Look, Home Island is anew! Pets and costumes just for you!

Howdy doodly, Poptropicanos! I’m Lucky Joker happily reporting the arrival of cool Husky pets — brand new in the Pet Barn today — as well as the third weekly Pop store update for April. Let’s pop in!

For the first time in 9 months, Poptropica has finally given us a new furry friend to adopt and call our very own! Well, some of us rather… unfortunately, like a majority of the cute critters in the barn, the Husky is members exclusive. That still leaves free players with just only two options: the (basic, not husky) dog and the kitten.

This new husky is a really cute pet, though. I like its large ears, fluffy cheeks, and itty bitty tail. What do you think?

*carries pet* Now strutting right into the popping shopping center, we have some “new” outfits to choose from this week. Although it’s an updated selection, nothing of the current inventory is actually fresh.

Of course, we all recognize the classic Pop Star and Rock Star looks. Along with them, however, we have a bunch of casual getups we’ve seen available over the past year: Cool for School, Shady Pockets, Spring Fling, Cool Green, and last week’s Good Bunny. So yeah, nothing technically new. Here they are anyway:

It’s good to see familiar looks pop up in the store from time to time (and to have most options available to everyone for a change), but I hope to see original ideas coming in soon too. Hmm, why not hold a third costume contest? It’s never too soon. 😜

That’s it for today folks! Be sure to keep an eye out for the analysis of the recent survey we held in the coming weeks.

– Lucky Joker 🍀

Weekly Wardrobe and Perplexing Politics

Hey, everyone! Today, we have two bits of Poptropica news: something fun and something strange. Let’s get started with the first.

Last week, we reported that the Poptropica store would be getting weekly updates throughout the month of April. So far, this promise seems to be holding up well, as the second batch has hit the store.

This week marks the return of nine familiar outfits: Mythology Surfer (boy and girl), Swan Ballerina, Good Bunny, Unicorn Girl*, Cheesy Slice*, Fairy Queen*, the Navy Raglan Outfit, and the Rib Wrap Outfit. (* = members-only)

Aside from the new selection of outfits, the rest of the store is largely the same. Many of last weeks’s pranks, followers, and powers remain. You can read more about them in last week’s store update post.

And now for something strange. So, Poptropica likes to keep fans updated through social media with platforms like the Creators’ Blog and Instagram. But there’s one platform they’ve neglected for some time: Twitter. I mean, their last post was almost a year ago, in July 2019!

Out of nowhere, this past week Poptropica finally put out a new tweet. Now what could it be about? The April store updates, or maybe even a new island sneak peek? Well, um…

…what we got was an endorsement for Joe Biden for President of the United States, retweeted from Barack Obama with Poptropica adding, “More of this, please!” The inadvertent tweet received about 30 likes, 7 retweets, and 20 replies of amusement before it was unceremoniously deleted two days after it first surfaced on April 14.

Naturally, this left many fans scratching their heads and wondering why Poptropica briefly became political. Did someone on the social media team accidentally retweet the video to the wrong account? (Probably.) Did a hacker want to stir up trouble, or is this some big publicity stunt to bring fans back to Twitter? (Less likely, but who knows? 😛 )

As always, we’d love to hear what you think. And if you haven’t done it already, today’s your last chance to fill out this year’s PHB Reader’s Survey!

Thank you for reading, and have a good day!

—Gentle Dolphin 🐬

PHB Quickie: Twisted Thicket Island

Velkomin, Poptropican folk! (That’s Old Norse for ‘welcome’ 🤓)

It’s Lucky Joker popping in today with a truncated review of one of Poptropica’s recently withdrawn classic capers, Twisted Thicket Island — an early favorite of mine from 2012. Let’s flutter into it, shall we? (note: spoilers ahead)

Your initial task arriving on the island is to aide the construction crew in clearing the forest by ridding the “hindering creatures” occupying it in order to make room for their new developments.

In the end of it all though, it’s revealed that the developer, Burt Diamond, and the rest of the lumberjerks are in fact the villainous ones — not the inhabiting forest creatures. You realize the action of forcefully ejecting innocent beings from their sacred home is reprehensible, and that the critters were only acting hostile in self-defense. (What a concept, right?) And so of course, like the heroic Samaritan we are, we eventually save the day and the forest’s magic is restored in all its glory.

