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Join Poptropica Help Forum!

Poptropica Help Blog is pleased to announce that we are now affiliates with the Poptropica Help Forum, created by Coderkid (Motionman95)! This means we are related sites, and we’ve given permission for them to use our guides and pages.

The forum, known as the PHF for short, is a great place to chat with other Poptropica fans like you about news, updates, and all other awesome Poptropica topics! Come join in now at: You can also click on the blue PHF banner to the left to get there.

We’re currently having a “Poptropica’s Best Dressed” contest down at the forum! Think your Poptropican has got the best outfit in Poptropica? Better sign up and read the details here: You’ll need to register for an account there, too!

Here are some more cool tools created by Motionman95 (Coderkid)!

The PHB Updater
The PHB Updater

PHB Updater
The PHB Updater alerts you every time we make a new post on the Poptropica Help Blog!

For more information, visit:



Poptropica Image Generator
Poptropica Image Generator

Poptropica Image Generator
This image generator lets you see a Poptropica character simply by typing in their username! You don’t even have to log in.

For more information, visit:

Online Version:


And if you need to spice up your wardrobe for the Best Dressed Contest, then check out our Costumes page! We’ve updated it with a SpongeBob and a Waldo costume, thanks to Fearless Melon for the pictures.

Even better, look what the Creators of Poptropica are planning:

Blog Post Title: New outfits and more – Coming Soon!
Description: We are busy creating tons of cool stuff for Poptropica, and here are two new outfits you’ll soon be able to purchase in the Poptropica Store!
Image URL:
Image Name: newChars.png
Posted by: Shark Boy

Note that the post’s title says “new outfits and more“. What could the “more” be? Many of you who have been commenting onย our Cheat Codes page may have an idea! A lot of you have helped in discovering that the Creators may be working on a party room. Take a look at this leaked item SWF:

The stars in the background suggest that it is an item you will be able to purchase at the Poptropica Store. The description says, “Create a party room and connect with your friends to chat or play games!” Underneath that is a button that says “Connect”. It seems that if you click Connect, you would be teleported to your own party room which you can create. You might even be able to choose which Poptropicans you want to play with, and there may or may not be a maximum amount of players for each room. From the description, it seems that party rooms will be very similar to multiplayer rooms.

The image on the item card is very much like a previous sneak peek thought to belong to Astro-Knights Island, but turned out that we were wrong about. Also, since this feature obviously sounds really awesome, it’ll probably cost a lot of Poptropica Credits. So if you’re thinking of getting one, better save up! ๐Ÿ˜›

38 thoughts on “Join Poptropica Help Forum!”

    1. Hey, great discovery, Mcstar7! According to the image generator, the account’s Poptropica name is “Binary Bard” – impossible for a regular player. Orange Tummy, you’re right, it’s probably the actual Creator from the PCB!

      1. I dont get how it always is wierd on me. When i type:

        shaggy tornado, i get brave kid
        binary bard, i get short fox
        dr hare, i get speedy pelican
        director d, i get friendly runner

        maybe its because im using an old one. but im not sure…

        ST: You’re supposed to type in the name you use to log in. ๐Ÿ˜‰

      2. Shaggy Tornado:

        You don’t type the name of your Poptropican, you put the user name, like when you log in.

  1. Um, you could also go to > Poptropica Store > Purchase Credits > Any Option > Type in the username in the white bar to see your poptropican.
    But I guess the other thing is easier and you could post it on your blog or website with the other thing. ๐Ÿ™‚

  2. I know how you can see more of the party room than just the bottom right corner. Once it is completely maximized on your screen press the restore down (maximize) button again. you should see a mini screen on your screen and the complete bottom half of the party room.

    ST: Thanks, Nice Turtle! This works! ๐Ÿ˜€

      1. A restore down button is the former maximize button. It is in the middle of the red x that you use to exit and the minimize button.

      2. Yeah, I don’t know how to do it on a Mac either… ๐Ÿ˜ฆ
        On a Macintosh computer, there’s three buttons on the left and none of them seem to have that option! There’s no button for a mini screen. It only works for a PC. ๐Ÿ˜ฆ
        Oh well.

  3. Btw who here signed up for the best dressed contest …. I did!

    1st place gets
    A wallpaper of yourself!
    A medal, just like the ones on Poptropica!
    2000 Poptropica Credits to your account!

    2nd Place:
    A medal, just like the ones on Poptropica!
    1000 Poptropica Credits to your account!

    3rd Place:
    500 Poptropica Credits to your account!

    Its cool huh! And its totally free! also you can sign up to 2 of poptropicans!!! so you have 2 chances of wining! SIGN UP PLS!

  4. On a new account of mine, I saved 250 credits in case the party room comes out. By the way, do you think you’ll have to have the party room feature to join a party, not start one?

    1. Cool!!! It really looks like Shrek! (if you could give Poptropicans giant noses and make ’em fat and tall)

      1. I mean like if you gave ’em noses and made ’em fat and tall it’d look EXACTLY like Shrek!

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  6. i went to astronauts island acidently left my ship on a planet saved shut off computer came back accidently clicked an add my character went there went back to astronaut island and my ship is still on jungle planet omg

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