Catch up with Poptropica’s comic strip 📰💥

Hey Poptropicans—did you know that Poptropica has its own comic strip? It’s true, and now, you can catch up with most of the series here!

In these comics, two young heroes, Oliver and Jorge, get thrown into the foreign world of Poptropica and have to survive as they hop from island to island full of silly and unpredictable challenges. You might recognize these boys from the Poptropica graphic novel series, which actually came out after the comic strips did. Both were illustrated by Kory Merritt, and the comics were written by Paul Gilligan.

Poptropica’s comic strips ran daily for a period of time from 2014–2016 and were available on various online platforms. These days, though, they’re harder to find. Fortunately, one super-fan recently put together all the comics so the rest of us can enjoy them without much digging.

Thanks to weeks of searching and piecing by Invisible Ring, the Poptropica comics are now available on Google Slides, with Part 1/2 starting from the beginning (as the above strips show) and Part 2/2 picking up from where the first part left off. There are over 300 strips in total, so settle in for a nice leisurely read! ☕️📰

The adventures entail monkey people, vegetable Frankenstein monsters, a Wizard of Oz world, and more—funnily enough, none of the places they visit are actually from the game, but as these are official comics, they can still be considered canon!

Believe it or not, Invisible Ring mentions there have been more strips published, though they have yet to be found. These missing strips explore islands featuring themes of black and white, Atlantis (though not in the style of Mission Atlantis Island), and even a library.

Anyway, enjoy the comics from the links above, or find them again anytime on our Comics page under Pop Plus from our site menu. Merry Christmas and happy holidays from the PHB! 🎄

Just in time for the holidays! (picture credit: Poptropica, 2014)