As an environmentalist and someone who deeply cares about animal welfare, I really like that Poptropica shed some light on this important real-life issue (even more so with the surprising plot twist).

And including Scandinavian folklore along with the bewitching landscape makes the whole adventure more enticing while still fostering the same core idea. The game-like stages are diverting and the final intervention sure is climactic. I find it satisfying when we end up utilizing the very powers of the creatures in peril to drive the pesky bullies away. Oh sweet poetic justice!

So with all that said, I give Twisted Thicket Island a rating of 4/5 rune stones! It’s the decent storytelling, fun and challenging obstacles, and stunning scenery that grant the island perfect score potential. However, I do feel that the gameplay was just a tad rushed and blandly straightforward compared to other islands. I would’ve appreciated a bit more depth and length, so to me a B grade seems reasonable. 🙂

And that concludes my analysis of Twisted Thicket Island! It’s fairy unfortunate it’s no longer playable on the official game, but thankfully we can still access the island here (courtesy of our resident glitcher, idk). I’m not trolling!

What are your opinions on this mystical quest? Share below in the comments!

Also, don’t forget to participate in our readers’ survey if you haven’t already. (It closes on the 18th.) Thank you for reading, and I’ll talk to you all soon.

Lucky Joker 🍀

Pop 5: Islands I want to see return to Poptropica

Good day, Poptropicans! It’s Lucky Joker here popping into 2020 with one of my first non-news posts, a Pop 5 list. It’s a new decade and that means a new era for Poptropica.

With the new version of Zomberry Island on the horizon (or is it? we’re still waiting…), it feels like the perfect time to start compiling my list of islands I hope to see return to the game one day, in full sound-updated glory. Let’s begin! (If you haven’t played all the old islands: beware, spoilers ahead.)

#5: Mystery Train Island 🔍

Starting off this list is Mystery Train Island, which is possibly one of Poptropica’s most popular adventures — and among my personal favorites. Every island has a theme; and the theme of this island is a classic, yet compelling whodunit set in the late Victorian era. How appealing does that sound? Right up my alley, that’s for sure.

I can just imagine how calm and soothing the soundtrack would be with a soft piano playing beautifully if it was sound updated. And can we talk about how awesome the boss level is (or should I say was…)? It’s one of the most climactic scenes in the entire game in my opinion. A crescendo would go along brilliantly with it I’m sure.

#4: Wild West Island 🌵

Popping in at the number four spot comes another Poptropica fan favorite — Wild West Island! This Old-West-inspired escapade is full of many fun and exciting moments. With the multitude of western mini-games, lingo, and scenery, this island makes for one special and enjoyable experience that you can 100% immerse yourself into.

As for the soundtrack choice, it’s undeniably unquestionable — western folk music of course! Give Jeff Heim a banjo, a guitar, and a harmonica and I’m sure he could create at least a dozen hillbilly hits. It’s a sound we have yet to hear in Poptropica, I believe.

#3: Super Villain Island ⚡

Smack dab in the middle at third place is the super Super Villain Island! I mean, how could an island featuring four of Poptropica’s most prominent wrongdoers not be in this list? In my opinion, SVI has one of the most creative and out-of-the-box concepts — it’s like a cool sci-fi movie or something — and of course, some of Poptropica’s coolest characters.

The roaring storm over the ocean, each of the villains’ dreams, the colossal battle at the end — there are so many great tracks to be made here! I can already hear them now. Super Villain needs to return and there should be no doubt about it.

#2: Game Show Island 🤖

Just behind the top pick is the remarkable, robotic extravaganza that is Game Show Island! Sure, it’s not the absolute best to have graced the screen in the past 12 and a half years, but Game Show is arguably one of the most fun islands in the game; I don’t think there’s one Poptropican who doesn’t like it (even if it’s not their favorite). All of the mini-games and funny looking robots totally make the island interesting and amusing. I think having it sound updated would enhance that.

