Two evil geniuses……one mini game. Can we do it? YES WE CAN!!!!

Two evil geniuses have entered Poptropica… what could be worse? Oh hi guys, just stopping in to say… NEW MINI QUEST! And new Einstein costume in the store, for 75 credits of course. If you get it, you can also read a chapter from the new book ‘Who Was Albert Einstein?’. (Isn’t he the guy that made E = MC2?) Here’s a picture:

Happy Birthday Einstein!

Albert Einstein was born March 14, 1879. To celebrate his birthday, there is an outfit that comes with a free chapter from a book about him called, “Who Was Albert Einstein?”
Now you can look just as smart as Einstein, as you think deep thoughts, and read about his life.To formulate a powerful equation, hit the space bar.
(You can purchase the full version of the book by Jess Brallier today! Click Here.)

Coskit: Einstein was born on March 14. 3/14. 3.14. The first digits of pi. Coskit’s (and Hijuyo’s) favorite number. I know…by now….314 digits of pi. Yes, 314 again. 😀

Neat Whale: Well, the Creators have finally opened up the new Dr. Hare mini quest that we have waited long for, even though that evil rude mind-controlling Dr. Hare is back anyway… but let’s get on with it… the quest costs 250 credits to play (CREATORS! WAY TOO HIGH!) the Haunted House quest was FREE! FREE I SAY! A FREE 50 CREDS!.. ..ok, ok, I’ll calm down now….. and here’s the guide that I wrote to help you all out:

1 – The quests begins! Jump up onto the rocks and ledges until you reach a metal-looking-ish thing with a Rabbot sign above it (that sign never stops scaring me) and a box of carrots on a rock near it (Not again!) Enter the building. Then you will appear in another metal looking room. Why all the metal, Dr. Hare. Just wondering. It makes your hideout standout. Get it?…Um ok yea moving on…

2 – Go right over a floating platform to the right, near an ad for membership (very nice, Dr. Hare. Ads. I love it.) Then you will come across a man with a pink eyepatch (not very manly sailor) pink lab coat (still not manly) and clipboard. Talk to him. He will tell you that you are in one of Dr. Hare’s secret lairs, he was a mind-slave of Dr. Hare, and that he made a very creepy looking robot to the right which will help him with evil plans. Again with the evil plans. Why not good plans? Why? Click on the robot cage to your right. You then say that you need three colored cards. Go back on the sliding-down thingy and go right once at the bottom. Click on the red Dr. Hare door.

3 – (This is beginning to seem a lot like the Race to Witch Mountain thing, huh?) Go right after the stupid annoying little laser like thing and get on the floating thing with a box. Then, let it pull you up until you’ve reached a platform with a red button at the end of it. Push the box onto the red thing. The blocked door above will open. Now, to get to the upper platform, go left and hide behind the carrot boxes from the guards (creepy looking right?) Then jump up, jump right, and get the red key card.

4 –  Now, go left above the bearded guard, and hop onto yet another floating platform with a box. When you come across another flooring, push the box onto it because it has the purple (purple is the best color in the world, just saying) button. Then go back on the floating platform and ride it up to the other platform with bearded guard on it, hide behind a box, and then jump up onto the now unlocked room with the purple card. (Purple is still awesome.)

5 – Now, go down down down. Below the entrance. Below the thing with more lasers. And ride another platform down where you have to hide behind another box from a weird person with an afro. A little farther over from you it the blue card slot. Now, ride the platform up again above the thing with lasers, and go to the edge. There should be a box at the end. Push the box off the end and it will smash on the ground near/on the blue switch. Push it onto it if it isn’t already on it. If you push it off the end like I did the first time, you’re dead and you need to start over. Now if it is on it, yaeeeey for you and run over on top of the other platforms with the lasers, onto the moving platform, into the room with the blue card, then you grab the blue card, scream with joy, ride the floating platform back up again, go out through the entrance… you get the main idea.

6 – Rush up to the top where the robot is, open it up with your cards, and–WHAT?! Only 50 credits?! RIP OFF CREATORS!! RIP OFF!!! And the costume only makes you a robot. Now where’s Dr. hare? I wanted to blast him off into space again because last time it was fun. Well? WHERE IS HE?! Wait he’s still in space? Awww mannn… 😦 Well that fun anyway zD

Hijuyo: Check out this sneak peek posted on the Poptropica Facebook page! It looks like it belongs on the upcoming Mythology Island. This sketch was filed under a photo album titled “The Making of Poptropica”, and the description says, “A palace fit for a king — or maybe somebody even more powerful than that.”


145 thoughts on “Two evil geniuses……one mini game. Can we do it? YES WE CAN!!!!

