September Fools?

Hello, member-tropicans!

It’s Lucky Joker here and so are the member gifts for September! If you’re an active member, these items will automatically be added to your account inventory.


The special item gifts this month are:

  • Rainbow Afro
  • Whoopie Cushion (which was once available to all players I’d like to note)
  • Rainbow Toilet Launcher

These items are pretty goofy if you ask me (…especially the toilet launcher). It almost seems as if it’s April Fools Day, but in September. They’re certainly not bad though, just a bit odd. More importantly however, what do you think of these member gifts? Share your opinions in the comments!

Thanks for reading as always, I’ll talk to you soon…pop on!

– Lucky Joker 🍀


Community Creations: August 2018


Hello once again everyone! Spotted Dragon here bringing you the August recap for Community Creations! August’s theme was science and the featured work is not in any particular order. Be sure to check out all the featured artists!

No clue what’s going on? Go see our intro post.

Top 5 Picks

The Archaeologists by BeanSkelly

BeanSkelly- The Archeologists

This piece is stunning! The perspective of the scene is really well made, making the room feel practically real. The lighting is breath-taking as well, especially when it comes to the detail on the glass cases. The texture is wonderful throughout the background, going together well with the warm tones used. Finally, even though the room itself seems to have the most thought and detail, the characters fit in perfectly. Amazing job! Find his DeviantArt here.

Balloon.Experiment Girl by POP-whitewolf

POP-whitewolf - Balloon.Experiment Girl

A bit of an older drawing, but nonetheless great! While this is a totally unique submission, it still perfectly fits our theme and shows off a recognizable minor character. Shrink Ray Island science fair anyone? I love seeing fun background characters in the spotlight! The movement, however little, is depicted well and gives the character some lively energy. Additionally, the coloring is super soft and I love that you can see the brush strokes in this style. Fantastic! Find her DeviantArt here.

Villainous Visages Doctor Hare by Kennerium

Kennerium - Villainous Visages Doctor Hare

Oooooh! While this drawing is relatively simple, it still demonstrates skill. The color choices work extremely well with one another and even the simple geometric shapes in the background help to add interest. The emotion in Dr. Hare is super cute and I love the shading and coloring! Even the line quality is wonderfully smooth, giving this a nice, graphic look. Dr. Hare should be proud! Find his DeviantArt here.

Invader Zim AU – Ghost and Invader Hare by epiphxny

epiphxny - IZ AU Ghost and Invader Hare

Wow! Despite featuring Dr. Hare, a common choice for the “science” theme, this piece is absolutely unique! I may be a bit biased, as I am a big Invader Zim fan, but this crossover AU is certainly interesting. Dr. Hare could definitely pull off a Zim role, which really takes our theme to a new level! You can tell some thought went into these designs, especially considering the plot of this AU that the artist came up with. Not only is the coloring and lineart smooth and professional, but there is even a sequel to this piece, featuring Mordred! I’m digging the simple but cool background, as well as the characters’ poses. Find his DeviantArt here.

Science with Dr. Hare (Poptropica Descendants OC Short #11) by SuperGrape1

Dr. Hare: Greetings, I’m Dr. Hare, and today I will show you how to, do some science! *He smiles with excitement as he glances at the audience*.Harry Hare: Hey Daddy, can I help? *He asks Dr. Hare this sweetly as he gives him the puppy dog eyes*.
Dr. Hare: Of course, my son. *He smiles happily as he pats Harry on the head while he glances at him*.
Harry Hare:Yippee! *He jumps up and down with excitement as he glances at his father*.
Dr. Hare: Alright, now my son, we’re going to start by making the mind control serum first. *He smiles evilly as he glances at his son*.
Harry Hare: Yay! *He smiles with excitement as he glances at his father*.
Dr. Hare: Now, my son, be a dear, and get the formulas we need, they should be at my desk somewhere. *He smiles as he glances at his son*.
Harry Hare: Alright, daddy! *He searches the desk, and he finds the formulas* Here you go Daddy! *He hands him the formulas*.
Dr. Hare: Thank you, son, now watch as I put the chemicals into beakers! *He pours the chemicals into beakers and he mixes them together*.
Harry Hare: Yay, you can do it daddy! *He jumps up and down with excitement*.
Dr. Hare: It’s time to put the next formula into the destillator! *He puts the chemicals into a machine*.
Harry Hare: Yay, science! *He dances around in excitement*.
Dr. Hare: *He takes the new chemical out of the machine* Now to put the next formula into the bioreactor! *He puts the next ingredient into the bioreactor*.
Harry Hare: Yay, this is so exciting! *He hops up and down with excitement*.

