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To infinity and…Poptropica?!

Post Update II: New PCB post.

Wednesday, March 10, 2010

When in Athens…

He’s looking at me like I’M the weirdo!

avatar image

The one and only Hazmat Hermit at 11:23 AM

The image file name is Satyr.

Post Update: Poptropica in the news?! (Credit to Deathstalker from the PHF.)

PHF member Deathstalker recently uncovered this article on Poptropica, written by the Herald Journal. (Click here to read it)

The article, besides including a lot of information that gives us insight into what goes into making Poptropica, gives us the low down on who are its Creators. Much of the information we already knew, thanks to the work of our top stalkers.

Speaking of stalkers, the article even drops a quote from Leary, directed at the stalkers:

“The site may be a big business with millions of fans, but “for us were just having fun,” Leary said, despite the legion of “12-year-old stalkers” who constantly write letters wanting to know when the next “island” will come out and what it will be like.” – from “A world on the web – Logan design team makes cartoon idea a (virtual) reality (Poptropica)”

Ahem, Mr Leary – I’m not 12. Don’t force me to call your house again.

Another great thing about this article is the photography, specifically the pictures – which can be seen below.

He's watching. Always. And so is Shark Boy.

Jordan Leary poses (who’s bad!) with Shark Boy.

When Jordan speaks, everyone listens. Except those two guys behind him. They just keep working. Or whatever they're doing.

The Creators at work? o_O

Anyway, this is a great article – once again, you can read it here. Be sure to let us now what you think in the comments! =D

– – – –

Hey guys! Long time no post, eh? 😛 Anyway, check out this mysterious costume I found:

Buz Lightyear visits Poptropica
Buzz Lightyear? O_O

In the Avatar Studio:

Can you say “Toy Story 3 Ad”? I know I can!

Me: Toy Story Three A-
Me: You betta recognize! (o_O)

Anywho, this looks like a costume from an upcoming Toy Story 3 Ad, which, BTW, is THE BEST MOVIE EVA. 😀

Who's your daddy? Buzz is. =D

The best part about this costume happens to be the wings – they retract in and out so wickedly!!! Besides, who can get enough of Buzz Lightyear staring at you with a look that says “I own you. And yes –  I am the bomb. *muscle flex; manly grunts*”? The bad part is the fact that you can’t fly with them. 😦 Trust me – I tried at the Mountains in Time Tangled. Lets just say Buzz isn’t going to be going to infinity…or anywhere else, for a while.

To wrap up this post, I leave you foolish mortals (MUHAHAHAH *ahem*) with this trailer for the upcoming Toy Story 3 movie:

143 thoughts on “To infinity and…Poptropica?!”

      1. WOW! that is SOOO crazy! it really is mythology island! ooh maybe he’s the god Pan! god of the wild

  1. Thats you, isn’t it Coder? If it is, and unless Coder has a time machine and plays future ads and islands and stuff like dat, there is a tiy story 3 ad! YAYZ! 😀

      1. Ok, I REEEEEEEEEEEEEEALLY hope there is going to be a Princess and the Frog one! You know, because of the DVD. Heh, “Y’all from Shreveport?”
        Ah, yes, good ol’ Ray. Just for those who don’t know, Shreveport is a city way up north in Louisiana. And well, it takes place in New Orleans, a really southern Louisiana city. For those who saw the Oscars, CAN YOU BELIEVE LOUIS SAT ON NAVEEN!?!?!?!??!

    1. I know who my dad is (hint: not the plastic guy with the fake wings).
      Sorry,but the label on that picture is just wrong on so many levels.Do i look plastic,huh?

      1. No hatin’ on the haters. 🙂
        But seriously, let’s all be friends. I have….shall we say….personal experience with such matters. *aHEM*

    1. Buzz Lightyear is not my favorite. I am more of a Star Wars person.

      Also, with your permission, Hijuyo, I have a short mini contest. If you delete this post, fine. It is ok.

  2. I am definitely playing the ad. Is it around now or is it coming? I am confused there.
    I think I’m going to have to wait until the movie comes out on DVD, but I want to see it soo bad!! People around here don’t have much hope for it as it’s a sequel and most of the time now, sequels are no good. I can name a thousand, but I won’t.

      1. I like Mr Potatohead. The grumpy guy cracks me up. Toy Story2, when they’re trying to cross the road to Als Toy Barn. “You’re not turnin’ me to a mashed potata,” XD

  3. My brother is gonna LOVE this ad! Cool! If Buzz is my dad, then does that mean…. GRAMPA IS ZURG?! :O


    Wait. Beyond infinity? But infinity is the boundary! The ultimate! Infinity is….well….infinite!

    Goodbye, Earthlings.