  1. muddydragon says:

    Okay, the ad is so lame. It’s the EXACT, and I mean EXACT same ad as Race to Witch Mountain. At least it gives you 50 credits at the end…

    By the way, if you guys haven’t noticed yet, you can costumize ANYTHING in this ad. Beards, the clipboard, ANYTHING. 😀

    • muddydragon says:

      Oh, and the Einstein costume is pretty cool. Stinks that the girls don’t get the stylish stache the guys do. 😛

      • enclosed lightning says:

        It’s very interesting to know Einstien’s B-day is PI-day.He deserves it for being smart!


      • Hijuyo says:

        Just a random fact, but Pi Minute (1:59pm) is celebrated on Pi Day/Einstein’s birthday (3/14) because of pi’s first six digits – 3.14159… 😀

        Interesting to see that Jess Brallier’s Who Was Albert Einstein? book is integrated into Poptropica.

      • lone bones says:

        big dissapointment in my book creators i honestly think it is not even worth buying with your credits (its a bit of a waste) but the dr hare mecha suit is pretty cool though

      • Ocean Clover♣ says:

        To Hijuyo: Jeff Kinney’s Big Nate Comic turned into an island, so, yeah…

        Hijuyo: The Big Nate comic is by Lincoln Peirce, and they probably had to buy the rights to use his ideas in Poptropica. 😛

      • Ocean Clover♣ says:

        To Scary Tomato’s Comment: No, at my book fair, there was a book filled with Big Nate comics, and it said the author was Jeff Kinney. 😉

        Hijuyo: There may have been a mistake, but Jeff Kinney doesn’t write the Big Nate comics. Jeff’s the author of the Diary of a Wimpy Kid books, and Lincoln Peirce is the author of Big Nate. 😐

      • Happy Fang says:

        The creators are so cheap! It costs 250 credits and you just get 50 credits!!!RIPOFF!!! The only high spots are the customizable beards. Also,if you get caught by the guards and that thing comes after you,if you run,It cant teleport you back!If you are being chased by the flying rabbit thing,a way to escape it is to run down to the pit on the bottom level and go down.It wont follow you and will still think you are in the pit!but if you come really close to it,it will chase you again.

      • Happy Fang says:

        Ifound another glitch! #1.Go to spy island #2.put on the grappling bowtie #3.go to Dr,Hare’s secret lair and enter it(you still have the bowtie but you cant use it yet) the customizer #5.exit the costumizer(the bowtie should seem to look like it works) #6.use the bowtie(instantly your bowtie will disappear and your tab will start to load alot) hope this intrests u! 😀

    • moonlight91 says:

      OMG i, like, just played it was just like the Witch mountain ad. but still fun. oh and its not geniuses, its genii, plural. 😉

      • moonlight91 says:

        Why are you guys always trying to prove me wrong? It’s not very nice, you know. And it hurts my feelings. Try being nice for once.

        The Einstein Costume is really cool,but I didn’t get it. Oh well.

        Hijuyo: Nobody’s trying to make you look bad. Silverwolf1 here was just explaining how your comment may have been misleading, which helps us all not to get confused over this particular word usage. 😉

      • Happy Storm says:

        He’s not trying to prove you wrong, he’s just correcting you. You learn a new thing from every mistake you make. 😉 😀

      • moonlight91 says:

        SilverWolf is a girl (i hope) and she went out of her way to correct me. I thought it was rude to correct someone older than you. Or maybe Im just overreacting. Meh, whatever.

        Hijuyo: Silverwolf1 wasn’t rude about it, and besides, just because someone’s older doesn’t necessarily mean they shouldn’t be corrected. 😐

  2. storm says:

    srry for so many comments but does the guard with the costumizable beard suppose to allow you to battle and chat with him after costumizing his beard

    • lone bones says:

      no you can just customize him and avoid running into him. because if you try to talk to him or run into him he calls out those un-named flying bunny drones which then if they catch you you have to start over and you have to do all that stuff all over again

      • Happy Fang says:

        you can escape the bunnycopter thing if you keep running!(tip: run to the pit on the bottom level and jump in,the bunny thing will not know where you are!)

  3. Ocean Clover♣ says:

    On that mini-quest…something spectacular happens…
    It’s true! I got a clipboard and a beard (yet, my Poptropican is a girl).
    What the… I just checked my Poptropica account, and my Poptropican’s battle ranking has gone WAY UP! Is something wrong with my computer? If so, I like it! 😀

  4. Coskit says:

    I edited your post, NW. Sorry…… But I corrected grammar and spelling and added a bit. Hope you like it……and sorry for the editing again.

  5. Giant Hawk says:

    YOU can chat with the mean dudes and customize their beards! Yay! I asked if he watched cartoons and he said “sometimes“!

    • anahappysword says:

      No,Hare is de evil person.Genius,no.

