Community Creations

Community Creations: August 2019


Hello once again everyone! Spotted Dragon here bringing you the August recap for Community Creations! August’s theme was movies & TV and the featured work is not in any particular order. Be sure to check out all the featured artists!

No clue what’s going on? Go see our intro post.

Top 5 Picks

Hollywood Diva by Miss Eligon

Oh, Kirk. You either love him or hate him. There is no in between… Anyway, what a simple and great piece! The humor is super fun and the color scheme works really well with the Back Lot background. I love the shine in Kirk’s eyes and the graphic shading style. It’s just so sassy and wonderful. Find her DeviantArt here.

Poptropica Endgame by Magniventris

Wow, stunning! Marvel’s Endgame was an exemplary inspiration for this month. The poster design is iconic and the character swaps are fantastic! I mean, Black Widow is just a perfect fit, right? I love the dramatic lighting, serious posing, and intense expressions. Amazing work! Find her DeviantArt here.

Poptropica Villains Portrayed by Spongebob by Gentle Dolphin

Alright, not only is this video hilarious, but it is also highly creative! Each scene is amazingly accurate, great for Poptropica and Spongebob fans alike. I find the “as portrayed by” trend of videos to be super funny, like c’mon, you had to have chuckled at this one at least once, right? The amount of effort put into collecting these clips is obviously great, and I’m impressed at the amount of villains that were included! A wonderfully unique submission to say the least. Find her DailyMotion here.

Beauty and the Ringmaster by Meganf123456

Another wonderful video entry! I love seeing the creativity here. Tying in the story of Beauty and the Beast to the tragedy of Ringmaster Raven was an excellent connection. Like our other video feature, the effort put into editing this piece is loud and clear, especially considering the amount of original artwork put into it! Fantastic job. Find her YouTube channel here.

Screenshot Runaway by ANNE14TCO

Oooh, exciting! As if you paused an action movie, this screenshot style of artwork is very creative. It demonstrates a lot of movement displayed in one shot, proper intensity and all. Seriously, the caption, deep lighting, and expression in this piece is appropriately dramatic. Makes me feel like I’m looking at a real movie scene! Stunning. Find her DeviantArt here.

Honorable Mentions

Wow guys, I was totally blown away by your submissions this month! An absolutely amazing job done by all participants. Keep it up, because I’m excited for next month!

September: How Do I Participate?

Community Creations is a cool series for anyone in the Poptropica community to join in on. To sum up what it’s about, it’s basically a chance to show off your artwork, creepy fan-fics, Pop clubhouses, costumes, and anything else that pops into your mind.

If we really like the piece you submit, we will feature it here on the PHB! As long as it relates to that month’s theme. So what is September’s theme? September’s theme is…

Seasons & Weather!

With summer coming to an end and school starting up again for many of us, I think that focusing on seasons this month would be pretty apropos. While some may already be missing the summer sun, I’m sure some of us are already looking forward to the spooky season of autumn! Every year, the weather just seems to get crazier and crazier, huh? Might as well turn that crazy into creativity!

So, what are the limits on your creations? Well, that may just be up to you! You could design stylish outfits inspired by the four seasons, or maybe submit some action-filled fan-art of Dr. Cumulo Nimbus! Perhaps write some fan-fic about facing the harsh winter on Survival Island, or even draw what it’s like to fly your Potpropica blimp in a storm! Your options for creativity are endless.

  • Comment below with a link to whatever you’ve created OR share it with me (SydVC aka Spotted Dragon) on DeviantArtTwitter, or Discord.
  • Results: I will feature 5 of the submissions as well as 3 honorable mentions.
  • Limitations: Nothing NSFW, and make sure you relate to the theme.
  • Due Date: I will take any entries before the end of this month. Submit as many things as you’d like!

I will always be sure to let you know I have seen your creation. Bonus points if you make a compelling description for your piece! While quality counts, I’m mainly looking for something to simply catch my eye, so don’t be afraid to join in!

So what are you waiting for? Go make something awesome!


PHB Specials, Pop-over

PHB Pop-over Special: Gravity Falls Gang!

Gravitate over here, Poptropicans – it’s time for another PHB Special*!

(*Side note: PHB Specials are a category of posts that can pertain to a variety of things. You may be familiar with Blake’s Special scripts, for instance, of which the most recent is the Valentine’s Special.)

