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That is one HOT ride, dude!

Today at the PCB we get a look into Binary Bard/Mordred’s transportation life! He sure does have taste in cars… and flame decals. Yet, it makes me wonder how much money he has to afford a giant robot that spews super-spiky wheels of doom, a robotic mouse and owl, and now a car?! Geez.


Blog Post Title: Sweet Ride
Description: When I’m not in space trying to take over the universe I still have to get around somehow. 01000111011001010110111100100000
Image URL: http://4.bp.blogspot.com/_bqXCl2IJBSo/SkUGB5Lhp1I/AAAAAAAAACE/LGU8bLBa0qg/s1600-h/bard_metro.png

Image Name: bard_metro.png

Posted by: Binary Bard

The binary, by the way, translates to Geo Metro (which I’m guessing is the model of the car =P)

Next, it seems like we have found yet another secret “Cool Stuff” item from the Poptropica Credit Store, much like the Party Room that was also discovered recently. This item seems to allow you to vanish/turn invisible! Cool!


That’s about it! Please check out the below posts detailing the results of our Dr. Hare Competition results and the new forum, the Poptropica Help Forum!

Also, sorry, I just have to make reference to the King of Pop[tropica], Michael Jackson, who died yesterday. =( This seems kind of awkward for a Poptropica blog, but this needs mention. Smockers out!

Keep on singing, Michael Jackson!

185 thoughts on “That is one HOT ride, dude!”

      1. it sucks. he never even got to reapper…..terrible. but he lives on in all that liked him, and remebered him for his music, and not his legal troubles. 😥

      2. ok im sad to bu i have to points
        1.was he like elvis except for pop
        2.howcome ppl didnt get this worked up about elvis!
        sorry im an elvis fan,and ive only listened to michael jackson once

        Smockers: To your 1st question, yes, essentially he was. For your 2nd question, I assure you people had the same exact response when Elvis died. It’s just that he died in August 1977, so most of us weren’t born back then and didn’t know about his tragedy. =P

      3. sweet ride binary bard!
        ok no offense to all who liked him, but mj was a fruitcake.

        ST: Please don’t post hateful comments here. Keep them to yourself.

      1. I believe he didn’t have surgery, but instead he had a disease called vitiligo, a disease that caused his skin to become paler. It also made his skin sensitive to sunlight, so he usually wore a long shirt and pants in public.

      2. His skin got light from vitiligo, as Smockers has said. But he DID have surgeries, like a face lift. So you’re both right! (Source: Wikipedia)

      3. Why is it that these days just about every celebraty(espsecaly people like britney(yuk!)) has had plastic surgury? It just sends the wrong type of message to kids, young and old! It’s like there are live barbies running around!
        But then MJ was teased a lot by bullies, friends, relatives including his brothers and father, especialy about having a fat nose

    1. OMC! Oh my cheese! We have that now! That is a hint that the creators are viewing this!

      ST: Actually, we knew about the ‘vanish’ (Phantom) power before because of a sneak peek we discovered (item SWF cards).

  1. That’s a really cute picture…R.I.P. Michael!

    Anyway, Hiya, guys! I HEART MERLIN FOREVER. He’s so dang cute! GUESS WHAT?! A new hand-held item is OUT! OMG! IT’S A GUN!!!! WOOT!

    Peace out, home dawgs!

  2. What about Ferra Fausset

    Smockers: I would have done a tribute to Farrah Fawcett, but I figured not a lot of people knew about her. R.I.P. Farrah Fawcett (1947-2009)! =(

      1. She did. Though she doesn’t have that much of a commotion like Micheal Jackson dying.

      1. Elvis died ages ago, but Michael Jackson and Ferra Fausset died just recently.

    1. I know why she didn’t have as much attention! Because she had cancer, and people expected it. But its SO sad! 😥

    2. I think someone else(besides MJ and Ferra) died too but apparently there isn’t much of a commmotion about them, since I can’t remember who did!

  3. BTW, the flames aren’t real. they were created on a computer after the picyure was taken. It’s just a white car. 😉

    1. Also I think Jess brailer=Dr hare because its pink and pretty much bunny like and girls like pink and bunnys!

      ST: But both Jess and Dr. Hare are males…

      1. Well, sorry to break it to you, but not all girls like pink and bunnys. I’m a girl and i hate both…

  4. michael jackson died becuase of heart attack. 😦 WE ARE WATCHING AN ALBUM OF HIM RIGHT NOW 🙂

    1. i saw on tmz that he probably died cuz he got an overdose of some medication just an hour before he died

      1. the medication was pain killers case he got a broken leg and back. This may be another way MJ may have died.

    1. i can never see the whol pic of the things. 😦 i can only see a corner of it

      ST: If you click on the minimize button on the top-right corner of your screen, you can see the entire bottom half of the item card. 😉

      1. me 2

        I luv Thriller

        My friends and I r sad 2…. My friend luvs MJ… holy cow Mordred vandalized a car…no offense 😥 😦

      1. Go Philippines! I’m from the Philippines! I am having a vacation in Hong Kong right now! 😀 PROUD TO BE A FILIPINO!

      1. oh I saw a video where a 3 yr old girl danced to THRILLER!!!! byebye michael jackson RIP RIP RIP

        PS I think Michael jackson died of— whats it called again, the disease that made him look pale.