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Even though this piece also features Dr. Hare, it still has another unique twist! I love seeing literature submissions, as they’re generally less common. In the author’s “Poptropica Descendants OC shorts,” many Poptropica characters are re-imagined with children, and it’s cool to see how the parents’ personalities reflect in them! Additionally, the layout of text stands out among others, considering it’s dialogue based format. Way to be creative and different with this storytelling! Find her DeviantArt here.

Honorable Mentions

Creative submissions once again! We have a lot of Dr. Hare fans out there. 🙂

September: How Do I Participate?

Community Creations is a cool series for anyone in the Poptropica community to join in on. To sum up what it’s about, it’s basically a chance to show off your artwork, creepy fan-fics, Worlds houses, costumes, and anything else that pops into your mind.

If we really like the piece you submit, we will feature it here on the PHB! As long as it relates to that month’s theme. So what is September’s theme? September’s theme is…


This theme may not directly relate to September, but I for one certainly use my earbuds to listen to music more often when school starts. Anybody with me? Anyway, no matter what genre of music you like, everyone has been caught loudly singing (off-key) in the shower at once point or another. So it’s a theme we can all find something we like in! Besides the obvious Poptropica elements of course.

So what are your options? Well, like always, they’re pretty limitless! Write your own Poptropica song or rap, recreate your favorite album cover with Poptropica characters, make costumes for your favorite artists, remix some of Poptropica’s classic background musicetc. These are just a few of the many things you could create. And hey, maybe I’ll discover a new bop to add to my phone thanks to your submissions?


  • Submitting: Comment below with a link to whatever you’ve created OR share it with me (SydVC aka Spotted Dragon) on DeviantArtTwitter, or Discord.
  • Results: I will feature 5 of the submissions as well as 3 honorable mentions.
  • Limitations: Nothing NSFW, and make sure you relate to the theme.
  • Due Date: I will take any entries before the end of this month. Submit as many things as you’d like!

I will always be sure to let you know I have seen your creation. Bonus points if you make a compelling description for your piece! While quality counts, I’m mainly looking for something to simply catch my eye, so don’t be afraid to join in!

So what are you waiting for? Go make something awesome!


Lost items for inspection

Hey Poptropicans! It’s Slanted Fish here with a few fun glimpses into parts of Poptropica typically unseen, with thanks to Sleimok and idk for sharing these images.

First up are a couple of lost items of Poptropica! These items didn’t make it into the game, but the backgrounds clue us in on where they were intended: the Petri Dish for Virus Hunter Island (was actually used in the bonus quest), the X-ray Device for Counterfeit Island (which we do use in-game, just not as its own item), and the Snoozing Crepe, also for Counterfeit.

The crepe can be seen in the guard room (the room between the interrogation room and Black Widow’s art gallery). idk adds, “This room’s code contains unused code for a dog character. If I had to guess, this crepe would’ve been used to incapacitate the dog.”

Curious about other lost items of Poptropica we’ve uncovered? Check out this 2014 post and this 2016 post for more!

Can you guys guess where this next one is from?

geyser guess zoomout

If you thought of the Geyser Guess game from Reality TV Island, you’re absolutely right! This is a zoomed-out view, of course, that includes details out of view in the game, like the bird’s nest, or the fact that this geological feature is floating in air.

And one more, from SOS Island


Whale, that’s all for now. Hope you enjoyed this peek into the underbelly of Poptropica, and as always, keep on popping!


Pop Shop Update: Rhinos, Robots, and more!

How’s it popping, Poptropicans? It’s Lucky Joker here with another update and ad game to show you guys today! Let’s get right into it.

