Mocktropica Island

Mocktropica Island is out for members!

Mocktropica logo

Hello everyone! I just wanted to let you know that the island is officially out for members. Everyone else can play up to the end of the demo, and the full island will be out for non-members starting January 16, 2014. Also, the Poptropica logo on the front screen is glitching out! It’s so cool!


Be sure the check out the PHB’s Mocktropica Island Guide, now complete with pictures and a full written walkthrough! (Anyone is welcome to contribute if they want.)

Members, don’t forget to pick up the free Narf Follower Store item that just came out!


EDIT: I finished the island!


30 thoughts on “Mocktropica Island is out for members!”

  1. Squee! I’m so excited to play. Unfortunately I am not a member but time flies and Jan 16 will get here soon enough.

  2. I’m playing right now… and I ended up in a plot-stalling glitch not part of the island. -.- I was supposed to give an item to someone, but it ended up not giving the item to him, and when I logged back on, the item was totally gone and the person was still complaining about not having the item! AUGH!

    1. That happened to me twice, but only when I tried to use it in the basement of the Headquarters. I personally had to restart the island. Hmm… The only advice I can give is not to use it until there is a guy next to the soda machine in the basement.

  3. i would be willing to help out with a walk through. the only problem is i cant afford a membership. i am guess you would want it immediately but if you are willing to wait i can help.

    Cool Berry the Unicorn Cat

  4. i cant even get past the log in screen it wont let me, mocktropica is messing up the login, I know my account isnt expired but it wont let me play

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