The PHB Competition Results!

Its been a while since Dr. Hare took over the site. Its been too long. But you can blame Codien for that 😛

The PHB was so close to been taken over after its header and the competition email were stolen. But we thank everyone that helped out and found them.

And for a reward we have randomly chosen 13 (Was 20 but you can ask Codien how he lost them!) Poptropicans who entered and have given them a specially rare PHB Monster User.


Please bear in mind that these costumes were made before the 
Poptropica Store opened.

Without further ado i would like to announce the 13 winners:

  • Squeezy Stomper
  • Crazy Catfish
  • Cuddly Star
  • Magic Storm
  • Comical Hawk
  • Strange Noodle
  • Perfect Dolphin
  • Green Seal
  • Angry Noodle
  • Spotted Bubbles
  • Cuddly Onion
  • Big Axe
  • Brave Flame

Congratulations to the 13 winners! Your very own special monster outfits have been sent to the email addresses that you used for the competition.

Hope you all had fun! Thank you to all who rescued the PHB!

[Motionman that user on the PHF is me! 
Told you i would write your name here!]

81 thoughts on “The PHB Competition Results!

  1. spencerjamesd says:

    come on! I really wanted the blue dragon crying crying please can someone of the winners tell me!

    ST: Calm down… we’re sorry, but maybe next time you might win something!

    • Lone Sneeze says:

      i never win anything EVER…
      and where in the WORLD did you find those..
      oh well…
      the people who got that are gonna lose it cuz when poptropica creators find out… BOOM!!!

    • serious spider says:

      🙂 Just like the saying for the crow bar in 24 Carrot island .
      “If you don’t succeed at first, pry, pry again.”

      Anyway, congratulations to the 13 winners.

      • skinny snowball says:

        no offense phb, but the costumes just arent a big whoop! to me.

        ST: They’re rare costumes that were leaks from Monster Carnival Island, which never came out. That’s why they’re hard to find. 😛

      • Incredible Fish says:

        The poka dots aren’t rare they are on the aleins!

        ST: But these costumes were made before Astro-Knights came out. Anyway, the dots aren’t the only part of the costume! 😉

  2. Hyper Star says:

    are the dragon costumes customizable?

    ST: Yes, so if you see someone wearing it in a multiplayer room and you like it, Costumize it for your character! 😉

  3. coolaqua says:

    they’re not leaks from monster carnival! there just random stuff put together

    ST: No, these ARE leaks from Monster Carnival Island. 😐

  4. Phantom says:

    I don’t want to spam or anything but I didn’t see this posted anywhere and if it is I’m sorry…
    There’s a new post on the Poptropica blog called ‘Sweet Ride’
    Also; the costumes look really cool! I really like the gray and black wings.

  5. Cuddly Onion says:

    WOW i can’t believe i won. 😀 i never won any drawing b4 😛 . i got the blue monster from the picture but with whiskers ^^ thx PHB and gl to u all with other competitons

  6. Crazy Catfish says:

    Scary Tomato, I won one of the costumes, and it’s not on my Poptropica account! What do I do? Help!

    ST: We sent you a seperate account to your e-mail address that has the costume. 😉

  7. Orange Tummy says:

    Oh well. Actually, It doesn’t matter if I didn’t win one, I’ve got an outfit with the Dragonfly wings.

  8. Phantom says:

    Wait- what was Monster Carnival Island supposed to be about? The name seems somewhat self explanatory, but did they get rid of it in case kids got scared or something?

    • Golden Eagle says:

      No one knows because it was never released. It might be the leak of items, because maybe the items would help you during the mission, but you could be right, maybe the younger kids might be scared of some parts of the island.

    • Orange Tummy says:

      I’ve not a clue, a fail in the plot? A change of idea? All that I know is that they didn’t give us a story line, like on the main page how you can see Astro Knights and Reality TV.

      • Shiny Mosquito says:

        Maybe they knew they weren’t going to do it but, they didn’t delete the picture on the map right away.

    • Neat Whale says:

      once, I dreammed about Monster Carnival. This is what My mind (and I, cuz believe it or not, I’m one in a million. I can controll what happens in my dreams!) came up with.
      So I was in a cave, there was a pot, and three ladies. they told me the ‘green milk’ was over to the right. I didn’t want to go right. Then my Dad woke me up.
      Yeah, weird, huh?
      and believe me, it WAS kinda scary.

  9. coolaquablue says:

    orange tummy, they weren’t even giving story lines when monster carnival was around.
    monster carnival was supposed to be the one after early poptropica.
    … i was on poptropica when there was only early poptropica. at the end when you finished Early Poptropica, it said “there will be new things coming soon!” then i didn’t come back for a long time.

    • shaggy tornado says:

      Yes they did. I was around since Shark Tooth when they still had it on the map, and it had a story line 4 Time Tangled(then it was called Time Twisted). But they didnt have a story line 4 Monster Carnival cuz they didnt have room.

  10. Magic Storm says:

    4 THE 1ST TIME IN A LONG TIME, I CANT BELIVE I WON!!!!!!!!!! som1 pinch me to make sure im not dreaming! and how do i get the costeme anyway?

    ST: *pinches Magic Storm* You’re not dreaming! Congratulations! Your monster costume’s account details have been e-mailed to you. 😀

  11. Zanzy Clown says:

    you got the hair from speedy spike
    the other hair
    from betty jetty
    and of course the fangs belong to the vampires.
    the polka dots from aliens the others from
    monster c leak
    after searching in multiverse code after multiverse code I customized someone who had the scrawny wings and horn!!!

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