Overview of Poptropica Glitching


For as long as players could obtain cool costumes, Poptropica glitching has been used to give people a leg up when it comes to awesome account alterations. What exactly goes on in the underground world of Poptropica glitching? Here’s an overview from the PHB.

Early Glitching Era (2008-2010)

Put simply, a glitch is something that is not supposed to happen. There are bad glitches: for example, when you know you got an item during an island quest, but it’s gone the next time you log in. Those are the bugs people report to Poptropica to have them fixed. But hold on – that’s not the type of glitch we’re talking about. We’re just getting started!

When it comes to “good” glitches, we don’t want them patched. These types of good glitches are exploits unintended by Poptropica, but found and used by players to make unallowed alterations to their accounts or gameplay experience.

Some of the earliest major examples of such glitching came from a Poptropican known as Codien, whose knowledge of Poptropica’s inner workings allowed him to offer some cool costume parts to fellow players in the community. From bushy beards to monster marvels, for the first time ever, Poptropicans were able to enjoy some uncostumizable costume parts (known as rares) through PHB giveaways!


Tools & Dummies (2010-2012)

Another well-known early glitcher was Coderkid, also known as Motionman95. Using his then-active Poptropica Help Forum (PHF, a branch of the PHB) as his promotional space, Coderkid created and announced several Poptropica projects that would allow players to perform various cheats. In order to do this, Coderkid used his knowledge of coding and Poptropica files to code his various tools. While the tools are no longer available, they will be mentioned here for posterity’s sake:

  • Beat ‘Em All: select the islands you want done, and a click of a button would apply the medallions to your account.
  • iCostume: offered a new rare costume every so often, and a click of a button would apply the whole outfit to your account.
  • Modify A Poptropican (MAP): scroll through rare costume parts for your character, and a click of a button would apply them to your account.
  • Custom names: While not a tool, Coderkid was able to give away several custom names as prizes in a PHB contest.

For a while, it was also possible to create dummy accounts through requesting from the few who knew how. These were mannequins you could Costumize everything from, including handheld items. However, they can no longer be created, and any that remain will become normal Poptropicans if they are ever logged into. The PHB has some dummies listed on our Friend Finder page if you’re interested.

Yet another form of Poptropica glitching around this time came in the form of teleportation tools, which allowed you to teleport to certain areas of islands as well as some old advertisement rooms (useful for getting retired ad prizes). These no-longer-working tools included PopLaunch by Adiboy, PopTravel by ScripterKid, and the Poptropica Ad Transporter by ScripterKid and 64MCY.

Glitch Trading in the Black Market (2012-2015)

As more rare items leaked throughout the Poptropica community through various breakthroughs and limited edition items became rarer with the passage of time, collecting rare items became status symbols among many Poptropicans. Sometimes, the fashionability of an assembled costume didn’t even seem to matter. To collectors, all that mattered was the pursuit of the uncostumizables.


With the advent of methods like the Avatar Studio Glitch (commonly known as ASG), SUI (Sound-Updated Island) Costumize Everything Glitch (CEG), Friend CEG, and so on, those who knew how to operate such tricks would use them to obtain rare coveted items for themselves or to trade. Glitching became a whole industry.

On places like the PHC (the PHB chat), exchanges about who had what costume part and how to get it were hot topics among aspiring collectors, for which this became a hobby. Trading was the solution for spreading rare parts: if two parties had a rare item that the other wanted, they could perform a trade to give each other what they were looking for.

However, trading in the black market of uncostumizables (for that was what it had become) involved trust that was unfortunately sometimes broken. With scammers not holding up their end of the trading deals, as well as hackers getting into people’s accounts to take rare parts, the art of “glitching” had become a bit of a risky activity. Some Poptropicans even quit the game over all the cheating and scamming that went on.

These were greedy times, when there was a huge gap between “rich” and “poor” (in terms of how many rares one had), but over time, the gap began to lessen as more rares were leaked through the spreading of methods and generous giveaways. However, it wasn’t always glamorous: at a time when many things were still rare, it was not uncommon for those who were “rich” in rares to curse at those who tried to undermine their status by giving away rares, which would of course render them less rare.

