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Comic Kid’s Cottage!

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Hey everyone! =) Comic Kid posted a new sneak peek of the new Counterfeit Island coming up! (Thanks for the update, Happy Storm!) It shows a cute little cottage, as shown below:

I’m not sure if the owners of the cottage would like having some poptropican by the name of Comic Kid in their house… xD  The title of the post was “A little getaway” by -of course- Comic Kid.  😛 The description in the post was:

While exploring more of Counterfeit Island, I saw a quaint little cottage just outside of town, that would be a great vacationing spot.

I wonder what the cottage would have to do with the plot of the island… oh well, we’ll find out soon. =D (I hope, at least. 0_o)

Anyway, you probably noticed the [TOTALLYAWESOMEANDCOOLANDAWESOME] snow falling when you view the blog.  😀 It looks AWESOME and helps to get you in that wintery mood. 🙂

If you’re ever feeling bored, you might want to check out the silly, random short stories created by some of the awesome people at the PHF chat.  (Note: all of them are completely fiction, and I did not actually smell grass. 0_o)

I think I overused the word “awesome” in this post.  Oh well, who cares?  Awesome is an awesome word. 😀

Awesomely signing off,

Green Seal xD

52 thoughts on “Comic Kid’s Cottage!”

  1. i dont get any credit? i was the one who told motionman95 about it!

    GS: Sorry, but I’m giving credit to whoever posts it on the PHF first, or who told me first.

  2. A play that suits the post.Enjoy!
    Comic Kid:Ahh, what a nice retreat.
    Shark Boy:This is my cottage!
    Director D:No, it’s mine!
    All creators:IT’S MY COTTAGE!
    Comic Kid:I made the post!
    All:Good Point.
    Comic Kid:Whew!
    Nice Post GS!

  3. Still nobody made a post or edit about the Night of the museum: Battle of the Smithsonian AD? Or did they and i missed it 😛

    1. BTW- ummm… when will Icostume be updated? The costume has been on for over a week.

      Hijuyo: CoderKid is in charge of the iCostume tool, so he’ll probably update it soon. 😉

    1. Me too Purple Heart! I believe i may even be the first person to comment my name back then was matias 888 i believe

  4. Wait OMG this isn’t a cottage master mime is in a diffrent outfit teaching the kids how 2 counterfeit

  5. Lol great post! I counted how many times you wrote awesome and it was 9 !( if only you wrote it one more time… 🙂 ) have an awesome day!( wow awesome really IS a good word lol!)

  6. I love the snowman costume! It looks so cute! And, most people don’t know this, but snowmen are very huggable! *Hugs snowman* Have YOU hugged a snowman today?

    1. The dark blue part of the background seems to be the silhouette for some large trees. The pale blue is probably the gap between the tree leaves showing the sky. 😉 Great observation, Serious Spider!

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