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Snow with a side of Ads :P

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New Poptropica Updates!

  1. New Side Ad! (Credit to Bobitator of the PHF!)
    There’s a new side ad on Poptropica, for the Cartoon Network TV show “Total Drama Island” (which I think is a VERY dumb show :P). SHAME Creators! Check out its picture below. It appears whenever you change scenes. Poptropica must really be getting up there if they’re getting money from Cartoon Network…O_o

    Credit to Setew2 for the pic!
  2. New Store Items! (Credit to Bobitator (again? O_O) and The Storm from the PHF!) Introducing the “Snowman” and er.. “Snow Fall”!
    Taken from the Creator's Blog

    The Snowman costume is a…well..Snowman. With the Snow Fall, you can brighten up your gaming experience! It causes snow to fall from the top of your screen to the bottom, which is really cool. I don’t think either is worth spending Credits on though.

    You can read the Creators’ Blog post about it here:

And that pretty much sums up this post! See you guys later,

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107 thoughts on “Snow with a side of Ads :P”

  1. Go Duncan! He is way better than Beth! Um yeah cool post xD

    Coderkid: You watch TDI? Oh wow…I thought you were more mature than that…

      1. Thank you guys for being nice to tda you make me very happy (mrgreen) Also i agree GO DUNCAN!!!!!!!

    1. motion that is sort of mean maybe you should keep your opionin to ur self, i watch the show to and it is funny to me (also i am going for duncan to) but still that was mean to say.

    2. Dude I watch CSI, Survivor, The AMAZING Race, and Discovery channel. I NEED MINDLESS ENTERTAINMENT DUDE. And I’m only 13. 😛

      1. i used to live inn aplace where it snowed alot but i moved and it doesnt snow too much and everyone at school freaked when i told them that it snowed nearly every day there

    1. Snowed here yesterday and I froze while walking the dog this morning…

      1. Some parts of Asia do have snow.

        It doesn’t snow in Hong Kong (where we live) though.
        But it’s snowing right here at the Poptropica Help Blog!

      2. It snows in New York City, like, 5-6 real times a year. Last year we got lucky and we had a day off of school. =D

        You know where it never snows? Bangladesh (I’m from there). It’s hot ALL OF THE TIME.

        And what about Russia? And Mt. Everest? It snows there (I think. O___O)

      3. You guys are lucky.Mt.Diablo is snowy like a blanket.Although it’s close to home, it only frosts here.

      1. I’m not saying that all of New Zealand doesn’t snow, just the city where I live in New Zealand doesn’t snow. Ever.

      1. You know some of us haven’t hit our pre-teen years yet.So any of you TDA & TDI and TDP( made that one myself 🙂 )haters want to share your hates, save them for yourself.You could really hurt someone’s feelings.

  2. I don’t like TDI either! You know, Cartoon Network has been sponsoring Poptropica for a long time… Remember the Clone Wars side ads? But Disney has been sponsoring longer… probably more money too, because there are all thsoe Disney minigames!

    1. It snowed here a long time ago and I hate it! Be lucky, snowless people! It snowed on…. October 5! There’s been freezing cold weather ever since! BRRRRR!

      1. Yeah, one year we didn’t have ANY and I kind of wanted some, but trust me, it gets OLD after awhile. Especially when like now. There’s about 4 inches of snow and it’s freeeeeezing. Okay? You can’t even make a decent snow angel.
        I’m not immature for making snow angels, :0 if you think so. I have proof! I hate TDI/A or whatever! Hahaha I’m mature (sort of). Oh my goodness I think I’m higher than a kite.

      1. LOL Motion. xD I never heard of that show before until now, but it’s it TDA, not TDI? Where do you get the I from? 😛 Also, cool post!

      2. Still not makin me feel better 😦

        Coderkid: Sorry. But I won’t say I like it because I’d be lying…

      3. Oh, I think I know… if I am correct there is a new show called Total drama action, I think. I saw adds for it on cartoon network. (I never watch it anymore, I always watch nickelodeon in the short time I watch TV. I barely ever watch it anymore because I am always on the computer.)

      4. I’ve heard of it but never watched it. It seems dumb.
        PS: Sorry to people who like it…

      5. TDI/A is SOOO omg innapropriate why would you like cheap cartoon like that HELLO THERE ARE BETTER THINGS TO WATCH

    2. I never get snow in my city in New Zealand! I mean, never! I can’t make a snow angel. I’m already 10-12 and I’m probably too old for making snow angels even though I’ve never done it.
      BTW, no offence, but I like Disney better than Cartoon Network. I mean, Disney has Club Penguin! And I like to watch Kim Possible and American Dragon (those are two of Disney’s TV shows). I hate TDA too.

      Hijuyo: The thing is, though, Disney bought Club Penguin. CP was actually made by New Horizon Interactive. 😉

    1. I think that is so dumb. I didn’t even watch the stupid show and was SO excited for it to END! Then they had to drag and drag and drag the show out forever and ever and ever. I feel so bad for the people that like it! I’m so sorry that the show wasn’t cancelled like it was supposed to!

