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My head is on fire!

Lighten up, lad!
”Arghh! Yeowwwww! Help me! Save me head… oh!” The little boy’s cries of agony echoed through the underground temple of Shark Tooth Island. He knew his parents had warned him not to play with fire, but he just couldn’t resist! Unfortunately, a ”small accident” had caused his whole body to go up in flames, and he was burning fast now. His head was the first part to catch on fire, and in a few seconds had melted his hair away, leaving him bald. He now wore a nice crown of fire on top of his head, and the rest of his body was glowing orange from head to toe. Oh, will he ever be saved, or will this poor kid be left to —

Oof! A purple dungeon bat knocked him down into the water below the ledge he was standing on. It was terribly salty and dirty water, and the little boy also remembered being warned by his parents not to go swimming down there (whoops, too late!). But amazingly, the horror of the flames were gone! He was saved! The boy vowed never to mess with fire again. As should all of you Poptropicans! 😀

Blog Post Title: Lighten up.
Description: Is it just me, or is it hot in here?
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Posted by: Dr. Hare

Thanks for this update, Incredible Fish. We don’t know much about this fire-body power, but it’s most likely going to be a new Poptropica Store item coming soon in the Cool Stuff section. Don’t forget, there will also be an astronaut suit coming to the store next week! (See the post below for more information.)

Apparently, a day or so ago, prices in the Poptropica Store had gone down just after they had gone up. Thanks for the update, Green Seal. When the store first opened, costumes were 75 credits each and Cool Stuff items were 250 credits each. However, on July 15 they had gone up: costumes had become 150 each and Cool Stuff things were 325 credits. A day later they were back at original price. But apparently, they were lowered by a lot recently: Cool Stuff was 175 and Special Costumes were 25 each!

Golden Eagle suggests that they were probably testing out prices to see if they got a surge in sale, but maybe normal was getting the most profit for them. They have now returned to the original price, Cool Stuff being 250 each and Special Costumes are 75 each.

We have moved the ”Commenting Rules” from the About page to a seperate page, which you can find here. Recently, we have also added a ”Contact” page, where you are able to learn new methods of keeping in touch with updates at the PHB. You can find the Contact page here.

By the way, due to going through too much work, our Poptropica Links site will not be used anymore. Repeat: The PHB’s Poptropica Links WordPress blog will not be updated any longer. However, we will continue to update the Poptropica Directory on the PHB – but we won’t be adding new directory listings into our blogroll sidebar, sorry. As a matter of fact, we have now reached over 40 listings in our directory, so click here to check out all the cool webpages!

Blog Notice
Scary Tomato will not be active on the PHB from July 24 to July 28, 2009. I’ll be on vacation and won’t have Internet access for those five days. Hopefully, the rest of our staff will still be posting news updates and stuff! :mrgreen:

Unfortunately, I will not be available for the one-year anniversary of Poptropica Help Blog, sorry! But while I’m gone, please don’t wreak havoc and spam the whole site! Smockers and Codien will still be around to catch y’all and send you to prison with Crusher, Ratman, Betty Jetty and the rest of their evil gang. Just kidding… but be safe, readers! 😛

92 thoughts on “My head is on fire!”

  1. Nice story ST! I was here since the first day and i loved your blog!! So have a nice trip! Where r u going?

    Im so lucky i got a costume b4 they raised prices up again! 😀

    1. Thanx! I’ll try and get on my aunts laptop (Apple of course) To play reality TV island. and buy the multi verse if it’s out. Have ST!

    2. Ah, and on July 26th I’m going to see some relatives in Europe until September 3rd… But I’ll try to comment whenever I can… which won’t be very often 😦

    1. Me TOO! I Also Won 4 Islands in One Night and Bought…

      Karate Girl
      Gothic Cheerleader
      All 4 Robots (I Forgot the Names)
      French Fries
      Ice Cream

      1. oh wow! lucky! my friend finished one island and got
        karate master
        gothic cheerleader
        baseball outfielder
        and i never got to buy anything from the big sale since i had 0 credits. =(
        if i had the reality tv island pass (even if there is no such thing…yet!)
        and i finished it
        i wouldve gotten
        baseball outfielder
        karate master

  2. Guys, I am still Calm Spinner, I am just logging in with my WordPress thing. I am still Calm Spinner. Anyways, the fire thing looks cool! Have a nice trip, Scary Tomato! I hope you have fun!

      1. Me too! Mine starts September 5th I think, but the winter break is really short (1 week long).

      1. our winter break is only a week and 2 days this year! the week of christmas and then 2 days the next week. they say its cause it barely snows any here which is just terrible! thats wat u get for livin on the coast i guess.

  3. NOOOO! Now I have to choose only one of the awesome costumes i want when i complete reality tv island! life isnt always fair. =(

  4. i was doing shark tooth, and at the big gold shark statue in the temple, the caterpillar was gone!! has anyone else noticed this?

  5. Wow, this is unfortunate. I am going on another trip from the 25th to the 30th, missing the PHB one-year anniversary, as well. =( I may have an Internet connection there, but I don’t think that I will be spending a lot of time in the hotel.

    1. Aw… we’ll only celebrate with Codien??? I was really hoping all of us will celebrate it together. 😦

      1. Ya me 2! Anyways have a nice vacation Smockers, ST, Cool Wing, and anyone else going on a vacation! I might be going to LV in august but my mom might not go bcuz its 2 hot…

    2. 😦 Aww…we’ll save you cookies, too. Well, have fun on your trip! We’ll miss you and ST there!

      1. I just hope that Codien doesn’t go on vacation. Who knows what could happen to this blog. o.O

      2. that would be creepy.
        “And on July 26, 2009, everyone put in comments saying ‘ohhohhahhahh’ and ‘hoohoo’ waiting for someone to post, when no one came!!!”

      3. Or they could make a wild party…or trash the site…OR BREAK THE RULES!!! *gasp* OK, lets hope Codien’s going to be here.

      4. Yeah, cuz’ I don’t want Dr. Hare or Director D. to try and take that header again…

      5. Haha! But I’ve never seen that movie… I stick to things like Night at the Museum…

        Uh-oh. We’re getting off-topic! Get the bananas!!! AHH!!!

      6. what if NO ONE is here! Then people will get off-topic and spam their site and have a party and finish all there food then when then when the PHB comes back they will be VERY mad.

      7. O.o Wait, if they ban all of us, what would be the point of the blog? No one would see it.

      8. JUST like Home Alone!!!! Have a good time ST, Smockers, and everybody else!!! Oh, boy, we may need monitors to make sure everything stays under control around here!!!

  6. I’m leaving soon after the party…August 1st-19th. I might get connection the 12th-19th but, what are you gonna do? Hope Codien will be here though so we can party!!!!

  7. Have a great holiday, ST and Smockers!!!
    Um, funny story! I play with fire a lot. I try to give myself science lessons by playing with flames and stuff. LOL 😆

  8. There have been more impersonators on the PHF chatango.ScaryTomato, Smockers, GrumpWolf, and Codien appeared on the chat and we could tell that they were obviously fakes. It was getting really annoying!

    1. I chatted w/ Scary Tomato and Codien one night, but I’m fairly sure they were the REAL ST and Codien. I asked Codien about Project MAP, he might remember.

  9. I’m gonna go watch a movie with my family right now, so I just want to congratulate you guys on your 1 YEAR ANNIVERSARY!!!! WOO HOO!!!! 😀

    1. I’m back right on time (commercial break)! Congrats guys!!! You’ve been rocking on for one year now!!!!

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