Each location could have a different background song. A modernized gypsy-like tune would be a good choice for the city of Istanbul. It would capture that unique Turkish sound perfectly. As for Japan, I’d like something kawaii, or something highly electric to really get my heart racing during Mr. Yoshi’s Super Terrific Challenge. Russia’s pretty diverse, so perhaps a remix of the national anthem would suffice? In Miami, a rad hip-hop track would definitely work well. And you can surely count on the vibrant sensations of tango to create an atmosphere in Buenos Aires. You could hear the world in one island! (Not to mention all of the mechanic and techy sound ops throughout.)

Honorable Mentions

Alright, before I reveal my number one choice, I wanted to honor a few other beloved islands that almost made this list. Give it up for Super Power Island, Nabooti Island, and Counterfeit Island! They’re all wonderful classics, and totally deserve to be in the top five as well.

And now, the moment you’ve been waiting for. Taking the trophy for the island I’d love to see return most…the astounding, the stupendous, the one and only — it goes to none other than…

#1: Astro-Knights Island 🚀

Astro-Knights Island! This thrilling quest is one like no other and is definitely one of my all-time favorites (along with Mythology)! This intergalactic island is jam packed with mythos, action, and adventure — everything Poptropica is all about.

Can’t you just envision a dreary, medieval melody accompanying the crummy streets of a fallen Arturus as you played? I certainly could! In addition, we could get some celestial tunes for when we’re journeying through the stars and an intense orchestral symphony with a battle like dynamic for when we’re defeating the evil Binary Bard.

Astro-Knights is an absolute must play for any Poptropica player and it undoubtedly needs to grace the map once again. What do you think?

And there you have it — the full list of islands that I think should make an epic comeback to Poptropica! (Psst, creators, if you’re reading…I’m sure many others would agree with me, so you know…)

Thank you so much for reading as always and I’ll talk to you all soon. Happy Easter to those who celebrate! 🐰🐤

My aim is egg-cellent, hehe

– Lucky Joker 🍀

The adventures begin in Haxe Javascript

Hey Poptropicans! Remember back in February when the Creators mentioned their Haxe Javascript project, which they’ve been working on since last year, and which would allow Poptropica to survive post-Flash?

So far, there hasn’t been much to see—but recent developments are showing signs of progress, or at least, experimentation. Let’s take a look!

For some time now, the Haxe build has been accessible at a link that’s not too hard to guess: poptropica.com/haxe. Now, clicking on the “Play For Free” link on Poptropica’s homepage goes directly to this link, and players have been reporting some interesting features they’ve seen.

For starters, here’s a screenshot from Perfect Fish, showing daily login rewards of credits that increase as you keep up your login streak.

There’s also a new character selection screen, with about seven pre-designed characters you can pick from to hop into the game right away — no customization of name or appearance. (Thanks to Quick Fang for the tip.)

This “Pick a Character” screen used to be more similar to the one we’ve had since late 2018, but with different (one might say less appealing) colors of bright orange and purple. (Thanks goes to Scrooge200 for these screenshots.)

As seen above in the Home Island screenshots, your player clubhouse is among the features not yet ready in Poptropica’s Haxe. Still, a new clubhouse icon has popped up in the menu, replacing the friends icon. It might be a while before the friends feature is ready in this new Poptropica… 😢

If you visit the Haxe build at the link above, you’ll find that the map is looking even more sparse than usual: there are literally only 6 islands so far. (But don’t panic just yet—you can still find a more populated map by logging into the regular Poptropica, at poptropica.com/game.)

Along with Home Island, Snagglemast and 24 Carrot are counted as beginner islands, while “Adventures of Mystery” offers Survival 1, PoptropiCon 1, and just recently added for members only, Timmy Failure. (This is probably why they used the phrase “early access” when you click into it.)

But there is still one more page: the “Adventures of Deception,” which shows (unlabeled) Escape From Pelican Rock as coming soon. Silhouettes of two more islands can be seen on this page: Mythology up top and Shrink Ray on the right, by the looks of it. All these missing islands seem to suggest the Creators still have a long way to go with rendering AS3 (newer) islands into Haxe.

Survival 1 had me stuck in a never-ending loading loop over my character as soon as I’d crash-landed onto the island, and with this being the early stages, these few Haxe islands may still be working out bugs. Proceed with caution!

