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Yo! It’s Green Seal!

Be sure to check out Codien’s Spray On Beard competition!

Hi everyone!  As you can probably guess since I’m posting in this blog, I’m a new author!  =D Hijuyo invited me to this awesome blog, so here I am! 🙂 Some of you already know me from my blog, Poptropicalthunder’s blog, on the PHF, or just by my comments here.  Some of you, however, may not, so here’s some info about me:

I live in the USA, and I love Poptropica, helping others, and chatting. =D I love playing Soupwords or Paint War on Poptropica, and my poptropican name is –of course– Green Seal. 🙂  I hope to see you guys in Poptropica some day!  I’m 12 years old, in 7th grade, and my birthday is on September 12.  Oh, and here’s the most important thing you should know about me: I’m obsessed with cheese. =)

I’m gonna be posting updates on Poptropica on here, and I hope you’ll all like me *cough* and give me cheese cookies. *cough*

See you all soon,
Sparkle Star/Green Seal 😀

P.S. Thanks to everyone who congratulated me on the PHF. xD I really appreciate it. Thanks, Hyper Star, for being the first and is still congratulating me (See? I told you I would put you in the post. xD LOL.)

96 thoughts on “Yo! It’s Green Seal!”

    1. Green Seal, i am SOOO happy for you,really,u rock ans all, but…

      i am MAD at Hijuyo.i have ALWWAYS wanted to be an author,ever since the very beginning.i know, i dont update on the PHF,but thats because my computer is weird and the PHF doent work. but i find the newest things on Poptropica before ANYONE.and i didnt want to ask for the author job because i know that makes Hijuyo mad. but ive been here, commenting and wacthing authors come and go, trying to be helpful but not really,i know.

      so oh well. congratulations Green Seal. were all happy for you

      Hijuyo: Moonlight91, I can’t hire everyone who wants to be an author. The PHB does appreciate all their loyal, friendly, and helpful readers like you.

    1. BUT WAIT! Green Seal did you get my apology?cuz i really am sorry…really truly sorry.

      i mean i knew there was something wrong with the imposter,you know, because it only said SPARKLE STAR and the picture was to big and not as colorful

      also,i apologize to Hijuyo for being annoying.Im sorry Hijuyo.

      and(iknow this is off topic),i would like to apologize to codien for momentarily ruining his post with comments about the fake grreen seal.

      Will you all forgive me?

  1. Yes!!!! WOOT I new it! 🙂

    How bout we see you on the phb chat so hijyuo can make you a owner… *cough*
    I want cheese cookies too:smile:

    Also when I win the beard contest I hope mine has cheese crumbs 🙂

  2. YAY!! Congrats again, Green Seal,..Or Sparkle Star? Which do you prefer? How does Hijuyo spot these people? I wish I could be that geat of an author picker… WELCOME AND HAVE AN AWESOME TIME AT THE PHB!!! *gives cheese cookies to GS* Share some with Hijuyo!

    GS: I’m more used to Green Seal. xD You can call me Sparkle Star if you want, though. =D Thanks for da cookies!

    1. Okay, your welcome for da cookies! I bought them on sale at Publix! I told the bakery to make them as cheesy as poosible! XD

  3. Looks at cheese cookies then runs and eats them all then slaps his belly at everyone!

    Bwahahahahaa I king Cheese will rule the cheese ball shaped poptropica world!

    1. *Takes SOME cheese cake* Look how generous I am. XD Does the cheesy balloon only look like cheese, smell like cheese, taste like cheese, or all of the above?

  4. You’re in luck! I have cheez, cheez balloons, cheez napkins, cheez cookies, and cheezburgers! *gives noms* Welcome to the PHB!
    (> 0 0 )> Kirby wants my cheez!

  5. Congratz GS. I kinda figured you’d be on da PHB sooner or later. 😀 My predictions are correct! xD. Now to make another one…

      1. Same!! I’ll never be that lucky. The only time that I got lucky (okay, this really isn’t by luck, it’s probably by knowledge) was when I won a spelling compitition, and the last word I had to spell was a word I didn’t know, but I got it right and won. The only time I got lucky! I mean, I could have gotten that word WRONG!

  6. Awesome!! I loved your blog, and now you are on my favourite (no offence)!! Congrats! *Gives you cheese cookies* I’m obsessed with hobos. HHHOOOBBBOOOSSS!!!

  7. Hmm… I knew she was destined to join the PHB at some point… oh, what am I talking about? You are so lucky. This is so cool, since you help other Poptropicans. I try to help other people too, but maybe either I’m not that helpful, no one needs help, or someone’s already mentioned it. :/
    Ah, well. I wonder why these people suddenly get to be part of the PHB… yeah, I know. I’m talking nonsense.

    1. Um… thank you…?
      Okay, let me tell you one more thing.
      I MIGHT NEVER BE PART OF THIS BLOG!!! (even though I want to)
      *cries a bit*
      *throws tantrums*
      *screams, wails and howls*

      Ovenl’s brother says: SNAP OUT OF IT, SIS!!! It’s only a blog.

      Me: Only?

    1. yeah,congrats on making the gig.
      I’VE never made it
      but you deserve it. you’re popular,unlike little old ME

      Hijuyo: Everyone on this Earth is important. 😉

  8. Congrats, Green Seal! 😀 I have several Poptropican names, mostly Wild Wolf, Tough Skull, and Trusty Jaguar. See you around! -hands extra cheesy pizza and cheese spray- YAY FOR THE CHEEEEEEESE!

  9. YEEEEEEEEESSSSSSSSSS!!!!! GS I recommended you to Hijuyo!!!!! I KNEW IT!!!! YAY!!!!!! A fellow cheese lover has ARRIVED!

    1. I Forgot! Would you like some cheese cookies to SHARE with me? XD You have to share!

  10. =O Congrats, Green Seal!! Have an awesome time being a PHB author! You rock! For your present, I have….a whole basket of assorted cheeses!!!! =D Good luck being an author!!

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