      Hijuyo: Dr. Hare is an (evil) genius. But even a genius can fail because we’re not all perfect. And that’s why we crashed Hare in space. 😛

      • lone bones says:

        just wondering because the title is “two evil geniuses” also in my personal opinion the creators could have done way better with that mini quest its barely a quest. as a matter of fact that is exactly like 2 past advertisements ex: race to which mountain

  6. Golden Shell says:

    Wait, Dr. Hare wasn’t even in it?!?!?! STUPID CREATORS! RIP-OFF!
    P.S. Oh, and Neat Whale, all I can say is, you’re right, it was fun blasting Dr. Hare off into space on the 24 Carrot Island quest. But wait….how can he still survive up there? Hmmmm….

  7. muddydragon says:

    This is awesome if you have membership. 😀

    You get the quest for free, get the 50 credits, and get to KEEP it, even after your membership runs out. 😀

  8. anahappysword says:

    PINK lab coat!! I’m totaly laughing! 🙂
    I swear that Hare might kill me with laughter cuz Ima laugh at all that pink stuff.I’m happy that Hare isn’t a real person in real life and I’m not actualy my character(s)-or am i?(i can’t tell… 0_0)??

    Anyways,da pink eyepatch is still making me laugh.Perhaps Hare has lil’sister who mind controls him on what color he likes???Sorry,da pink is jus too silly. 😉

    • Golden Hawk says:

      True. Most things in science are discovered, not made. The exception would be trigonometry in math. Still, Einstein deserves it simply for coming up with so many ideas. Think about it: modern physics wouldn’t be the same without him. Yes, I know, this has little to do with Poptropica.

  9. Bony Raptor says:

    250 credits for the same thing as race to witch mountain (which some can access with the Poptroportex for free) is just a lame rip off!!!!! I am SOOOOOOOOOOOO mad at the creators! they only gave us 50 credits and the game only took about 15 minutes. And what’s up with all the pink?!? I bet all they did was copy the earlier ad and change a few colors and characters. LAME.


    P.S. sorry, but I am still mad. 😦

    • Shy Lobster says:

      Me too! That is CRAZY! It was almost a total COPY of that previous advertisement! ***What a WASTE of 200 credits!!!*** 😡 And Dr. Hare wasn’t even IN the quest!!! How lame! The only thing good about this is that you can customize the outfits…but paying 250 CREDITS and only getting 50 for finishing it??? Come ON!

      • postopialucy says:

        I don’t believe it was a rip-off. I think it was a very good price to get such a deal!
        1. You can customize the beards off the guards.

        2. You customize a robot costume

        3. You can customize a Clipboard!

        4. You get 50 credits at the end.
        (that makes the price about 200)

        5. You can come back anytime to get any of the beards, hair, head gear, anything!!

        6. and You can just have fun, making Dr. Hare’s ear robot try to get chase you all over!!

        I believe it was a very good deal. Thanks Creators!!


      • nervous lizard says:

        Personally, I agree with Postopialucy, but it doesn’t really matter anyway, I got it with Membership! YAY Membership!

      • Happy Storm says:

        What about some of the people who DON’T want a beard (Heh, we girls have no need for beards and mustache, goatees, sideburns and such to look mature xD), clipboard (Have mah sword), robot costume (I am human), and DON’T want to play an old ad that was FREE(If it was free before then NOW it’s 200 credits to pay. Haunted House was better and it’s free.) before? 😐 I rest my case.

        -Happy Storm
        PFB Administrator
        PFB Owner

  10. apeakintomyamusinglife says:

    250. wowzah. i won’t be spending 250 anytime soon….I don’t hav any credits, im 2 lazy 2 make a new account and win a few islands, and I def. won’t spend money on credits. So, dosen’t sound 2 gr8 2 me 😦

  11. Mathking says:

    Where is the Einstein ad?

    Hijuyo: Poptropica’s Einstein isn’t an advertisement, it’s a Store item (75 credits). The Albert Einstein costume comes preloaded with the first chapter of a book about him. 😉

  12. Gentle Lion says:

    Hmmmm…… That palace looks like some kind of palace of the greek god Apollo. Why? Check out the music notes and the lyre. 😉

    • Hijuyo says:

      Interesting observation. If the palace belongs to a Greek god, that could explain the description where it talks about the palace being fit for someone more powerful than a king. 🙂

      • ME says:

        I thought the same.
        Ya know, I really like seeing these little drawings of what’s gonna be on the island. It’s pretty cool!

      • shaggy tornado says:

        Great minds think alike , cuz i was thinking of that 2! The update is cool. Speaking of that, how did you get it?

        Hijuyo: The king’s palace sketch/sneak peek was from Poptropica’s Facebook fan page. 😛

    • Coskit says:

      I agree with Gentle Lion and Hijuyo. It’s probably Apollo’s palace, and Hijuyo’s right. More powerful than a king indeed. It also means that some less powerful gods will be involved in this……. 😛

    • lone bones says:

      it could also be hebe the minor god of music’s palace(notice the music signs, and instruments all over the drawing of the palace)

      • vaati09 says:

        lol! All these ppl are talking al scientific and all then out of the blue you say “That castle is pwetty..” I can’t stop laughing. Good one!