Despite the ugliness surrounding the art of glitching, many Poptropican rare-collectors were proud to call themselves glitchers, the term used to describe those taking advantage of such glitches.

Distributing the Goods (2015–beyond)

While the black market of glitch trading had become a dangerous place for many Poptropicans, filled with the drama of who hacked who and what coveted item had gotten leaked, it wasn’t the end.

Some kinder Poptropicans would take it upon themselves to share their knowledge of the glitching world and freely give away ASG-able accounts and other info. Well-known examples include Mashimai’s Poptropica Glitches & Cheats Help YouTube channel, which posts many videos of ASG accounts, as well as Keith Sammut’s website, which offers a plethora of glitching info. Even the PHB had a long list of ASG accounts on our Glitching page.

Our biggest breakthrough yet came in 2015, in the form of a secret method shared with us (the PHB) by a retired player who called himself Dr. Snowball. Using this method, we have been able to obtain just about any Poptropica costume part in existence, give new accounts custom names, and more. With this method being so powerful, we decided it was best not to share it with the public – not only would it possibly get patched, but it could also be abused in the wrong hands.

However, we still wanted to do something with it, so our plan has been to share the goods but not the secret. After lots of hard work collaborating with experienced glitchers Red Lizard, Zerror, and Grumpy Wolf, on Christmas Day 2015, the PHB released the Avatar Studio Gift: a collection of ASG accounts filled with rares that looked good in all their glory. It comes with instructions! Check it out!

ASG gift

Not long after, we also released the Custom Name Genie, where we use the same secret method to create custom names on new accounts (unfortunately they do not work on pre-existing accounts). This service continues to run today with the help of Keith Sammut, Red Lizard, Grumpy Wolf, and Zerror. If you’re interested, fill out the form on our Cheats page and you’ll receive your request soon!


In early 2016, a tool known as iPop was made for the Poptropica public by Santorno. With iPop downloaded, users can easily modify their Poptropican account to their liking. iPop can add any items to your account, add any clothing features to your character, give you a 5-star battle-ranking, and more!

This highly efficient tool is still in use and the PHB can vouch for its credibility. You can download it here, and if you need further instructions, check out the PHB’s Glitching page.


With these distribution services, the Poptropica Help Blog hopes to allow more players to enjoy amazing otherwise-unattainable items and creative custom names without the risk and ambiguity that once plagued the Poptropica glitching world. Using unconventional glitches to get cool stuff may not be what Poptropica intended, but Poptropica wouldn’t be the same without their glitching community.

Maybe glitches aren’t so bad after all. 😉

for more Poptropica goodness, check out our Pop Plus page! 🙂



41 thoughts on “Overview of Poptropica Glitching”

      1. The main glitch these days is the Avatar Studio Glitch (ASG), and you can find the instructions (along with lots of costumes to use it with) on our Avatar Studio Gift page! It’s pretty simple, and has been in use for a long time. 🙂

        While we’re not revealing our method, you can also enjoy the fruit of the glitchers’ efforts with the Custom Name Genie.

      2. You can easily change your poptropican name, I don’t understand why the PHB don’t want it to be released lol. It’s just editing your Char file when you make a new account, and your service is kinda useless. Oh, even if you release it can’t be patched (Unless poptropica changes their register function somehow)

      3. @chuck – It’s easy if you know how, which not everyone does. The reason we’re choosing not to release it is because we don’t want people abusing it to create inappropriate/offensive names or try to impersonate fellow members of the community – all the more reason to be cautious if Poptropica isn’t going to actively monitor it. Our service is therefore not useless.

  1. Hey, do you think you could get the red jeweled eye, from the man in arabian nights episode two? It would mean a lot. Thanks!

      1. thanks a ton, entripy!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!:) 🙂 🙂 🙂 🙂 🙂 🙂 🙂 🙂

  2. Is it allowed to have dummies as ASGs? Having the ability to customize anything would be like having a super power. A power everybody wants.

