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Dial B for Bunny

Hey, I’m back! With projects, finals, and even summer assignments for high-school, I have been really busy and unable to post. Do not fear! Now that summer is underway I will have more time to post! (Seems like this is becoming a common theme, doesn’t it?)

Or should it be Dial B for Beta?

Now that the introduction is out of the way, we have our first official look inside the new 24 Carrot Island: Beta Carrotene and we get an explanation of what it includes (other than  a red-orange pigment found in plants and fruits, especially carrots and colorful vegetables 😉 ). We will be able to play with  features previously previewed such as the full screen, music and sound effects, and controversial new “navigation system” that appears to be the same as what is used in the common rooms. We do have to remember that since it is just in Beta that there will be features missing such as saving your game or using the customizer, but don’t fret, because these will be added back in later. Are you bouncing off the walls about this update, because I definitely am!

Dial M for Monkey B for Bunny

We also have our first look at the newest LEGO CUUSOO project prize. Our next code will give us the power to place these bunny ears on who ever we want! But wait, what would happen if we tried to put them on Dr. Hare? These styling bunny ears can be yours in under 100 more supporters, so if you haven’t yet, make sure to support the project!

You have to admit, you want to put some bunny ears on every one on 24 Carrot too.


Fionna & Cake video ad and costumes on Poptropica

Fionna and Cake

On Monday, February 18 at 7:30/6:30c, Cartoon Network is having a half-hour special of Adventure Time: Fionna & Cake! (It’s the gender-swapped version of Finn & Jake.) Watch the long video trailer on Main Streets (such as Zomberry or Shark Tooth) and at the end, you’ll receive a bonus costume prize for your Poptropica dude or dudette. Thanks to Mall Manager Clown for the heads-up.

Boys will get the Marshall Guitar of Love (pictured, left) and girls will get the Fionna Sword of Hearts (pictured, right). When you press the spacebar, for boys, your character plays the guitar and hearts will come out; for girls, your character twirls the sword… and, yup, hearts will come out. Enjoy your post-Valentine’s weapons of affection! 😀

UPDATE: Check out the new PHB article, Poptropica: Game Review! It’s listed under Cool Stuff.

Advertisements, Store

Snow with a side of Ads :P

PHB Notice: Don’t forget to participate in our awesome competition for a chance to win a beard for your Poptropican character, ending December 11th. So be quick about it!

New Poptropica Updates!

  1. New Side Ad! (Credit to Bobitator of the PHF!)
    There’s a new side ad on Poptropica, for the Cartoon Network TV show “Total Drama Island” (which I think is a VERY dumb show :P). SHAME Creators! Check out its picture below. It appears whenever you change scenes. Poptropica must really be getting up there if they’re getting money from Cartoon Network…O_o

    Credit to Setew2 for the pic!
  2. New Store Items! (Credit to Bobitator (again? O_O) and The Storm from the PHF!) Introducing the “Snowman” and er.. “Snow Fall”!
    Taken from the Creator's Blog

    The Snowman costume is a…well..Snowman. With the Snow Fall, you can brighten up your gaming experience! It causes snow to fall from the top of your screen to the bottom, which is really cool. I don’t think either is worth spending Credits on though.

    You can read the Creators’ Blog post about it here: http://blog.poptropica.com/2009/12/let-it-snow.html

And that pretty much sums up this post! See you guys later,

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