  13. Tomzilla says:

    Sorry if anyone said this but you can costumize beards! :d (no Im not talking about store costumes)I costumized one gaurd at the Secret lab and I could costumize the beard! 😀

  14. Golden Rider says:

    Ok, I just want to say that the mini quest totally isn’t worth it. For 250 credits and only getting 50 credits back is a waste of credits. As for the new costume, I don’t know. Looks cool.

  15. Patman142 says:

    There was this one glitch on the hair on Einstein. When you put it on and put on another hair, press spacebar, and you will do what Einstein does except the E=mc2 bubble.

  16. Bendy hawk says:

    Hey all on the PHB! I learned a cool cheat with the Einstien costume! If you go on Super Power or Early Pop, you can think while flying, and you’ll stand still! Cool, huh?

  17. jaypop says:

    it seems weird how they post much-better stuff at the Faceboook page… 😀

    Hijuyo: Maybe they want feedback from their fans… and Facebook users can comment on their ideas. 🙂

    • Incredible Monster says:

      I think its weird, because most Pop players are kids and not a lot of kids have Facebooks.

      Hijuyo: Poptropica might be using Facebook to target their older audience. Besides, many underage kids use Facebook. 😐

  18. Giant Penguin / Dangerous Penguin says:

    I’ve got a glitch guys! If you beated that Dr. Hare Mission and you putted on the Einstein hair, go to Dr. Hares robot and customize the robot’s head, then press spacebar and lightning will light up on your Dr. Hare’s robot drone ears on you! 😀

    • Happy Fang says:

      I tried that out and turns out if you put on the robot hare costume anytime and press spacebar,the electric thing happens.

  19. Green Boa says:

    LOL! I found a cool glitch! if you vote someone off on RTV while you’re thinking… the head will show you with the tinking bubble, but the E=MC2 will be upside down! lol!

    • Green Boa says:

      seems there are lots of glitches for this new costume :O *thinks, trying to think of something different but ends up with E=MC2* lol

  20. sunset1624 says:

    I just noticed a new ad when I went on my youngest account. It’s called Diary of a Wimpy Kid. Inside the ad is a game. I won’t explain though =P
    But at the end you win this Cheese Touch. You can use it by clicking on a Poptropican and they are instantly covered by yummy cheese! xD

    • Friendly Coyote says:

      I love Diary of A Wimpy Kid! Me and my best friend read the first books in 8th grade! Lol. The cheese touch…that’s awesome!

  21. Green Boa says:

    It’s another money trap. Just like membership!:evil: you go in for 250 credits, thinking they’ll give you even MORE creds than that after, then they give you a dumb 50 CREDITS?! Then, you want to go buy credits with real money to regain your credits! Membership was OK at first, then the RTV disaster, membership was total badness, now the creators have struck the limit! It’s time for the rebellion! NO MORE MONEY TRAPS! NO MORE MONEY TRAPS! (sorry this comment is sooo long)

  22. Golden Hawk says:

    Waste of credits. Not that fun. I don’t even have enough so had to create a new account. Almost like Multiverse, I guess. Multiverse – to me – is almost useless unless you play Poptropica a lot. As far as I’m concerned, I’ll just save up for the Costume Collector. Or houses, if they really do get to it. I do like Einstein, but really, what’s the point of it?

  23. Happy Fang says:

    I have a quetion: What happens if you buy a limited edition costume with membership?What happens when the membership runsout? Do you lose the costume forever if your membership runs out after the costume has expired?

    Hijuyo: Yes, anything you get with membership will be lost when the membership expires. 😉

  24. Seth Bobitator says:

    I really hope the creators don’t screw up Mythology Island….

    If the creators are reading this, please make this the hardest island to complete, the coolest island, and the island with the most territory to explore! Its not hard enought if someone can complete it within 2 hours!

  25. PawPtropica says:

    Hi, I am on a different computer. I bought the Einstein costume by accident…. 😦 I clicked on it, then by mistake clicked get instead of cancel. That was a waste of 75 credits. I wish you could return things and get your credits back…

  26. friendly commet says:

    that was so boring. i can’t believe i bothered to buy it.
    its EXACTLY like the race to witch mountain ad.
    the only good parts were the creapy henchmen.

  27. Golden Rider says:

    I am not trying to sound rude but the post is wrong.

    Pi does not equal 314 but 3.14….. all those numbers.

    Sorry if this is rude but I am just saying

    ~Golden Rider

    Coskit: We understand that. However, we were playing with the fact that pi starts with the digits 3, 1, and 4 (not three hundred fourteen).

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