Poptropica updated the shop stock a couple of days ago, so we’re a little late to the game, but anyway, the current stock for this next month includes:

Gold Cards

  • Robot Costume, Game Show Island
  • Viking Feast Bundle: Sausage Smasher
  • The Hombre, Wild West Island
  • Rhino Costume, Survival – Episode 4
  • Sombrero, Wild West Island (members only)
  • Ghillie Suit, Survival – Episode 1
  • Electrify
  • Oompa-Loompa, Charlie and the Chocolate Factory (members only)
  • Wonka Bar, Charlie and the Chocolate Factory (members only)
  • Charlie the Chocomonkey (members only)
  • Poptropica: The Official Guide: Wacky Hair (members only)
  • Señor Burrito Follower, Timmy Failure Island
  • The Kid, Wild West Island
  • Scarecrow
  • Wind Power, Survival – Episode 1
  • Inside-Out Power, Virus Hunter (members only)
  • Everlasting Gobstopper, Charlie and the Chocolate Factory (members only)
  • Director Costume, Back Lot Island
  • Dr. Hare’s Lair Carrot (members only)
  • Sonar Power
  • Prisoner Costume, Escape From Pelican Rock
  • Oompa-Loompa Power, Charlie and the Chocolate Factory (members only)
  • Helio-Gum, Charlie and the Chocolate Factory (members only)
  • The Loner, Wild West
  • Multiverse

Costume Cards


  • Biker
  • Retro Robot (members only)
  • Fishing Suit, Survival – Episode 2
  • Firefighter

It seems a lot more options are available to all players this time, rather than being exclusive to members, so that’s nice to see.

Now onto the ad game! The game is advertising Next Gen—an upcoming film that’ll be launching on Netflix next week on September 7. You can find the ad icon on the second page of the island map.


The game is super easy, and I mean super easy. All you have to do is press your space bar to blast the bots in your path until you get to the finish line. That’s pretty much it. For completing the task, you’ll win a Mai Outfit and a 7723 Follower.

What items would you like to see added to the shop next month? Are you going to watch Next Gen? Sound off in the comments section below!

Thanks for reading as always and I’ll talk to you soon… pop on!

– Lucky Joker 🍀

Thrown for a Loop: the return of Realms and more

What’s up, Poptropicans? It’s Lucky Joker here, and I’m very excited to share some uplifting news with you all today.

If you’ve been keeping up with the Creators’ Blog and Poptropica in general, you’ve probably noticed they’ve been pretty silent and stagnant as of late. Well, the silence has been broken with the announcement of several things.

Most notably, Realms will be back! As the official blog put it: “We know, it never actually left the map, but now it will work!” (Read more about this feature on our Realms Guide.)

poptropica realms

It’s been down due to technical issues for over a year, to the frustration and disappointment of many Poptropicans. We surely doubted Poptropica would ever do anything about it, but boy did they prove us wrong!

Realms was definitely one of Poptropica’s most popular features, so perhaps this rebirth will bring back a lot of players who enjoyed the sandbox creation world, which was sometimes known as Pop’s version of Minecraft.

Also on the Creators’ Blog, the Creators have posted a bit of an explanation as to why they’ve been so quiet. Here’s the gist of it (our emphases added):

pop_constructionLet’s just say, Poptropica has been “under construction.” All the great people who work on Poptropica got together this month to plan a bunch of updates to Poptropica and Poptropica Worlds! We’ve been super busy behind the scenes fixing things, building new things, and working on bringing back some fan favorites! We’ve gone through all your amazing feedback from this year and have a lot of great stuff in the works!

The rest of that post promises some of this “great stuff” we can look forward to:

  • monthly updates (which will be inclusive to all players, not just members)
  • more contests (with an all-new contest coming up next week!)
  • a behind the scenes look every week at what they’re working on

Very exciting to hear! The PHB will be following right along as always, so keep checking in with us to see what’s new!

I’m also here to walk you through a Froot Loops advertisement, which can be found on Home Island of Poptropica Original. It’s pretty self-explanatory — just run, jump, and grab all the Froot Loops cereal!

froot loops 3

You’ll have four minutes to grab all fifty Froot Loops. (Don’t worry, it only took me around a minute.) One you do so, you’ll win a fun Froot Loops Blaster (press spacebar to throw Froot Loops) and a Toucan Sam Follower!

Last but not least, don’t forget to enter our PHB Header Design Contest and our Community Creations for August. 🎨 You have until the end of this week!

So how are you feeling about the upcoming contests and updates? Oh right, we don’t know exactly what they are yet... Still, I’m feeling hopeful and quite happy about them. What about you?

Comment below, thanks for reading, and I’ll talk to you all soon. Pop on!

– Lucky Joker 🍀

Pop 5: Worst Vacation Spots in Poptropica

pop5 vacaybad

Hey Poptropicans, it’s Sporty Boa back with another Pop 5. You saw Great Vacation Spots in Poptropica, now get ready for Part 2: Worst Vacation Spots in Poptropica!

(Note: The two parts originally appeared as a single post on the Sporty Boa Blog.)

Brace yourselves, you won’t want to pack your bags for these horror destinations…

#5: Escape From Pelican Rock Island


Well… at least it’s an island? Let’s be honest, nobody wants to spend their holidays in a highly-fortified prison, even especially if it’s on an island.

#4: Super Villain Island


Wow, another intimidating, high-security, island prison! Except this one’s waaaay more dangerous. Any island with “SUPER VILLAIN” in the name should probably be avoided if you’re looking for a good time… then again, you and every Poptropican seems to like the thrill of crime-fighting and saving the day.

#3: Monster Carnival Island


No, this isn’t a happy, fun, or silly type of carnival. It’s the type of carnival that will leave you sad, miserable, and scared silly. This isn’t a very good place to take the family, especially during the evening hours…

#2: Vampire’s Curse Island


That’s me questioning this life decision.

Unless you really, really, really love vampires, I wouldn’t advise spending your vacay here. Islands like this one and Ghost Story are known for their dreary setting, questionable people, and lack of sunlight. Hello? There is no summer without the freaking SUN!

#1: S.O.S. Island


Picture this: You’re on a huge cruise ship enjoying the shimmery seas. But while cruising in the freezing north Atlantic, the cruise ship smashes into an iceberg! As the ship slowly sinks into its watery grave, you make a last-minute escape and spend the rest of your summer cruise on an ice flow. Worst. Vacation. Ever.

Well, that concludes this list of “Pop 5” Worst Vacation Spots in Poptropica! Consider yourself warned, and comment below what other places Poptropicans should be wary of.

Be sure to also check out Part 1, Pop 5: Great Vacation Spots in Poptropica, and I’ll see you around. Boa out!

Lego Island: not yet completed

Hey Poptropicans! Leggo see what’s goin’ on with Pop…

Checking in on my friends, polishing my island medallions—wait, hold up. What’s this? A new medallion?? That I don’t have yet??? Are we getting a… Lego Island????


Thanks to Massive Monster for the tip-off about this!

Well, sort of. Our resident glitcher, idk (who also recently made a tool for the ASG), went poking behind-the-scenes into Poptropica’s files to see what was going on.

lego island

Here’s what he told curious Poptropicans on the PHC (our emphases added):

Poptropica will soon be advertising many different types of Lego products. So instead of creating disconnected ad rooms for each one, they’ve created a separate island to contain them all. And because every product line’s ads probably won’t be released simultaneously, it makes sense to create something which can be updated after its launch.

Lego Island just consists of a Main Street scene containing a door to an ad scene. It currently only contains an ad for Lego City, but there are a couple of unused item cards for Lego Star Wars. It doesn’t have a medallion so [I don’t know] why it showed up in the medallion list. The Main Street scene has an asset from [the canceled] Water Thrill Island though, so that’s neat.

Water Thrill Island

The asset from Water Thrill Island, for the unreleased Lego Island

So, that’s all we know so far about Lego Island: it won’t be a full-fledged official island like we know of them, but just a series of ads lumped together on one (probably temporary) island, to come in the near future. And there might be a water slide.

In other news, don’t forget you have until the end of this week to enter our PHB Header Design Contest and our Community Creations for August! Leggo!