Happy Birthday, PHB!

[^Slight Header Fix – Happy Birthday PHB From Codien]

Hey Poptropicans!

I managed to find a computer at the hotel I’m staying at, so here I am posting! 😀 The Poptropica Help Blog has just become one year old! Happy birthday, PHB!! A very loyal PHB reader, Blooberry95, sent us an awesome e-cookie:

PHB's _1 Anniversary cookie

A big thanks goes to everyone who has visited our blog, whether you came from the very beginning or just found our site today. Thank you to all our readers, and to those who regularly check the blog for updates and make comments here. And thanks to all our staff for keeping this awesome community up and running!

This site was founded by Scary Tomato on July 26, 2008. Click here to see the first post!

On October 6, 2008, Smockers joined the staff crew and started his journey to awesome posting. Click here to see his first post!

Fourteen days later, Codien the graphics man also decided to pitch in. He also gave our site the name Poptropica Help Blog. Click here to see his first post back in October 20, 2008!

And on April 30, 2009, Grumpy Wolf became part of our Poptropica Help Team. Unfortunately, he recently resigned from Poptropica and the PHB, because he was no longer interested. Click here to see his first post and here to see his last. We wish you the best, GW!

The Poptropica Help Blog has 1,560,656 hits at the moment, as well 15,764 approved comments and 5,610 spam comments! O.o Have a great summer, everyone! 🙂

77 thoughts on “Happy Birthday, PHB!

  1. Smart Berry says:

    YAAAAAAAYY! Happy birthday, ST! But this blog deserves more than just a ‘Happy Birthday PHB!’ Why not plan something like… a party in Poptropica?

    • SERIOUS FOX says:

      too bad Grumpy Wolf could not make it. it’s all Anag’s fault. 😡 Anyways happy birthday PHB!

      ST: I already told you, nobody CAUSED Grumpy Wolf to resign. It was GW’s own choice. Stop blaming other people.

  2. Cheerful Claw says:

    Happy B-Day PHB!! I hope we have huge anniversary’s like this every year! 😀 I’m happy you could make it, ST!

  3. ⚡Purple Sword/Grey Lizard⚡ says:

    Happy Birthday PHB! I brought my Mac and they have Internet at this hotel, so I am here to congratulate you all!

  4. Smart Berry says:

    Hey, motianman, did you add a ‘meet up’ feature on the forums? An ST, please don’t delete this comment, ’cause if you want a party, this is how.

  5. Cool Penguin says:

    Sorry, I’m not logged in, but It’s me. It’s my little sister’s bday! she turns three today, july 26

  6. skinnysnowball says:

    WOOT!! yay we made it!! congrats guys!! thanks for one year for helping your fellow poptropicans! peace out!!

  7. Golden Eagle says:

    Happy One-Year Anniversary! I’m so happy you found a computer ST! Someone to celebrate with!!! Not so keen on the thousands of spam, though. 😀

  8. Young Skunk says:

    Happy Birthday PHB! So glad you could make it ST!!! I made cookies to celebrate! *Gives all frosted cookies that says PHB*

    Bridge out! (Don’t worry, that’s just a nickname from a mission trip)

  9. shaggy tornado says:

    YAY!!!! HAPPY BIRTHDAY PHB! I was here since the very beginning but never commented until october or november! Thx 2 Codien for giving this blog the name of PHB and all the graphics, ST for founding the best blog eva and all the island guides, and Smockers for all his funny posts! ROCK ON PHB!!!!! 😀

  10. motionman95 says:

    Happy anniversary PHB! Awesome header! May I ask, though, Codien, why did you Photoshop the eyes?

    On another note, there is a “Meet Up Mode” but it really is only useful for finding 1 or 2 people in the multi-player rooms.

  11. Smart Berry says:

    Hey, let’s have a PHB 1st birthday party in multiverse! Anyone can come, but I’d really like the Poptropica help blog staff (and the poptropica creators!) to come. The code is ACK42!

    P.S. The room is ‘Sweet tooth’.

    • Smart Berry says:

      Please come! I’m getting kinda lonely here in this freaky room. I only chose it ’cause it’s sorta like a party room, but…

      …What I’m trying to say is, PLEASE COME!!!

  12. Magic Storm says:

    Happy Birthday to you!
    Lots of Soda pop for you!
    Add coconut milk and cake,
    And there’s a party feast for you!
    Hip hip, HOORAY! Hip, hip HOORAY! YAY!

    • Magic Storm says:

      who likes my song? I thought it was preety good since I’m a bad songwriter!
      Any way, heres the second verse i just made up!
      Happy Birthey to you!
      The party’s out the wazoo!
      Blow out the birthday candles,
      And make a wish just for you!

    • Magic Storm says:

      Anyway, regardless if my song is good or not, HAPPY BIRTHDAY POPTROPICA HELP BLOG!!!!! ❗ 😀 🙂 😛 😉 😆

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