Many of us here at the PHB are fans of Gravity Falls (a Disney TV show), and if you are too, you may know that the finale will be upon us this Monday, February 15th! To commemorate this great show, and to acknowledge requests for more costumes, we’ve made some Gravity Falls Poptropica costumes for you to enjoy. (And if you’re not a fan, we highly recommend you start your binge-watching today. 😉 )


From left to right, here’s how you can get their costumes:

  • Soos: You can get his hat from the tent guy on Ghost Story and the shirt from the Bigfoot Fanatic costume in the Store. Alternatively, the green video game shirt from a guy on Reality TV also works, and it’s customizable when you friend phbSoos.
  • Dipper: His hat is from a guy on Lunar Colony’s Main Street, and the jacket is from a guy on Red Dragon’s Frog Creek. Simply friend phbDipper and customize.
  • Mabel: Her whole look can be achieved from the start at account creation. You can friend phbMabel and customize her whole look.
  • Grunkle Stan: His fez (hat) is from Time Tangled’s Timbuktu (Mali Empire), the suit from Spy Island, and you can buy Fake Noses from the Store (yes, we know Stan’s glasses aren’t like that, but close enough). (Extra: get the Timmy Failure Scarf in the Store and use the ASG on WillyWonkaASG for the cane!) Friend phbStanPines for the outfit. For the beard, use the ASG on ZeusASG. (Double extra: friend StanfordPines2 for Grunkle Ford’s costume!)
  • Wendy: Her freckles are from a lady on Cryptids Island, and the rest of her costume is from the clothing crank on Home Island. To make it simple, friend phbWendy and customize. For a plaid shirt instead, try the Fall Fashion Outfit from the Store – but note that this is red, not green.

These guys are also now on our Costumes page! Hope you enjoyed these costumes, and let us know what you think! 🙂 Oh, and if you have the Pixel Pig Power, you can pretend it’s Waddles. 😉

By the way, if you have any costume ideas, we would love to hear them – and you are more than welcome to make your own, especially with instructions or accounts to befriend for said costumes. The comments section of our Costumes page is a great place to start (as well as just to browse).


Let’s #TakeBackTheFalls together!

Reality TV Island, Sneak Peeks

Not Boar-ing

Hey people!  Green Seal here. 😀 There’s a new post on the Poptropica Creator’s Blog, posted by Hazmat Hermit (Thanks for the update, PerfectStorm57!):

Getting Boar-ed?

As a hermit I try to avoid meeting people but sometimes it’s hard to find a place to be alone. When I reached this island in the middle of the ocean, I figured I was the only person around for miles. I soon realized this place is full of some of the craziest people I’ve ever seen! Why would anyone run around with a jar of water on their head? It seems dangerous, especially when there’s an angry boar out to get you. I’m going to monitor the situation and see what I can find out.

0_o That boar is.. uh, creepy-looking.  This post is probably a sneak peek of Reality TV.  That jar looks about the same size as that poptropican. 0_o How can she carry that?  Well, remember in the when they said you will be competing or something like that?  This race is probably one of the things you will compete in, and I have to say that I would not like to be chased by a boar with a jar the size of me. xD

By the way, news in the Poptropica Help Forums say that the PHF has been featured in TV!  Could this be true? 0_o Check this thread for more info:!!!!!!

This is all for now! 😀

Reality TV Island

Return of the Reality…donuts!

Hey guys, Neat Whale here. Seems to be that Reality is back in order–the Creators didn’t forget about it after all! All the rumors have been answered! Which is good, a lot of us were waiting for it. 😛 Well, not me entirly, but I thought the idea was cool. 😛 And thanks for the update, Seph/Deathstalker! Here’s the post info:

Back to Reality

Well after much vacationing, I have again returned to Reality TV Island. I heard the local grocery store had some good donuts, I just don’t know which kind to get.


As you can see, this was posted by Comic Kid. xD And there’s another one of his awesome emotions we can’t do…why must the Creators torture us so?! 😥 Lol…I think that Comic Kid should get the strawberry frosted on top, though…those are tasty. But wait…what if we have to buy a certain donut or something to do something else on Reality?And what if the donuts are BOMBS? AHHHH! SO MANY IDEAS! Now my BRAIN hurts!!!! xD
Well, that’s about all… see you later, guys! Neat Whale out!