    1. yes, but you can’t go past infinity, think as infinite as a never-ending road, you can drive as long as you want, but you won’t get past it, theres all the numbers you can go past, then finally, there is infinity, which never ends, and you can’t get past!

  5. Don’t forget Woody. He’s awesome 2. By the way (don’t read this if you don’t want a spoiler) Andy chosen Woody to go to college with him, not Buzz.

    1. If some people don’t know that, they obviously haven’t really watched the movies. Woody has and always will be Andy’s favorite toy. I don’t really see that as a spoiler. Then again, I am awesome at predicting a movie’s ending.

    2. I know, but I think that he likes Woody and Buzz the same, so he had a hard choice picking which one he had to pick. and by the way(Fast forwards Toy Story 2) that in toy story 2 the sheriff tells woody Andy won’t take him to college. He was wrong.

      1. I think the Buzz Lightyear stuff (in Andy’s room in the original Toy Story) was all part of a fad, you loved it then, but not so much now. Woody on the other hand, being in a collection thing and all (as we see in 2), is something to be totally cherished, you don’t come across a collectible a lot. Yeah the sheriff was totally wrong, I wonder if the directors planned that…

  6. Speaking of strange outfits, I found this one vest with words on it… it was jean blue, open, and I don’t remember seeing it before. This costume is weird, too! Can you put it on the iCostume??? The weirdest part is the little squiggly stubble on the end of Buzz Lightyear’s cheek!But the wings would be DA BOMB!

  7. That newspaper artical is getting on my nerves… O_o And I mean suurree I sent Jeff a letter once or twice but that was just pleading for no membership… so does that mean I don’t count? Huh? 😀

    1. I sent Family Education Network a nice, formal, precocious email. I’m not a stalker or 12, and I don’t appreciate being called a stalker. So, Creators, if you read this, please take that BACK! 😐

      1. hahahahaha!!! ahhh… *wipes tear from eye* they called you twelve year old stalkers? hahaha wow you must have been bothering them. hahahahaha! sorry, i find that funny for some reason. BWAHAHAHAHA

      1. Why does that make you an idiot? I mean, I haven’t personally emailed them, but seeing as what happended to other membership websites…(club penguin :() its not a bad idea.

      1. Yup yup yup… SHUSH IT! Haven’t you heard she wnats to start over and STOP her “stalkerness?” =/

  8. GASP! In the picture with the two weirdo creator or whatever dudes in da background, you can see their computers! 😀 Well, the first one’s. It’s a brown building with an empty golden sign that they appear to be editing. Hmmm… stalking time! 😀

      1. Actually, it’s a brown building with a yellow haystack on top of it…maybe something related to farms?

      2. Not Nabooti, not RTV, and I agree about it being from Astro. Lemme see when it was made, and that can determine whether it was discarded from Astro, or from a new island. Plus, everyone seems to be forgetting…
        Underwater Island!
        No, not the mermaid paint pic, but there was actually a post sneak peek on da Creator’s Blog about it! If we forget it, the Creator’s will too!
        Update: All I’ve found is that he lives in Chicago… long story there. Either Chicago or Ohio.

      3. That wasn’t “underwater”, that was Poseidon’s castle. In Mythology. Hmm….it does kinda look like looks familiar. Hmm.

      4. I’m thinking it may be the little room where the hay sack is on Astro-Knights. Where the hover disk thing is. It looks a lot like it!

      5. Just noticed, it kinda has things that look like skyscrapers in the backround, and glass window below the hay, this might be that structure island! :O

  9. The person in the left back is Nate greenwall….
    Search his picture up on google images. XD I remember his pic from earlier posts.
    Jeff kinney is not there.
    Jordan Leary the front.
    The right is The fourth creator we have or haven’t uncovered… TO BE CONTINUED!

    1. It could be Justin Lacy (Hazmat Hermit), one of the Creators you didn’t mention in your comment. That is, if that’s what he looks like. 😛

  10. Guys! The other people are Branden Wolfe and Herald Journal, other creators! Just look at the captions at the dude’s blog or whatever! We now know who all the creators are: Nate Greenwall, Herald Journal, Branden Wolfe, and Jordan Leary!~Credit to me-Mathking

      1. You never know! There are people with very weird names in this world! And my name is Mathking- not like name dude or something.

  11. Oh Gawd I remember when you called him XD ROFL! It was hilarious on Gmail that day xP

      1. you called them? wow…no wonder they said that. you are one of kind, motion. 😉

      2. I once came SO close to finding the number of ALL of them at once… but it was blurred so I couldn’t see it… 😦 It was in one of the Creator’s Blog posts… does anyone know how to un-pixalate something???

      3. Hmm…what’s his number? xD You should have mentioned that you were 14. Then they would have said 14-year-old stalkers. ROLF….