Poptropica in Haxe also brings in a couple of subtle changes to the iconography of in-game movement. When hovering over an entrance, the text that tells you what room you’re entering is now wrapped in a white bar, as opposed to the white outline on the text as before. Also, the movement arrow loses part of its white outline on the side facing your character.

That about wraps up what’s up in Poptropica’s Haxe so far. Not much, but not nothing, and with new features on the way, it seems!

Have you noticed anything else new in Poptropica’s Haxe Javascript build? What islands do you hope will return next on the map? Share with us in the comments or contact us by email, Twitter, or Discord. Keep on popping on!


April forecast: a weekly showering in store

Hey Poptropicans, April’s showering of store items is here—with a new twist?

A billboard on Home Island is promoting several springtime items now available in the store, with the promise that there will be “new stuff every week.” That weekly part is a first, since we’ve been getting monthly updates in the store for a couple years now.

In the store, we’ve got followers we’ve seen before from other places, such as last year’s Easter items: Chick, Narf, Mini Astroknight, Woodstock. Pranks this time are the Silly Streams, Egg Launcher, and Sneezing Powder. And in Miscellaneous, we have Hiking Shoes and a Marshmallow Roaster.

Some items from last month remain as well: in Powers, we still have Torch, Phantom, and Electrify; while in Costumes, there’s the Chomper, Red Heart, Clover Kid, Lilac Star, Wrestling Gear (boy and girl), and Prom King and Queen.

And if the billboard is any indicator, we’ll probably see the return of the pink bunny costume and pastel green dress in the coming weeks!

Stay tuned for updates to the store, as well as our next PHB post! Coming soon: we’ll be exploring the latest in Poptropica’s HAXE Javascript project


Folklore figures: wear ’em, draw ’em, join ’em

Hey, Poptropicans! We hope you’ve recovered from the flash of shock we gave earlier this month and are ready to dive into what else April has in store.

The April member gifts promise a blast to the past with three costumes based on some famous historical figures: Cleopatra, Sire Lancelot, and Pocahontas.

Speaking of the last costume, it looks oddly familiar. The Pocahontas costume bears a striking resemblance to Sacagawea in Time Tangled Island.


And what’s more, she’s fully customizable, even for non-members! So even if you’re not a member this month, you can get at least one of the member gifts. 😉 Just head on over to 1805 A.D. (the Lewis and Clark expedition) on Time Tangled Island, and you’ve got your two-for-one Native American look.

sacagawea customizable

(Creators, next time maybe don’t imply that distinct iconic characters of shared ancestry, yet different time periods, are interchangeable by their appearance?)

On Instagram, Poptropica challenged artists to draw Ned Noodlehead in their style and to share the drawings with the hashtag #NedNoodlehead. Interesting that they chose Ned, the comic shop kid from Super Power Island—one of the old school islands that have disappeared from the map.

Within a day, creative fans got to work, and Poptropica featured some of the Ned Noodlehead art on their Instagram story. Check out these magnificent Noodlehead doodles! Think you could give it a try, too?

Recently, Poptropica has been promoting Timmy Failure Island on various channels—social media, the Creators’ Blog, and even the Home Island billboard. (Did you know that Timmy Failure has its own Disney+ movie now?)

But something odd has happened: Timmy Failure Island, which was formerly free for all, is now only available to members. Unlike with previously member-locked islands, this time non-members won’t even get to play a demo before hitting the paywall message. (Thanks for the tip, Perfect Fish.)

Strangely, the message refers to “early access” for Timmy Failure Island being for members only, even though the island came out in 2015. Did they just forget to change the wording, or are they working on revamping Timmy Failure for the Javascript (post-Flash) project and letting members beta test it first? Whatever the case, let’s hope it isn’t a failure.

Thoughts on this month’s member gifts and the fate of Timmy Failure Island? Want to share a Noodlehead doodle with us? Drop them in the comments!

Also, check out the other stuff we’ve got going on in the posts below! Join us for Community Creations (current theme: “stay at home”), take the 2020 PHB readers’ survey, and get some ideas for passing the time in quarantine with some good old Poptropica.

Thank you for reading, and have a good day!

—Gentle Dolphin 🐬