      1. They (the dummies) are not ASGs and not cloneable. Instead, to get their costumes, you add them as a friend and customize directly off of them. Everything on a dummy is customizable – that’s how dummies work.

      2. Dummies are just as easy as ASG they just require you to edit your eyeFrame using a program like iPop or .SOL.

  3. I think it cool to have a fantastic four shirt so I could make cool costumes. like mr fantastic with the elite sanity robots hair.

  4. Man, all these glitches are so cool! What I want to know is how did you get all those rare costume parts, using iPop might be difficult because some accounts don’t have them, and using the Costume Part list is really inefficient and almost impossible.

  5. You can’t customize eyes off of Poptropicans, except for a part that covers the eyes. That is why ASGs are useful. For anything else, I create dummies because you can customize a single part, but ASGs take your whole costume away. So get the rare eyes using ASGs and then make the dummies and use those the rest of the way to create a rare costume.

  6. Cool! wow cannot believe there is 1 side of playing poptropica where you are regular player and do not know any glitches do not know about the poptropica help blog and the community am pretty sure you get the idea. second side is where you are more advanced in poptropica you know the mini game tips and tricks you know the glitches and yeah you get the point.

  7. I’m not sure where to post this exactly, but I have a suggestion for iPop. Maybe next the creator could maybe put thumbnails of what the items look like? Because I have to go through the list of all the items and try them all out on my Poptropican to know what they are, and it’s somewhat monotonous… The names can be vague and/or confusing.

  8. I need help with a glitch that happen to me… i was at that friends place i customized some players but then when i went back to my island i was a girl! i had the long eyelashes and the long hair and now some of my costumes in my backpack are girl costumes. i cant get rid of my eyelashes please help!

  9. Man, it’s been ages! Just got nostalgic about Poptropica and decided to look up my name. I’m glad the glitching community is still alive (even though it seems like it went to crap when I left during 2010-2015), and that I’ll always have a place in its history. I was pretty young back then when I ran P.A.T… blast from the past!

    By the way, yes, I am the real 64MCY. I still have the P.A.T. Dinkypage favorited… lol

  10. Hi slanted fish, I have a question. I cannot get to the picture frames a, I have a question. I cannot get to the picture frames in shrink ray island. How do you get to then I tried the balloon what does static but I go down and not up!?

  11. Is there a reason why Ipop is not opening? I tried reinstalling it and everything but it’s not working. Even trying on a different desktop and computer won’t help! Please help!

  12. I think I know what caused the problem. The recent Windows 10 update does not allow me to open up Ipop, but after reinstalling it a couple of times it still won’t work. Any suggestions?

  13. the glitch has been patched because all of the non SUI islands were deleted so how do we glitch the items now?

  14. Hey you peeps sholud use modify a poptrpican

    type CyberJester to BECOME BINARYBARD I got all the villians that have been blocked

    so your welcome plus plz add more islands

  15. I can’t figure out how to install iPop on my MacBook Air 😦 Can anyone tell me what to do??

      1. That’s sad 😦 I’m bored at home so I started playing Poptropica again after 5 years and I have like no clothes or items.

  16. SF, can you tell me links of the old glitches. I want to use the wayback machine and see. And, wasn’t Dr Snowball Ben Chow’s brother?

    1. I don’t have links on hand, but perhaps you can do a search for them on the PHB and on Google. However, I don’t know that the wayback machine would save the coding, especially as browsers stop supporting old code over time.

      Also, I wouldn’t have info on who Dr. Snowball is related to.

      1. OK, I found them but they are “dinkypage.com” so I can’t se them. When I used the wayback machine on keith sammut’s website, in 2016, there was this story about ben chow. basically, ben chows account got hacked by FS. Then pixel saved his account by copying the rares onto a clone. then she told ben chow the password. then ben chow was working with people who wanted his glitching secrets. so, he quit poptropica. dr snowball shared his method with you. so yeah.

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