    1. Giant Penguin / Dangerous Penguin, how did you make your character into dummy doing the handcuff thing? From the October glitch fest (I call it that because in October Pop was CRAZY) Also, the Buzz costume from the ad (I made a 6 year old account that’s a boy and saw it) is a bit different from yours… the action is a tiny bit different because the wings only go in, not flap, and there’s no hair.

    2. WTF how did you DO that? that is SOOO wickidly awesome!!! eek im gonna go NUTSO just thinking about it!!! that is really cool, Giant Penguin. 😀

      😮 :shocked:

  12. Wait a sec. On the site it says “the four-man crew led by 31-year-old Jordan Leary.” The FOUR-MAN crew. That means there are only 4 creators? WT?

    1. yes and it names 3/4 right there and the email gives the last name of the 4th one

      Hijuyo: If you meant Jay Patrick, that’s the author of the news article, not a Poptropica Creator. 😐

    1. i know, but that’s still pretty mean to say. 😡

      Hijuyo: That depends on whether you take the term ‘stalker’ as a compliment or insult. 😀
      Coskit: It’s a compliment to you? o_O 😀

      1. I always take those things as a compliment. I sent Mr.Leary a message, and at the bottom put ’11-year-old stalker. P.S. What is the next island after mythology?’ Just to be awesome 😉

      2. I think i understand why it’s a compliment to some.Stalker in this case means somone who knows ALOT about the creators.
        We all know alot about the creators.We pride ourselvs with that knowledge.So,stalker IS a compliment in a way.
        I hope i explained that well! 😀

  13. toy story 3 adverisement out right now contains the buzz light year costume, those weird three eyed alien things, and a toy soldier card for ages 7-11

  14. OMCOMCOMC!!!!! I saw the same thing in the 24 Carrot Multi-player room!!! Except it was Woody!!!!!!!! I didn’t get to customize it, though… DANG IT!

  15. The Toy Story AD is out! I wish the prizes were a little better though. The game itself is very challenging and takes a lot of patience. I wish they had Woody. Also, have you noticed that the prizes you win go away after you log out? I have to keep playing the AD all over again. Anyways, this AD is great for kids from 7-11. Even though I am 13 I still enjoy this AD.

  16. hahahaha lol
    “legions of 12 year old stalkers”
    🙂 thats funny
    and i think its a pretty good description.

  17. Okay, Toy Story ad – you have to buzz out of the rocket machine before sid (aka evile creature to toys) you have 60 Seconds to do get buzz out.Now on to the good stuff prizes boy: buzz costume , alien costume , and marching toy soldiers:ladys costume: Jessie costume ,lady alien suit and marching toy soldiers.

  18. It took me SO LONG to beat that thing… my computer kept freezing and the thingy wouldn’t go where I wanted it too!!! But, I did beat it. 😀

    1. The goat at the beginning of the post. I want the wooden clarinet in his hand! I wish they had a trumpet to put in your hand. That’s the instrument I play at school.

  19. ATTENTION!!! This is important! The SuperTV on RTV Island shows sneak peeks of hand-held items! The satyr post shows a horn, and I’ve seen that horn on the TV! I’ve seen other stuff, too…
    And, on topic, I wonder if we can customize the Satyr’s horns… and ears!

    1. I can’t wait till Mythology!!!!!!!!
      I’ll probably end up talking to Blubbarry(Aphodrite),though…….
      I’ll be gossiping about the new music room in no time. 😉

  20. Well, this is what we know about mythology islang: it will include Hades[god of the dead], it will probably include Poseidon[god of the sea], it will include at least 1 satyr[half goat half man], the minotaur[half man hald bull], a greek reasturaunt, and the the river styx.

  21. The PCB post is for Greek Mythology island, cuz a Satyr is like a Greek goat sorta thing. Look it up on Google.

    I want that horn thing that the Satyr has….

  22. By the way, I tried falling with style in Early Poptropica. To infinity, and beyond!
    Now if you excuse me, I need to go look for Coskit(previously known before as DaVinci), who I have suspicions about her as being Zurg’s Boss. To Infinity and Beyond!

    1. Hello, I have found a possible planet Coskit could be on. It’s what you natives call ‘Poptropica’. I will find you!*Zooms on ship to Poptropica*

  23. Jordan looks like my PE teacher.As you can see,that guy on the left looks like he’s editing Poptropica with Flash.
    12 year old stalkers,epic.:mrgreen:

  24. Wow…..Heres an idea. I think they should make a LBP ad!! (Lbp stands for little big planet) I LOVE lbp. And maybe, when you win teh challenge for the ad, you get a sackboy follower, and a sackboy costume! 😀

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