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Poptropican’s 911: Issue #1

The first Sunday of June 2009 is here! You know what this means… don’t you? That’s right, it’s time for our first issue of the PHB newsletter! (If you have no idea what’s going on, click here to read about The Monthly Surprise, then come back here.)

But before we give you the link, you probably want to know what the newsletter’s name is. Which names won the vote? Well… *drumroll*… here it is in a nutshell (top 3 listed):

PHB Newsletter Name: Part 1
Option | Votes
Poptropican(‘s) | 582
Poptropica(‘s) | 498
PHB(‘s) | 333

PHB Newsletter Name: Part 2
Option | Votes
911 (For all your Poptropica emergencies!) | 304
Gazette | 142
Times | 122

And the winning name is… the Poptropican’s 911! Congratulations! Thanks, Fearless Paw and ♪CheerfulPanda♫, for suggesting the brilliant name!

Ok, with that aside, here is is!

Venture forth to Issue #1!

It’s definitely worth taking a look at. There you’ll find the answers to stopping Dr. Hare from taking over PHB (sorry, the competition is over… so it’s not cheating this time), how to play on Astro-Knights without an Early Access Pass, and much more! :mrgreen:


21 thoughts on “Poptropican’s 911: Issue #1”

  1. Help! On poptropica, someone took my account and i didn’t give it away and know i cant get on it!
    It used to be (Now NO ONE can get on it)
    USER: nameunknown
    Pass: unknownname
    If you know anyone went on this account please say! I am both mad and sad and wanting to know who found out my account info. 😦 👿

    1. People have been trying to hack into others accounts. I’m really sorry, all I can say is that you and anyone must check their latest activity on the stats/store/stuff, where you can see if people have been trying to get in. One of mine was trying to be hacked, they tried seven or more times.

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