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Somewhere in Poptropica, an unknown citizen harbors within his bloodstream a dangerous new virus. Your mission: locate Patient Zero, and eradicate the disease before it spreads. Prepare for a perilous journey to the most far-out place of all — inside the human body!

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  • Virus Hunter Island is Poptropica’s 35th island. It was released on August 30, 2013 for members with a demo for non-members, and everyone could get a free Hazmat Suit on Main Street. The login screen featured two viruses chasing the kids that usually run across the screen, then someone in the round body-travel vehicle shooting them away. It will be released to everyone on September 26, 2013.
  • The name of the island was discovered through a post on the blog of Poptropica artist Nasan Hardcastle, where he showed images of characters he designed for Poptropica, including the unreleased anatomy-themed “Virus Hunter” island. The island was confirmed by Creators on May 15, 2013.
  • Common room: Town Hall
  • This is the first island to be released with music and bigger navigation (excluding 24 Carrot BETA Carrotene, which was the first to be upgraded from its lesser version).
  • There is a letter in the trash for a “Nasan SoftFort,” a pun on Nasan Hardcastle’s name.
  • This is the first island to have a world champions player map which shows the rankings for finishing the island.
  • There is a poster on the outside of the GreenSquare video store for Revenge of the Zombie Carrots, which is the sequel of the Zombie Carrot movie shown on Zomberry Island.
  • Waist Not Fitness Center has a logo similar to The Biggest Loser.
  • In the fitness center, you can open the lockers without locks. (One has a picture of a dog!)
  • Bucky Lucas of Reality TV Island is frequently referenced throughout the island, including when you trick Joe into taking his picture.
  • There are computers in Globochem on websites Funbrain, Fact Monster, and even what appears to be Poptropica. Also, there’s a screen on what looks like Facebook as well as a game of Solitaire.
  • In GreenSquare, the cardboard cutout for a movie called ‘Stuck in Detention’ is a reference to the 1985 movie The Breakfast Club, and the boy shown parodies the character John Bender.
  • GreenSquare is a parody of the DVD rental company Redbox.
  • The plot of Virus Hunter Island may have been inspired by the 1987 science fiction movie Innerspace.
  • My Boyfriend is a Martian is a reference to the TV series My Babysitter’s a Vampire.
  • Bonus quest (available 9/26): Poptropicans are feeling fine, but man’s best friend isn’t so lucky. Now, a sick dog needs your help. Head back into the fray to take down a new threat: the vicious heartworm!
  • During Early Access, there is a vending machine on Main Street where you can come back every week to collect a new free prize. When a new prize was released, the previous ones would be ‘Sold Out.’ The prizes so far were a Hazmat Suit and Scifi Doctor costume, available to everyone. The next prize (a helmet) will be for members only (available Sept 12). On Sept 19, a final mystery prize will be available to everyone.
  • Members get an additional Virus Hunter Island gear pack, which includes Virtual Virus costume, Inside-Out power, and Sneezing Powder item. The Virtual Virus costume is ONLY available during Early Access!
  • Members can also play a Nano-Combat Training Game to prepare for Virus Hunter, which is available in the Store. The PHB has a guide for this mini-game here.

Video Guide

For a written walkthrough with pictures, click on Guide at the top of this page.

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91 thoughts on “Virus Hunter Island

  1. Squeezy Wing says:

    It seems as if that photo was deleted shortly after posted on Nathan Hardcastle’s blog. I saw it earlier there, but now it’s gone. PS: The scorekeeper character for Poptropolis games was never released!

  2. coolkid23 says:

    Hey Hey Hey Slanted Fish! I just have one question. Since you get your information from Poptropica Creators Blog, how did you find out about Virus Hunter Island even though there isn’t a trailer and the Creators Blog didn’t mention it even once?

    • Slanted Fish says:

      We do get most of our information from Poptropica or the Creators’ Blog, but this is an exception. The Creators didn’t mention it officially, but one of the Poptropica artists, Nasan Hardcastle, had images posted on his blog of Poptropica characters he’d designed.

      One of these images was labeled Virus Hunter Island, which you can read more about on this PHB post or his blog. About a day after our PHB post, he took down the Virus Hunter picture.

      • coolkid23 says:

        Thanks for the info! And Slanted Fish… Smiley Cyrus is my sister, she’s nine years old, she’s super sensitive, and she feels terrible about what she said on the back lot island guide. She actually beat the island. Her real problem was whenever she tried to complete the King Kong Movie minigame, her computer was really old so it never let her jump up buildings. She just needed a little advise like a lot of people do. Please know she is a kind, smart, caring, and a loving person, she never meant to sound rude, and please also know she is very sorry.

        From Coolkid23.

        Slanted Fish: I understand. I’ve deleted the comments to keep them from taking up space.

  3. Clean Shark, News Reporter says:

    Thought of some nice trivia for this, it is the first Island to have a special info page. Also, Creators, WHY U TAKE SO LONG?

    • icy skull /wolf says:

      YO CAT, how many people here watch Joe Rogan qestions everything? he should totally have his own island !!!!!! can’t wait for this one

  4. Samwow5 says:

    I haven’t even started on the guide yet! I hate u creators! Release it on ur usual time! Not 4 hrs later (6 pm in my time) while I waited for hrs, u ruined it for me!

  5. Squeezy Wing says:

    One tooth says 24 K, which is gold, but I think it’s some sort of reference for 24 Carrot…
    LOL in the trash is a letter for Nasan Soft Fort! (Nice pun, Poptropica!)
    There is no Bonus Quest! 😦
    I’m #115 on the world champion’s map!
    My username is sleepypanda81.

  6. Sleepy Feather says:

    I have some trivia! In the Video Store, there is a carrot with ‘now on VHS and beta’. I think this is a reference to Beta Carrotene Island!

  7. Spotted Dragon says:

    I have some more trivia from the island!

    1. In Globochem, and is on some of the computers.
    2. In Globochem, on a white board, MK is written, which might refer to a Poptropica Creator (Mitch Krpata?).
    3. There is a poster on the outside of the video store for Revenge of the Zombie Carrots, which is the sequel of the Zombie Carrot movie, shown on Zomberry Island.
    4. Waist Not Fitness Center has a logo similar to The Biggest Loser.
    5. In the fitness center you can open the lockers without locks. (One has a picture of a dog!)
    6. Bucky Lucas, from Reality TV Island, gets mentioned/shown a lot throughout the island, including when you trick Joe into taking his picture.

    Hope I helped! 🙂 I would like credit.

  8. icy skull, i wright death not tradgedies says:

    P.S ,Sam, I love Maroon 5!!!!!!!!!! “Payphone” is my ringtone, i’m also 13 in October.

    • Little Whale says:

      I have some trivia.This could be a glitch,but in Globlechem there is a guy typing on his chair!!!!! Hahahahahahahahahaha

  9. shadow54 says:

    u have franids but i never had franids u guys i just met. kai stop tallking and at school i have franids there but they one and my old franid like my little pony its haa haa anyone thing im the joker im sad

  10. magic snowball says:

    this is really freaked me out. when i saw a virus, i SHUT THE computer down! i was so scared! P.S if you want to add me my user as kkool223 and im not really scared of those viruses anymore because they are fake

  11. Silly Pelican says:

    I can’t costumize my character on this idland 😦

    Slanted Fish: Yeah, that feature isn’t available for this island right now.

    • nice pear says:

      i think you go to ware it looks like you can go of the screen on the left hand side and click some ware around there

    • nice pear says:

      so i kill the virus and block the hole with the green goop then i go back to ware i came in and the muscle is blocking the way and wont move

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