Fionna & Cake video ad and costumes on Poptropica

Fionna and Cake

Onย Monday, February 18 atย 7:30/6:30c, Cartoon Network is having a half-hour special of Adventure Time: Fionna & Cake! (It’s the gender-swapped version of Finn & Jake.) Watch the long video trailer on Main Streets (such as Zomberry or Shark Tooth) and at the end, you’ll receive a bonus costume prize for your Poptropica dude or dudette. Thanks to Mall Manager Clown for the heads-up.

Boys will get the Marshall Guitar of Love (pictured, left) and girls will get the Fionna Sword of Hearts (pictured, right). When you press the spacebar, for boys, your character plays the guitar and hearts will come out; for girls, your character twirls the sword… and, yup, hearts will come out. Enjoy your post-Valentine’s weapons of affection! ๐Ÿ˜€

UPDATE: Check out the new PHB article, Poptropica: Game Review! It’s listed under Cool Stuff.