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Mocktropica & Sky Island Peeks – and a hint of ‘MonsterCarniv’

In all the recent excitement on the PHB involving locating some hidden Poptropica files, the Mega Fighting Bots site not being playable (it’s back up now!), and the mysterious “Gamer Guy” (who turned out to just be a regular commenter having a bit of fun, not a Creator), you may or may not remember that Mocktropica is due to be released tomorrow for members!

There’s a couple of recent Daily Pop sneak peeks that look like they’ll belong on the new Poptropica-parody island. The rest look like they might be part of a separate “sky island” – more on that in this post. Anyway, check ’em out (click to enlarge):

There’s even a spot for the Mocktropica trailer video on Main Street of Poptropolis Games! (thanks, ayman351) Look how happy my character is to see that cow go all haywire.

mocktropica trailer

Check back tomorrow for more Mocktropica goodness! We’ll have a written walkthrough up as soon as possible, but in the meantime, you’re welcome to exchange tips in the comments and contribute to our guide.

Also, the PoptropicaCreators channel on YouTube recently uploaded a new Poptropica Tour video. Note especially at around the 1:10 mark, where they show the process of saving your game – by typing in monstercarniv in the username box! It’s been a while since they’ve hinted at Monster Carnival

Oh, and one more thing: in case you missed the memo, the PHB is having a Christmas party this Saturday and we’d love to have you come! Tough Icicle (Samwow5) will be hosting, so check out his post for more details. The more the merrier!

21 thoughts on “Mocktropica & Sky Island Peeks – and a hint of ‘MonsterCarniv’”

  1. Whoa, thats cool. If there is a new island that would be really cool. There was a really big lull between Back Lot and Virus Hunter and now they have a large amount of islands coming out back to back! (Virus Hunter, Poptropolis, Mocktropica, Mystery “Sky Island”?, and create your own island)

      1. Remember a few posts back when someone noticed on a mocktropica screen saver it
        said ” make rescue balloon boy island”? And there’s a sky world… Put 2 & 2 together, balloon boy has found a island in the sky!

  2. Maybe Mystery Carnival Island has something to do with Mocktropica?

    For the record if this happens, I called it 😛

  3. *refresh* *refresh*

    OH COME ON… it’s 8 PM EST! Where’s Mocktropica?!

    Yeah. Sorry for being impatient… ^^;

  4. Actually there are two monster carnival hints. At about 1.00, it shows a hint involving the friends list video. If you type in monstercarnival 2012 to friends list, it shows the dude that a random character was friending. In the friends list video, they type in monstercarnival 2012,and it even shows the guy! Bringing back Mc are they, well then the phb will know before they even announce it.

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