Prepare for Impact! Guide

Walkthrough written & pictures taken by Slanted Fish

Prepare for Impact! is a Poptropica MiniQuest that was released as a promo game for Red Dragon Island. It is obtainable through the Poptropica Store as Free+, meaning that it’s free for everyone, but members get additional play and extra prizes. Once you have the item card, click “Play This Game”!

prepare for impact

How to Play

You’ll be transported to a little area in Old Japan with a center stage, where your sumo wrestling matches will take place. Now that you’re about to do some heavy-weight shoving, you may notice that you’ve gotten chubbier (hey, it’s muscle, not fat!). To start, talk to the gyoji (referee) standing below the stage and say “Let’s go!” when you’re ready.

let's go

In this game, it’s push or be pushed! All you have to do is wait for the gyoji (referee) to say “begin!”, then click as soon as he says begin to get the advantage and beat your opponent.


Be careful, though: if you click too early, you will be disqualified.

false start

Also, if you don’t click at all, or if you’re too slow, you’ll lose the round as well.



It’s pretty simple: just click right when the ref says begin, and you’ll push your opponent off the stage and win the round! There’s not much to it once you know the drill.


After each round, just talk to the ref again when you’re ready to start the next round. Rounds come in sets of five, and after every 5 wins, you’ll gain a new rank. Your opponent will always be a rank above you, but don’t worry about their record; they’re still beatable!


Ranks & Prizes

As stated earlier, you must win five rounds before you can move up to the next rank. Every time you’re promoted to a new rank, you’ll win a Japanese sumo wrestling costume prize!

rank up

There are five ranks in total, but the last three ranks are members-only. Everyone starts out as a Juryo, the default rank, which does not have its own costume. The highest rank for non-members is the one after that: Maegashira.

Members, however, can move on to win the rest of the ranks as well: Sanyaku, Ozeki, and lastly, Yokozuna, which has a special stomp power when you press the spacebar.

That about sums it up! May your strength and extra weight serve you well, sumo wrestlers of Poptropica. Good luck out there, and crush your opponents! >:D

Looking for more walkthroughs? Check out our Island Help page! 🙂


22 thoughts on “Prepare for Impact! Guide”

    1. if you want to see your poptropican that you customize to look just like you look obese then you should totally play this work of art

    1. Correction. 35-0.The opponents seem to move too fast for me after that,making them unbeatable.

      Also,I don’t really like this game. It’s very similar to Sky Dive,making it unoriginal. Also,you cannot actually properly fight,like in Red Dragon. But oh well.

  1. dang if you are a non member and you are almost gonna level up to the first member on;y rank you can not play at all not even for fun

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