episode, again featuring Poptropica Worlds gameplay narrated by the Creator vlogger we met last time, Stephanie. Check it out below!

Be warned: The first 5 minutes of this video were hit by a disruption of audio technology that resulted in eerie echoing where you can hardly make out what’s being said. However, the problem was solved at around the 5:11 mark.

In this episode, Stephanie plays around with various clothing she’s acquired for her character (Cuddly Dragon), some of which required membership to obtain – including her favorite, the skateboard! She also shows off the Colorizer, which can change your hair and skin tone (though free players are restricted to a small palette). Then she spends some time interacting with the characters on Home Island, and is inspired to do more shopping for more different styles of clothing.

The livestream occurred around 3 PM EST on Thursday, September 28. Throughout the video, Steph gives the occasional shout-out to viewers who chatted on the live chat during the livestream. We’re not told the exact time these livestreams will happen – they just do – so keep your eye out for the next one!

In the next show, which Steph says will be next week (so perhaps this will be a weekly thing?), Steph plans to check out the player house and set up the place. As she puts it, it’s important to “get your style down first!” Following that, she plans to explore one of the islands in an upcoming livestream, so stay tuned for that!

What did you think of this livestream? Did you like it as much as the first episode? What else would you like to see on the livestreams? Share your thoughts in the comments!


Poptropica Wallpapers for All Screens!


A popular Poptropica community member and artist named napstachill has recently made a gigantic collection of — you read the title right — over 60 Poptropica wallpapers, taken from various scenes and parts around Poptropica. They’re 1920 by 1080 pixels, which is really good quality and standard for most desktop computer backgrounds. You could also crop them a bit to fit the screens of your other devices, such as phones, tablets, or other computers.

The zip file includes amazing backgrounds of tribes, characters, and islands! If you want any of them yourself, you can download them from naps’s DeviantArt (there’s a part 1 and part 2) by clicking the download button on the right side of the DeviantArt page, and if it won’t let you download from there, you can also download them from Google Drive.

This first set of photos is of the backgrounds you see in tribe common rooms. In addition to being just really cool-looking, they are perfect if you want to show your support for your tribe. Even though I’m in Seraphim, I love the look and feel of the Nightcrawler background; it would be very soothing to look at when you turn on your laptop or PC, and the colors in it are very complementary.

Next are wallpapers of Myron Van Buren and Omegon. I love how these wallpapers, especially the Myron Van Buren ones, aren’t too crowded and are easy to look at. Even though they are villains, they deserve some appreciation, which you can give by using them as a wallpaper! 😉 Perhaps not exactly what they had planned, but better than nothing, right?

With these backgrounds from Mythology Island, not only can you express your love for Poptropica, but you can also express your love for mythology and lore. Perhaps you want to honor Zeus or Poseidon while showing your love for Poptropica, too, or maybe you just like the scenery and architecture. Either way, these backgrounds would be great!

Out of all of the wallpapers, the ones from Super Villain Island have my absolute favorite. Binary Bard’s dream is absolutely stunning (although, a bit bright for a wallpaper) and is simple enough that it won’t look crowded with all your desktop icons on it. The two photos of the statue of Zeus can easily be put together and cropped to become a great phone background, too!

Then there are these are very fantasy-like, natural backgrounds from Twisted Thicket Island that would look completely magical as a wallpaper. The throne room scene has nice framing where desktop icons could go too, and the scene of the tree with flowers has non-harsh, cool colors that would be easy on your eyes. Of course, they are also beautiful backgrounds in general. Maybe you can somehow even set the throne wallpaper for the daytime and the tree for nighttime.

The largest group by far, Monster Carnival Island also has some of the best wallpapers; mostly consisting of pastel colors, the photos would be perfect as they wouldn’t cause a headache when on the computer all day, which most of us probably do all too often. Ringmaster Raven’s tent would also be great if you’re a fan, but I feel like the reds could become a little grating to the eyes over time.

If you love space and technology, these backgrounds from Lunar Colony Island would be a fitting choice. They’re not necessarily striking, but they make a statement, and the one with the world in the background adds a nice little detail to the picture. If you’re a fan of NASA (as I am!), the one with the “PASE” logo would be a small nod to the awesome agency, too.

Then there’s this collection of imagery from Arabian Nights Island – including one starring the mischievous genie Samhal!

If you’re in the mood for something more somber and contemplative, you might like this selection of scenes from Ghost Story Island. Spoooky.

Or, if you’d rather have something bright and beautiful, you might enjoy these nature scenes from Red Dragon Island, featuring traditional Japanese aesthetics.

These two don’t exactly go together, but they were the only ones for their island – Mystery of the Map and Vampire’s Curse respectively.

Last but not least, there’s the Part 1 batch (already included in the Google Drive folder), most of them with a strong focus on one Poptropican. If you liked these, you can find them on napstachill’s DeviantArt as well.

I hope you enjoyed! Leave your comments below! 🙂


Poptropica Portfolio: Geoff Hassing

Hello, everyone!

Lucky Joker here, featuring another Poptropica Portfolio! The artist in the spotlight this time around is Geoff Hassing. You can find a sample of his artwork for Poptropica and more on his portfolio site here.

If you haven’t already, make sure to check out the previous portfolios we’ve showcased, featuring Poptropica artists Nate Greenwall, Chris GoodwinAbraham Evensen Tena, Jordan Leary, Lance Fry, Nasan Hardcastle, and Ashley Lange.

As stated on his LinkedIn page, Hassing no longer works for Poptropica, and though his time with them was short-lived, he still left us with some amazing background scenes and in-game assets from some of the newer islands, including Monkey Wrench and Escape From Pelican Rock. There are also a couple of Poptropica-like scenes here that were made for practice and not for anything in-game. Check them out:

Pretty cool stuff, Geoff!

These days, Hassing illustrates children’s books for GrapeCity, a corporation that provides learning materials, tools, and methods for kids learning English through their oral language acquisition and critical listening program. We really like his Poptropica work, and we wish him the best in everything does going forward.

Speaking of art pieces, be sure to join in on the PHB’s Community Creations this month! September ends soon, so you’ve got until the end of this week to enter. The theme for this month is “school.”

I hope you found this popping portfolio enjoyable! We’ll talk soon…

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