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Always wanted a beard?

Sponsored by the PHB

Styling of hair has been a big thing in Poptropica for the past years. But as of yet the creation of a beard has not been a hit. Whether it’s that pre-pubescent children just cant manage to sprout a few hairs on their chin, or 8 – 15 year olds can’t even get the option to customize those golden bearded curls.

This will all change due to the new product by Codien called ‘Spray on Beard’. A beard in a can, how remarkable, just point cans nozzle towards ones desired area and press down firmly. Instant beard.
A quality product tested by profound scientists, they all agree  it’s safe to use.

Here’s what a random tester thought, “The perfect thing i need for my Poptropican. It’s Great”.

Codien is giving you the chance to get a beard just in time for Christmas. Only 30 45 will get one so head over to his blog now to enter. Hurry, the competition ends on Friday, December 11th!

Good Luck!

In other news…

  • Happy Thanksgiving from the PHB to you! Thanks to all of you for visiting our Poptropica site! ^.^ Here’s a picture designed by the Poptropica Creators for this very special holiday:
  • There’s a new Phineas and Ferb advertisement mini-game on Main Street for all ages. Thanks to dancingstarlet for the update.
  • Please welcome Green Seal to our Poptropica Help Team! She’ll be helping the PHB make posts about Poptropica news and updates. 😀

116 thoughts on “Always wanted a beard?”

      1. Mrs. Imposter (Sparkle Star), lady (or manlady if you prefer), I normally don’t comment on the PHB, but I really had to say this:

        Your IP address is recorded when you post a comment, and that IP address can be used to contact your ISP (your company that gives you Internet access) and your entire account could be suspended.

        In other words: what you did was a no-no. 😉

      2. Exactly. Seph is right. We know your not the real GS.

    1. FYI: Why I know that is NOT the real Sparkle Star/Green Seal:

      1. Sparkle Star would usually be “Sparkle Star/Green Seal” instead of just “Sparkle Star”.

      2. SS/GS is kind (all the time) – not insulting. She wouldn’t be so nasty all of a sudden.

      3. The link from Sparkle Star’s name only leads to Poptropica’s homepage, whereas the REAL SS/GS would go to her own blog.

      Even after the real SS/GS posted that she didn’t make such rude comments, I just wanted to post this. I was just bored so I posted anyway.

    2. Here’s a thought –
      Ban this impersonator (when you find out whoever he/she is) from the blog. FOR GOOD. So that they won’t impersonate any other new PHB members in the future. I hate impersonators. It is fraud and it can be a crime.

    1. Okay First of all, THAT IS NAWT GS I know GS and someone is an impostor. GS would never say that. Trust me I know.

  1. Awesome always wanted a beard!
    If I do win this willl be the first time I one the phb contest!!!!!!!!!

    It may be suprised I never win anything…

    Hijuyo: Good luck, Poptropica Dude!

  2. A beard with blue stripes on it would be so cool!

    Hijuyo: Remember, you need to comment on Codien’s blog to have your entry counted for the competition! 😉

  3. I would most definatley want a beard, I’ve never won one of these contest, so it would be nice if I won. So hears my idea, a beard, that is pure gold, but with neon green vertical stripes, and PINK polka-dots, along withhhhhhh, horizontal bright blue stripes.

  4. A beard?! Coolio! Would we be able to us the ‘Spray on Beard’ on other people, like in Multi-player rooms? That’d be cool.

  5. Technically MAP hasn’t been released yet except for a few select beta-testers (like me). Unfortunately, I no longer have the link for *cough* reasons… *cough*

      1. Hey, that is very innapropriate! I’m a ninth grader, but that is even offensive to me. You shouldn’t be making rude generalizations about people. Actually, you shouldn’t be rude to people at all. I don’t know what you have against fifth graders, but you should apologize for your behavior. I was once a fifth grader, and you were once a fifth grader, too, so does that mean you were a loser and I was a loser? No, it doesn’t. We are judged by our character and our actions, not by something as silly as what grade we’re in.

      2. I agree. I don’t think GS would be so rude for no reason. She seems nicer than that! It’s more than likely a very mean person who wants to steal her identity and tarnish her reputation. But we aren’t buying it!

      3. FYI, you ARE AN IMPOSTER! Sparkle star would use perfecto grammar not txt talk on PHB, I think. More details to support my persuasive essay of, “You are the Imposter of GS/SS.” I should make a story on this…

      4. Everybody was a 5th grader once. Or they will be. Please stop this.

      5. Get out of here. Your name even says you are a FAKE. You ain’t going to fool anyone anymore.

        Hijuyo: The imposter’s name was originally ”Sparkle Star”. I added the ”FAKE” label to prevent confusion.

  6. OMG thats codiens i thought it was motions i sooo totally want a beard u dont have to make an account for codiens blog 🙂

    1. Exactly PopDude! I know GS. GS is nice, not rude, obnoxious and name-calling. EVERYONE WHO THINKS THAT’S THE REAL GS, THANK AGAIN. FYI, she probably gave her email out to whoever the imposter is. Hijuyo, I know you know that is an imposter. She wouldn’t make fun of 5th graders. She ain’t a bully. She’s a 7th grade, cheese loving, nice, kind, respectful, and non-namcallin’ person. I rest my case.

      ~Happy Storm

      P.S. I’m a girl so no beardy for me thank you very much. I rest my case a 2nd time. 😀

  7. That is a definite fake GS, or atleast hopefully. There is a way to make it so the avatar appears of that user if you just put there email in the box. That way anybody could make a fake person if they just know there email. Infact, I use my own email to make my avatar appear xD.

    Probably a fake GS that doesnt want her to work for the PHB. For some reason, I suspect this one person… not telling who.

  8. Yeah, and you if click on Green seal’s name you’ll lead to PoptropicalThunder’s Blog.Sparkle star says Poptropica.So I wish the”imposter” discussion would lead to an end.So….Cheese cookie?

    1. Green Seal/ Sparkle Star is very nice! Besides, she is more better than I am.
      Her blog is great as the PHB! Poptropica Help Blog’s team is So lucky to have her! Did I ever say welcome? Just in case….WELCOME GREEN SEAL! Well, I guess the imposter is jealous of her. Well, she’s independent! 😉

  9. Please ignore any comments from “Sparkle Star.” It is not the real Green Seal at all, as she is so much more sophisticated and well-mannered. 😉 Also, Green Seal’s real username is “Sparkle Star/Green Seal”, not just “Sparkle Star.” Just a heads up! 😀

    By the way, unfortunately I cannot edit or delete comments on other people’s posts. The best I can do is issue a warning. 🙂

    Also, in my humble opinion, I think that IMPERSONATOR should get a life. There is so much more to do in the world than attempt to ruin a new PHB member’s reputation. And fail miserably. ;D Just a thought. *cough*

  10. hang on, i should apologize to codien for us ruining his post with all of our imposter GS comments. im sorry codien. 😥

    really,i am.

  11. Thanks, guys, for standing up for me. 🙂 That was definitely not me saying those mean and rude things. It was an impostor.

  12. There’s a new Poptropica Creators’ Blog post called “A little getaway”. I posted it on my blog too.

  13. Welcome, Green Seal/Sparkle Star!
    Lovely header, Codien.
    Nice beards…But I’m a girl, so I prefer not to have a few hairs on my chin! 🙂
    I only just realised the snow is back.

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