Home Island

Since we’ve no place to go, let it snow ☃️

Hey Poptropicans, have you seen that Home Island is covered in snow? ❄️ It’s different from last year’s winter makeover — you won’t find any falling snow, random birds, or snowballs to grab.

Instead, you’ll find colored lights, lamps, and garlands on buildings, plus a wicked bearded snowman beside the New You building. Jolly good! ☃

And if you haven’t already played it yet, don’t miss out on the new Grapple-Pap Gift side-quest by talking to the old man! 🎁 It’s only here for a limited time, so enjoy it while it lasts and spread some holiday cheer before Grapple-Pap comes for you!

After you’ve played the side-quest, you might enjoy this fan video from jaekelopterus3 (Perfect Fish) containing an analysis of the visual storytelling with the design of Clareta and her rundown home. (Beware: Spoilers ahead.)

“Poptropica’s visual storytelling: An analysis of Clareta from the Grapple-Pap side-quest” by jaekelopterus3 (Perfect Fish)

In other news, the Poptropica Creators recently shared a couple more fan art features on their Instagram story. Check out these cool OCs (Original Characters) and their snazzy outfits!

Plenty more is going on around Poptropica, so be sure to catch up on the post below to see what else is new! And check back on the PHB tomorrow for a special post — we’ve prepared the perfect Poptropica entertainment to snuggle up to this Christmas. 📰🥰

Have a merry Christmas Eve — or just a quiet, socially distant day, considering the times — and happy Grapple-Pap! 🎄

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Goldfish Fun ad: Spooky Shrub costume & Flashlight, plus PopStorm snowmen

Hey Poptropicans! Remember the Goldfish Fun ad game mentioned last week? Well, it’s still around, but with new prizes – thanks to Scary Plug (again!) for the pics and insight into this ad.

This time, you’ll have to find 3 new items: the pool noodle (above the fence), beach ball (among the tomato plants), and duck swim ring (on the far right) – to get the new Spooky Shrub Costume! Be sure to recharge your flashlight (click the battery icon) every so often.

The second prize is the Goldfish Fun Flashlight, which flashes the ad logo when you press spacebar. You can get by clicking on the three-eyed grinning monster. This flashlight is different from the one you hold in the mini-game, so if you want to keep that, check out this video.

In other news, Poptropica just recently tweeted PopStorm #9, featuring a chorus of singing snowmen! How festive. 😀 Ding dong, ding dong, that is their song…


That’s all for now, but be sure to check out the posts below for the latest Poptropica news! 🙂


The return of Holiday festies

Hello, readers. It’s EP here today. First off I’d like to note that the holidays are coming very soon! It doesn’t matter which holidays you celebrate around this time whether it be Christmas or Hannukah or some other holiday. So in order to celebrate to get into the Holiday mood, the creators are putting a few old items back into the store.

So here we have it – three costumes have returned once more! You can choose from the Holiday Ball and then to the Snowman or Tangled in Lights. These items will be available for a limited time. But once the festies are over, they’ll be gone until possibly next year. Get yours today! Each is only 75 credits (or free if you are a member). My personal fav. is the Tangled in Lights :D.

EP out!


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Snow with a side of Ads :P

PHB Notice: Don’t forget to participate in our awesome competition for a chance to win a beard for your Poptropican character, ending December 11th. So be quick about it!

New Poptropica Updates!

  1. New Side Ad! (Credit to Bobitator of the PHF!)
    There’s a new side ad on Poptropica, for the Cartoon Network TV show “Total Drama Island” (which I think is a VERY dumb show :P). SHAME Creators! Check out its picture below. It appears whenever you change scenes. Poptropica must really be getting up there if they’re getting money from Cartoon Network…O_o

    Credit to Setew2 for the pic!
  2. New Store Items! (Credit to Bobitator (again? O_O) and The Storm from the PHF!) Introducing the “Snowman” and er.. “Snow Fall”!

    Taken from the Creator's Blog

    The Snowman costume is a…well..Snowman. With the Snow Fall, you can brighten up your gaming experience! It causes snow to fall from the top of your screen to the bottom, which is really cool. I don’t think either is worth spending Credits on though.

    You can read the Creators’ Blog post about it here: http://blog.poptropica.com/2009/12/let-it-snow.html

And that pretty much sums up this post! See you guys later,

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