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To infinity and…Poptropica?!

Post Update II: New PCB post.

Wednesday, March 10, 2010

When in Athens…

He’s looking at me like I’M the weirdo!

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The one and only Hazmat Hermit at 11:23 AM

The image file name is Satyr.

Post Update: Poptropica in the news?! (Credit to Deathstalker from the PHF.)

PHF member Deathstalker recently uncovered this article on Poptropica, written by the Herald Journal. (Click here to read it)

The article, besides including a lot of information that gives us insight into what goes into making Poptropica, gives us the low down on who are its Creators. Much of the information we already knew, thanks to the work of our top stalkers.

Speaking of stalkers, the article even drops a quote from Leary, directed at the stalkers:

“The site may be a big business with millions of fans, but “for us were just having fun,” Leary said, despite the legion of “12-year-old stalkers” who constantly write letters wanting to know when the next “island” will come out and what it will be like.” – from “A world on the web – Logan design team makes cartoon idea a (virtual) reality (Poptropica)”

Ahem, Mr Leary – I’m not 12. Don’t force me to call your house again.

Another great thing about this article is the photography, specifically the pictures – which can be seen below.

He's watching. Always. And so is Shark Boy.

Jordan Leary poses (who’s bad!) with Shark Boy.

When Jordan speaks, everyone listens. Except those two guys behind him. They just keep working. Or whatever they're doing.

The Creators at work? o_O

Anyway, this is a great article – once again, you can read it here. Be sure to let us now what you think in the comments! =D

– – – –

Hey guys! Long time no post, eh? 😛 Anyway, check out this mysterious costume I found:

Buz Lightyear visits Poptropica
Buzz Lightyear? O_O

In the Avatar Studio:

Can you say “Toy Story 3 Ad”? I know I can!

Me: Toy Story Three A-
Me: You betta recognize! (o_O)

Anywho, this looks like a costume from an upcoming Toy Story 3 Ad, which, BTW, is THE BEST MOVIE EVA. 😀

Who's your daddy? Buzz is. =D

The best part about this costume happens to be the wings – they retract in and out so wickedly!!! Besides, who can get enough of Buzz Lightyear staring at you with a look that says “I own you. And yes –  I am the bomb. *muscle flex; manly grunts*”? The bad part is the fact that you can’t fly with them. 😦 Trust me – I tried at the Mountains in Time Tangled. Lets just say Buzz isn’t going to be going to infinity…or anywhere else, for a while.

To wrap up this post, I leave you foolish mortals (MUHAHAHAH *ahem*) with this trailer for the upcoming Toy Story 3 movie:

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Snow with a side of Ads :P

PHB Notice: Don’t forget to participate in our awesome competition for a chance to win a beard for your Poptropican character, ending December 11th. So be quick about it!

New Poptropica Updates!

  1. New Side Ad! (Credit to Bobitator of the PHF!)
    There’s a new side ad on Poptropica, for the Cartoon Network TV show “Total Drama Island” (which I think is a VERY dumb show :P). SHAME Creators! Check out its picture below. It appears whenever you change scenes. Poptropica must really be getting up there if they’re getting money from Cartoon Network…O_o

    Credit to Setew2 for the pic!
  2. New Store Items! (Credit to Bobitator (again? O_O) and The Storm from the PHF!) Introducing the “Snowman” and er.. “Snow Fall”!
    Taken from the Creator's Blog

    The Snowman costume is a…well..Snowman. With the Snow Fall, you can brighten up your gaming experience! It causes snow to fall from the top of your screen to the bottom, which is really cool. I don’t think either is worth spending Credits on though.

    You can read the Creators’ Blog post about it here:

And that pretty much sums up this post! See you guys later,

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