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2009 Rewind: Pop-ular Places

This post is part of our Poptropica Yearbook series. If you missed the intro, check it out on the 2007 Rewind and view the follow-up 2008 Rewind.

It’s a fine time to check out 2009! With both the Poptropica Creators’ Blog and Poptropica Help Blog in full swing, the online Poptropica community was growing exponentially, even inspiring new fan sites.

The year kicked off with Big Nate Island in February, after months of Big Nate comics shared on the Creators’ Blog.

While sneak peeks for upcoming islands from the Creators were wildly popular, the PHB took a step further and started a series known as PHB Sneak Peeks. These were glances at things even the Creators hadn’t revealed:

Over on the PHB, we were up to lots of shenanigans as well. In April, for example, we had great success with our “Club Penguin Help Blog” prank that fooled even the Poptropica Creators — if only for a little while.

Before our blog was even a year old, we reached one million site views, so we celebrated by giving away some of those rare and coveted “Monster Carnival leaks.” These were the early days of Poptropica glitching and trading!

That summer, the Poptropica community grew to include a Poptropica Help Forum (the PHF was created by Coderkid, who later became PHB staff) and Poptropica Help Chat (PHC) (which was hosted on Xat). Both brought good times, but only the PHC remains to this day, and we’re on Discord now.

We also began a monthly Poptropica magazine, and PHB readers voted on the name The Poptropican’s 911, for all your Poptropica emergencies. The first issue was published in June, and the series ran for a year. Also in June, the long-awaited Astro-Knights Island was released!

Comic by Green Seal, who later became a PHB staff blogger.

Another big thing that happened in Poptropica in 2009 was the launch of the store. (Can you even imagine a Poptropica without the store??) A hundred credits were given for each island completed, and players happily bought cool new items like the Colorizer, Electrify, and more. Credits could also be bought with real money. The store looked a little different back then, too.

On July 26, the PHB celebrated its first birthday – and by then had reached 1.5 million site views. A few days later, the Multiverse feature was released, and that became the staple way of partying it up on Poptropica. (Too bad it’s no longer around… but we do still have common rooms and clubhouses.)

To wrap up the year, Counterfeit Island finally came out (in its early access period, and after half a year of waiting!) in late December, bringing the map total up to ten islands. (Counterfeit and Astro-Knights were the only islands with early access tickets.)

Before membership, players could buy an early access ticket to a new island for 500 credits in the store.

That concludes the 2009 page of the Poptropica Yearbook! Stay tuned for the next pages, and soon you’ll be able to view the complete series on a new page in our Pop Plus collection, titled The Poptropica Yearbook.

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Blog Hijacking & The PHF


Plesh take this poll: 🙂



I am hijacking this blog to make a VERY important announcement…I FINALLY GOT TO MEET ELMO!!!


What, you’re not happy for me? Fine. Who needs you anyway.

I kid. What I really wanted to post about…has been posted on the PHF Blog. It is a post about…The POPMATRIX! (which is finally out, by the way so READ THE POST…:)). While you’re on the PHF Blog, please take the time to subscribe (right sidebar, topmost!). Thank you dear. (LOLOLO)

Oh, and just in case you were wondering why I’ve been less active on the PHB, it’s mostly because of the PHF. But hopefully I’ll be more active when my schedule frees up.

So…I’ll just be hiding in this extremely convenient manhole here…

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Resignation note of Neat Whale/WhispersSecret.

…Yeah. Believe it. NW signing off.

As you might have noticed, I haven’t been posting for a while. That’s because I’ve…I’ve kinda lost control. I’va become more interested in other things such as like being of the Zone and just chattign with my friends (and DeviantARTing). I’ve completely lost interest in everything…and hey, well, what is there to it if you’re not enjoying it anymore?

But I do want to thank of course, Hijuyo for being my best friend, Coskit, HS, CW, and so many other people on the PHF and PHB for being there and supporting me, the rest of the Poptropica Help Team for…err, being my teammates, the idiots ( 😛 ) awesome people on the PHF for making me laugh, that includes EVERYONE, and a huge thank you to MF/GB (Maroon Fire/Golden Butterfly) for being awesome and always lending an open ear, and being like me and sticking it in with your dreams…which is why I recomend right out here in the open that she becomes a moderator on the PHF, instend of me.

I’ll still be on the PHF, but I want Motion to make me just a member. I’ll be on the Zone. I’ll still be playing Poptropica. I’ll still be on DeviantART. I’ll be on YouTube occasionally. And I’ll comment here from time to time; I’ll never leave completely.

See you soon.

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Not Boar-ing

Hey people!  Green Seal here. 😀 There’s a new post on the Poptropica Creator’s Blog, posted by Hazmat Hermit (Thanks for the update, PerfectStorm57!):

Getting Boar-ed?

As a hermit I try to avoid meeting people but sometimes it’s hard to find a place to be alone. When I reached this island in the middle of the ocean, I figured I was the only person around for miles. I soon realized this place is full of some of the craziest people I’ve ever seen! Why would anyone run around with a jar of water on their head? It seems dangerous, especially when there’s an angry boar out to get you. I’m going to monitor the situation and see what I can find out.

0_o That boar is.. uh, creepy-looking.  This post is probably a sneak peek of Reality TV.  That jar looks about the same size as that poptropican. 0_o How can she carry that?  Well, remember in the when they said you will be competing or something like that?  This race is probably one of the things you will compete in, and I have to say that I would not like to be chased by a boar with a jar the size of me. xD

By the way, news in the Poptropica Help Forums say that the PHF has been featured in TV!  Could this be true? 0_o Check this thread for more info:!!!!!!

This is all for now! 😀

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Poptropica Help Forums

Are you a devoted Poptropica player looking to step in there and meet new people? Join our ever-growing community of hyper and random Poptropica players at the Poptropica Help Forums (PHF)! Managed by PHB member Coderkid, the PHF is a great hangout for Pop kids to get to know each other – and even better, there’s room for off-topic conversation!
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The PHF - a great hangout for all Poptropicans!

Some great features include:

  • Request Centers – Ask for Poptropica help or even get a talented artist to create some graphics for you!
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  • Give suggestions/ask questions to make the PHF and Poptropica better places!
  • Keep track of the latest (and most awesome) events with the Poptropica Updates or News & Announcements subforums!
  • Manage your own profile and private messages from friends!
  • Meet someone new each week with ”Meet a Member”!
  • Talk about anything (appropriate, of course) – your life, books, TV shows, games, etc.

…And lots more! So come on down and join in the fun! :mrgreen: