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Astro Knights Island Is Out!

If you haven’t heard the hype, Astro Knights Island has been released! But, not to the general public, of course. You have to buy an Astro Knights Early Access Pass to get in. The island will be released to everyone on June 10th, so you don’t have to wait that long to play it! Personally, I have bought the pass, but will you?


Also, I know that most of you have experienced difficulty logging on Poptropica the past few days. Dr. Hare has properly addressed this problem:

Q: What’s going on with Poptropica right now?
A: With the launch of Astro-Knights island we’ve experienced an overwhelming surge in traffic. We are working on a solution to handle the increase in traffic to the site.

Q: When will Poptropica be back up?
A: We’re expecting to have the site ready within the next 24 hours.

Q: Is my account information lost?
A: No. The increase in traffic has caused temporary glitches that have made registered accounts unavailable. This is part of the fix we are working on. When we are back up and running, you will have full access to your account.

In fact, they fixed it right in a jiffy! It should be readily working now, and you are able to log in without the stupid machine constantly telling you that your name is forever nonexistent or to check on it later only to find it still repeating the same message like a broken record. 🙂

Oh, yeah; you might see something on the Poptropica website like:

  • ALERT: We’re currently making upgrades to the site. If you have trouble logging in or playing, please try again later. Thank you for your patience.

Just ignore it. Ignore it and walk away. Don’t let peer pressure get the best of you, kids.

ANYWAY, they have made updates to the map to suit the newly debuted Astro Knights Island as well as Reality TV Island. It does note that it is coming Summer 2009! Very cool!


It sure is getting quite crowded on the map. It would be cool to have a huge Poptropica Planet, and you could rotate it to see all of the islands. 😀 That reminds me… how are you able to travel to all of these islands all over the planet in just a simple blimp?

Next on the agenda, we are now able to sign up to be E-mailed when Reality TV Island releases! Yay! Unfortunately, we haven’t gotten the E-mail for Astro Knights, but predictably, we will get it on Wed., the day it releases for everybody.

^ ^ ^ Hippie Man is so awesome that he can say long phrases while he is smiling!

Also, on the Poptropica website you can now see that the little Astro Knight and Reality TV Island buttons have been updated based on the recent news:


The last piece of news is that there is a new poll on the PCB! It asks, “Do you plan on getting the Astro-Knights Early Access pass?

  • I already have it! [14%]
  • I will be getting it soon! [39%]
  • I haven’t decided yet. [12%]
  • No, I think I’ll wait. [33%]

I obviously voted that I already had it, but what did you vote? =O

I think that’s about it! I will try to get a guide up maybe this weekend for people who have bought the pass. We have also hit the 1,100,000 hit mark! Woot! =] What a great way to celebrate my B-Day which is in 2 days! ^-^ Merry Astro-Knight Island playing to all!

UPDATE: Whoops! I accidentally forgot something. Vlad the Viking has posted a new video on YouTube! It’s sort of a trailer/gameplay video of Astro Knights Island. Enjoy!

572 thoughts on “Astro Knights Island Is Out!”

  1. Apparently Poptropica is either abnormally hot or cold, depending on where you are. It could range from -125 to 136 degrees Fahrenheit, or -88 to 58 degrees Celsius. I found in the rocket. If you click the screen, you can see a map of the planets and you can click on them.

    1. I think that meant the biggest and smallest differences between the hottest and coldest temperatures on Poptropica, so that’s pretty normal.

  2. Woo! I beat Mother Phoenix… so know i defeated:
    Tigercopter, Dragontak, Mother phoenix. What do I do know? HELP!

    1. Ok. Find the jungle planet and go down from there. You will reach an asteroid belt. Fly around, dodging asteroids until you see a city on an asteroid (Mordred’s Planet/Asteroid Planet. Go to the Asteroid Planet. I can’t say anything else except that your journey is coming to an end.

  3. The last part is so hard, I only got up to the part where I am being my character. I couldn’t make it to the chandelier.

    1. Climb up the chains and go left, not getting off the chains until you reach the left one. Now go down. Go under the dragon’s tail and pull the lever. Quickly get in front of him and fire the ice arrow into his mouth. Now repeat this 2 more times, dodging his fire breath and falling spikes. Do this quickly because the temperature is slowly rising.

  4. Alright, for people who are stuck on the puzzle, the top row is a1, b1, c1, d1, the 2nd row is a2, b2, 2, d2, etc. Click on these in order: c2, d2, b2, a2, a4, c3, b4, c4, d4. If I remember correctly, this is the way to do it.

    1. Same here, I hate how he flings his swords like there’s no tomorrow! ( LOL 🙂 ) * Note to self: Wait for a few hours then play again, everybody including me must not get frustrated.*

    1. Great, well, not really, I can’t use the telescope either, it crashes, I can’t use any applications, even ones not related to the internet!

  5. Fun! Thanks to whoever posted how to get past that Binary Bard puzzle (c4, d4, etc), it helped a lot!

  6. The dragon is the hardest one it took me an hour to figure it out but first you have to climb the chains then jump from one to one until you get to the back of the dragon look out for his tail thing cause it will fall on you then go under the dragon where you cant get hurt and pull the lever which wil make the dragon fall asleep then you will have about 10 seconds to get to the front of the dragon and shoot the ice arrow into his mouth once you do that he will start jumping up and down and make the cave ceiling start to fall so avoid the rocks falling on you and do the same thing again 2 more times and then he will jump up and down again even harder which will make the floor collapse and he will fall in! You can then leave and the knight will come with you! Hope this helped!

  7. The black hole should be just about right above the shark hole thingy. Anyway, you shoot the sharks, and one will come after you. Then just lead him right at the black hole, stop, turn at just the right moment, and the shark will fall in the black hole. BTW there are three sharks, so you should do this three times.

  8. I finally completed Astro Knights. I got help off this website to defeat King Mordred and that’s what made me complete the game.

  9. I think on AK island the Dragon should be easier to defeat, not a heap easier, but a little bit more fair as I was playing, so close to finally killing it when the temperature got too high. 😡 😥

  10. How do you get past the mud? Please help very, very pleasingly!!!!!!!

    ST: Ride the hovercraft to the other side of the mud, where you will find the half-broken UFO. I know that’s not very detailed, but we’ll get a guide up as soon as possible. 😉

  11. What do you do with the Small key???? I really need help and i beg you to tell me anyone who knows.

    ST: Go to the windmill area, and have your character jump on top of the two hay stacks (in between them) to split it, revealing a manhole. Stand on top of the hole and use the small key to open it, then go inside it.

    1. (this is 4 the comment above)U get the bag of manure from the guy near the mill holding the shovel. Then you jump on the windmill thing that turns until the door opens. Then go in. Use the manure on the hovercraft and it will go out. It will b floating on the mud.

      The small key is used 4 unlocking Mordreds hideout hidden beneath 2 bales of hay in the Mill area.

  12. lol I just found the most hilarious cheat on AK Island. When you go through the portal made by the key, instead of talking to the princess/binary bard, just click on the door and it will let you enter and you will not have to solve the flippy puzzle thing. Funny huh?

    1. Climb and jump to the chain farthest to the left then jump off. Run under that bouncing spike-ball/tail and click the lever on its back. It’ll yawn, and run off the dragons back and in front of it, then shoot the ice arrow into its mouth. Repeat 2x more but advoid the stalactites falling and the fireballs he shoots. The spikes in the ceiling show you where the stalagtites are falling.

      Hope this helped! :mrgreen:

  13. I found out something! When you are playing Merlin ( The owl) and you are against Binary Bard/Mordred, when you have the bomb in you claws, when the bomb starts blinking, it will explode in 3 seconds! So with perfect timing it will make the green orb red every time you drop it at the 3rd second! Hope that helped!

    1. So this is how it’s supposed to be. When Merlin is holding the bomb, when it starts blinking you count 3 2 1 then drop it. 😉

  14. Isn’t the newspaper suppossed to come out today???

    ST: Yep… you can enjoy it here. But please stay on topic on this page! 😉

  15. OH YEAH!!!!!!! I FINISHED ASTRO NIGHTS!!!!!! WOO HOO!!! Now I have to do it on my other two accounts….. 😀 😀 😀 😀 😀

  16. How do u get 2 another planet? Also what do u do when u get 2 the U.F.O. thing in the mud? Plz answer!!

    1. on the ufo well first you go under ground on the secert passege and the cde is star ring planet moon and sun i think lol then you talk to the peps an wo of them will give you the key then go to the hay bals and go between them use the key go thought the place in the , theres a wall push on it till it breaks the if you have the owl keep going you go under the hole the robot will go boom and a green stike will come on push the owl the the green thing you getthat then you go back to the space ship put tha sttike in and on the things put in 52 and 56.

    2. Er, i mean how do u get past the old dude that says
      “Dont go down there!” or somehing like that? i need the fuel stick!!
      Also the owl went out of the hideout thing!

      1. Nvm i got the stick but it says that there is not enough fuel!!?? HELP!!

  17. I did not get the stuff under the bed… how do I? It says “I see no reason to fish under the bed”

      1. No. I’m trying to get in the thing when you push the wall of Mordred’s Hideout and find the tunnel thingie and it says that it is blocked. Do you know how to unblock the tunnel?

      2. No. I’m trying to get in the thing when you push the wall of Mordred’s Hideout and find the tunnel thingie and it says that it is blocked. Do you know how to unblock the tunnel?

      3. I’m done with that. I need to get back in the place but i can’t! It says the those guys don’t want me going in there again! Help Please! I need the fuel stick bad!!!!

      4. PHB has a guide ready for everyone! Why don’t you check there?

  18. Okay, so I’m stuck on Mordrid. It’s easy hitting him with both bombs without losing health, but as soon as I switch to the main character, BOOM! I either get hit with a laser, or one of his swords. And the worst part is that I’m not quick enough to jump off the chandeliers as the laser is shooting, so I have to climb right back up and hope for the best on the next chandelier. Most of the time, he doesn’t even come all the way over to the chandelier I’m standing on, so it’s a waste of time trying to hit him.

    1. Well, you don’t jump off. If he is under you when he fires the laser and you are on the chandelier, the chandelier will fall on his head and you will fall but not get damaged. Also, if you are on the chandelier but he is not under you and you know he is charging the laser, jump back to the platform and jump over the laser. Then jump back to the chandelier.

      1. Here is the walkthrough for how to do the puzzle:
        P.S. It is 2x fast and you have to skip to 4:50 😉

    1. AHHHH! Mordred is so hard to defeat! everytime the bomb explodes on the green orb i lose my lives or get hit my the roller blades! and when i switch to my poptropica character i lose! and he kills Merlin! “starts crying”

      1. He doesn’t kill Merlin! After you beat him, the princess has him repaired!

    1. Use the cheese in the room in the castle that you get to by going through the left door. You will get a mouse. Go to the secret hideout under the hay and click on the owl. Go outside and Use the mouse under the owl. The owl will follow you. Go back to the room that had the robot in it. Make sure you can see the glowstick through the barred wall. Click on the owl, then the glow stick. TA-DA!

      1. ok i almost defeated him. He is supposed to be right under the chandelier right?

      2. he doesn’t have to be right under but at least in range of where the chandelier falls

    1. Calm down…. In the end after you defeat him the princess repairs little Merlin back to life! Ahhhhhhhhh….. I love happy endings…… 🙂

  19. Urgh! I’ve seen a heap of guys, I know what to do, but I can’t beat the silly dragon 😥 😥 😦

  20. Here is the order of easiest to hardest to beat bosses:

    1) Tigercopter
    2) Mother Phoenix
    3) Dragon

    I’m not sure where Mordred should go as I haven’t done him yet

    1. I think that the Mother Phoenix is easier than the Tigercopter in my opinion. But Mordred is the hardest by far!!!!!!! I took me a a whole night just to beat him!

  21. I am mad at whoever deleeted that cheet!!When my brother found the cheet he idmedetly used it and i did not have time to do the cheet because i had to do other thinngs so now when i was going to do the cheet this morning i coldent because it wasent here!!

    1. I…saw…that…he…would…DIE. Seriously! I did! It’s not the first time I’ve seen something in my mind, and it happened! I think I’m a Seer…

  22. You have to find an area where the breeze will not affect you. Go to this link for a walkthrough of how to get there 😉 :

    1. Binary Bard 9s EVIL?!?! Wow…He works for Poptropica! HOW COULD HE?!?!? Wait, he’s either role playing, or IS evil, but someone on the Poptropica Creator’s Blog took his name…I think someone took his name 😉 😀 :mr green:

      ST: Those are just the Creators’ pen names. Besides, Dr. Hare and Director D also “work for the Poptropica Creators’ Blog”. 😉

  23. You use the rope to attach it to the arrow so you can reach the princess’ bedroom. 😉

  24. You run quickly to certain spots where the breeze doesn’t go and wait there until the breeze stops. Then run to the next spot and so on. After you pass the thing that’s blowing the air out, you don’t have to worry about that until you go back up. (And it’s actually faster going back up with the breeze.) Hope this helps.

  25. After defeating Astro Knights, it shows Planet Poptropica! Could this mean that Poptropica is a planet!?

    Here is the description of Planet Poptropica on the screen on your rocket ship:

    “Poptropica is a PLANET that is constantly growing and evolving as new islands and civilizations are being discovered.”

    That shows that Poptropica could be an actual planet! This just raised the idea that Poptropica is a planet! What are your opinions? 😉

    ST: It’s proof that Poptropica is indeed a planet, all right! 🙂

    1. Oh, can someone tell me if it is possible to return to Binary Bard’s Fortress after defeating him?

      1. Awwwww, that’s sad; I wanted to explore that place again. 😦

    2. Another name for Poptropica is…EARTH. Same oceans, history, mountains, clouds…It’s an online version of earth!

  26. I found out a two glitches!

    1. Mordred (in his robot suit) jumps uncontrollably. (I think this glitch might be over, I think the creators already fixed it. ;))
    2. After defeating the Mother Phoenix, when you go back to where the robo-unicorn used to be; and you jump up a bit, you will be walking on nothing! It is quite similar to the Nabooti statue glitch.

    1. -gasps- Third “walking on air” glitch! I love them. They give me pshycic POWERS!! Haha! 😉 😀 :mrgreen:

  27. I have coordinates to some strange version of Venus or Uranus… I’m not really sure what it is…. But here is the coordinates;


    Let me know what you think! :mrgreen:

  28. YES!!!! I found Binary Bard’s eye in a multiplayer room! Now I am even awesomer looking. Anyone who wants the eye should start searching multiplayer rooms! 🙂

    1. I have it! I look so AWESOME!!! Look for me in multiplayer rooms. I’m a girl with long golden-brown hair, white shirt that doesn’t cover my belly, I have the metal face and eye, and blue three button jeans. As for people who are actually, like, BREAKING DOWN because Merlin dies, he doesn’t. I broke down, too :blush:

    1. Make the snowballs bounce off your shield and onto his windows. He will fire at you. Dodge it. Now do the same thing, but dodge the icicles too. Remember, if your shield breaks, dodge everything until it recharges. Hit his windows 3 times and you win! Tips: If you touch the TigerCopter, your shield automatically breaks, so watch out! Tip 2: If you touch his icy blast, you will get paralyzed temporarily, so be careful!

  29. help! I keep trying to get the laser lance but i can’t collect it! PLEASE HELP SCARY TOMATO OR SMOCKERS!

  30. I beat Astro-Knights before it even came out to public! early access pass!!

    One of my biggest accomplishments!

    1. You need to look under the bed in Morded’s Museum to find the coordinates to Pewter Moon. If it says “I see no reason to fish under the bed”, here’s what you do.
      You need the rope hanging near the mill. Go to the castle and jump up until you see the arrow. Use the rope on it and then shoot the arrow through the door on your left hanging in midair-ish. Then climb across the rope to the door, walk across the room and get the note. Now go into Morded’s Museum and look under the bed. It will have the coordinates.
      The coordinates are X:56 & Y:52 if you don’t want to do all that. 🙂

  31. I just finished Astro-Knights with my second account! This time, I beat Mordred on my first try!!!! 😀

  32. Yes! I just finished Astro-Knights on my third account! Now I have beaten Astro-Knights on all of my accounts! Now… Defeating Mordred is really easy! I defeated him this time on my first try with no damage! 😀

  33. I beat the game but remember the posts by comic Kid with the crystals in outer space? we never got to go to that, or the binary green screen stuff and the brains in the lab part.

  34. did anyone notice when you launch in your rocket your computer freezes? It happens to me. Even when i power up Exalibur.

    ST: Happened to me too; I think it’s because of all the game graphics taking a long time too load. It stops freezing after a while, don’t worry. 😉

  35. I saw a lot of people who needed the fuel stick so, here.
    Go to Mordred’s secret lair, push out the mud wall, go in the hole, watch the robot self destruct, click your owl, then click the fuel stick the robot left, and jump into the owl when he comes back through the bars. you now have the fuel stick, which will awsomely power the excalibur space ship. TA-DA!!!!

  36. I can’t get through the small hole in Mordred’s hideout. The character keeps on saying “The Way Is Blocked”. How do I get through?

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