  3. I’ve heard of Total Drama Island, but never actually watched it. The animation looks pretty weak, and from what I’ve heard, the humor is pretty weak, too. Sure, the show probably sucks, but that’s no reason to say people are immature for liking it.

  4. I never heard of TDI, except now. Probably because I hate cartoon network. I wouldn’t really be interested in the snowman/snowfall either.


    Coderkid: …o_O

    1. I’m sorry. It’s sort of fun… at first. But then the Winter Blues get to you and make you depressed. Sorry, I’ve think they’ve got to me. See?

      1. Yeah, snow is really fun at first, until your hands get so cold you think they might fall off, and then your legs get so numb you can’t walk normally and you trip over your own feet and fall head-first into the icy snow. You roll over and try to get up, but you’re wearing 4 sweaters, 2 long-sleeved shirts, and a puffy coat that makes you look like a marshmallow, and then 2 pairs of thermal underwear-pants with jeans over that, so now you’re so stiff, you cant even move. You get frustrated and start to cry. You try to get your sister to help you up, but she just laughs and gets pleasure out of seeing you struggle to get back up on your feet and throws snowballs at your face because there’s nothing you can do to stop her. By now, the snow where you’ve been laying is mostly melted and the melted snow soaks through your boots and chunks of ice push their way down the back of your pants. You lay their for another few minutes before your mom finally hears you screaming and runs outside to help you up. She takes you inside and makes you a hot bowl of chicken noodle soup and some hot chocolate with marshmallows. THE END!! The moral of the story is, you’re probably better off without snow anyways. ;P

  6. I’ve never heard of that show before. Doesn’t sound like it’s worth watching. The only cartoons I ever watch today are The Simpsons. LOL

    1. I watch these cartoons:
      Kim Possible (Disney)
      American Dragon (Disney)
      Phineas and Ferb (Disney)

      And some more cartoons which I have forgotten their names for some reason.

  7. 😦 😦 😦 :X 😦 😦 😦

    You dont have to say u like TDA But can you atleaset stop ins;ting it? Pwetty Pwease?

      1. Total Drama POPTROPICA.(ruffles paper)Oh, here’s a little scene for TDP I wrote:

        Bendy Pelican:Welcome to Total Drama Poptropica!
        Tiny Banana:I can’t belive I signed up for this.
        Red Panda:Yeah, I wanna g-

        Well, looks like I should finish now, shoudn’t I?

  8. ugh I hate that show.It’s an animated reality TV show, how dumb can kids honestly get? Bad creators, BAD BAD!

    Sorry if it offends anyone, i just like speaking my mind 😛

  9. Disclaimer: The views of Motion/Coderkid do not completely represent the views of the PHB as a whole. When you are contemplating who to sue, only sue Motion/Coderkid since he is the only one who actually offended you. Thank you. Oh, and don’t forget to drink milk.

    Coderkid: SUE?! Dang that would explain the mail…:P Thanks Smockies…

  10. OMG!!! I came up with that Snowman Costume idea a long time ago! I think the Creators read my comment! =D =D =D
    And now it’s up here.

  11. To everyone who was all like “O MAH GAD CODAKID U SO MEEEN”

    I never said you had to agree with me, or that I’d kill you if you didn’t. *hides knife* So if you watch it, I don’t really care…*hides AK47* JK PEOPLE!!! If you watch the show that’s completely fine…I’m just saying that I don’t like to watch it.

    I just thought that it was a really immature show…but then this is coming from someone who usually watches CNN 😛


    Jake: “Thanks Nancy. Today there was a BLAH BLAH in BLAH BLAH BLAH BLAH, BLAH BLAH. Officials say that BLAH BLAH BLAH, BLAH BLAH. The US has BLAH BLAH BLAH BLAH.”

    Me: *snore*

    1. Whatever. I don’t get the whole inner evil thing. But has anyone seen the trailer for TDM? If so, whom do you want to win?

      P.S I’m so glad that Duncan won TDA, he is my favorite. My next favorites are Chris and Chef. My least favorite character is Courtey. She is such a pain. She had toooo much power in TDA.

    1. Wow, I take that back, I’ve been watching Total Drama ever since last year, and I love that show!

  12. CNN rocks. you forgot

    And now ted with the weather

    Ted: thanks James, today is going to be blah blah blah with a slight chance of blah blah blah and also look out for falling blah blah bah.

  13. I hate to agree with coderkid but TDI isn’t that good. besides I already have a fav show SPONGEBOB SQUAREPANTS!!! 😆
    oh and BTW CNN is awesome!

  14. coderkid’s rite, TDI is SUPER DUPER immature. (i can tell by the ads, and anyway, cartoon network has some really immature stuff anywayz)
    CNN is cool. whoever watches CNN rox!!!

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