      2. you know how he looked pale? He had surgery. My mom told me that. Even if he did get pale from the desease i doubt he would have died.

      3. ok i just asked my mom that and you are right about the desease that made him look pale but he did not die from it.

      4. HE DID NOT DIE FROM THE DISEASE/SURGERY. He died of either pain killers or heart attack…

      5. He died from cardiac arrest, which is sorta like a heart attack.

        Smockers: Yes, he died of cardiac arrest (which is not to be confused with a heart attack since cardiac arrest is actually deadlier than a heart attack).

  5. Geo Metro? U guys like geo metro cuz that thing has flames on it— and I gotta tell ya the flames are FAKE and they are EDITED on MICROSOFT PAINT.

    Oh yah its ok though, flames or not.

    ST: It’s edited, but probably not made with Microsoft Paint. It’s hard to do anything like that on Paint.

      1. Well, in this case, the flames sort of look like the sort of thing you’d see in a computer game or something like that. 🙂 Some examples are a bit harder to spot (e.g. Some time ago, there was this thing about Kim Jong Il photos, and you apparently have to look closely to tell that they’re probably doctored, or edited. (Sorry, this doesn’t really relate to Poptropica, but I couldn’t think of another example.)).

  6. i think the car looks a little old. ;D
    And Micheal Jackson…I think…He looked kinda…like a..girl??

      1. ya i heard him once on the TV. i liked his voice better when he was little…

  7. Someone made a mean but funny joke about him:

    They’re going to turn his plastic body into LEGOs so little boys all around the world can play with him.

    I didn’t make it up, and I have nothing against da King.

    Smockers: I will not tolerate inappropriate comments about Michael Jackson to be posted here, even if you don’t mean it. I’m sure no one would want jokes to be made about them after they died. >_>

    1. michial kackson isnt the king,elvis was,well i guess michel is the prince,but elvis took the king title first,no offense

      1. OK some offence OK U CAN CALL BOTH OR THEM KINGS. ya elvis took the king tittle first its jst tht elvis died 30-35 years ago not tht much ppl talk about him now. but like i said plz note them both as kings 😉

      2. Actually, both are kings. Micheal Jackson is the king of POP, while Elvis Presley is the king of ROCK.

    2. I don’t even get the joke. I don’t care what it means. Its a awfully mean joke (even if I don’t understand it). Michael Jackson revolutionized the music world. He was 😎 when he was younger but when he got paler skin and all those facial surgeries he looked quite..um…creepy, to be frank.

  8. And his best song was ABC when he was like… I think 11 and black. But Beat and Thriller are cool 2!

    1. My personal favorite is Black or White. I just love that song! (I’m listening to it right now. 🙂

  9. OMG guys Billy Mays is dead! I know he isn’t as popular as Michael Jackson but he was 50! He’s the OxiClean Man! I know he was a bit annoying but he’s DEAD!

    1. This is so sad. =( We have lost FOUR icons in one week! Ed McMahon, Farrah Fawcett, Michael Jackson, and now Billy Mays?

      I will miss his commercials for Big City Sliders, OxiClean, Mighty Putty, and etc. He was the king of commercials. In honor of him, I will buy as many of the products he advertised; just like how I bought a ton of Michael Jackson songs on iTunes. 🙂

      1. The news just said he had a heart condition! And the planes 2 wheels exploded on impact with the ground and something fell out and hit him. But they rnt sur if that could trigger something.

      2. According to HLN news, Billy Mays was on an airplane and the touchdown was super-turbulent. When a overhead compartment was opened, a suitcase fell on his head. That didn’t kill him. That night he went to bed and didn’t wake up because an artery very close to his heart clogged. That’s the official story.

    1. Did any of the products he make actually work? Sorry, it’s just that I don’t believe Mighty Putty actually pulled that truck. (I think he made the Hercules Hook, too)My local news channel did a “Try it before you buy it” thing, and the Hercules Hook didn’t work.

      1. On the newspaper some people said there friends caught on fire and the clothes turned brown from the smoke. They used oxyclean and the clothes looked better. I don’t really belive it because when I got my shirt muddy my mom used it and there was still a little mud left. Gale Storm died Saturday(I don’t know who she is).

  10. Yea, R.I.P. Micheal Jackson And R.I.P. Billy Mays 😦 P.S. Think You Can Make A Poptropican Version Of Billy Mays, Too Like you Did With Micheal Jackson? Please? It’ll Make Me Very Happy.
    -Strange Burger-

  11. Wait a second, what is all this about a Party Room thing and Invisible thing? Secret stuff from the store? Where did it come from? How can I get it?

    By the way, goodbye, Billy Mays…
    I will never forget you and your Billyburgers from the Big City Sliders commercial…
    OxiClean just isn’t freshly-scented without you…

    1. Mighty Putty will never be as strong if you’re not around, Billy Mays…

    1. So do I, but don’t you think it was sorta random? I mean, it’s not a new island or anything, and the only other island they made this for was astro.

  12. I’m sorry if someone posted this already; I DESERVE TO DIE…; there’s a new post on the poptropica blog, it’s this video.
    Wow; if Billy Mays died, doesn’t that mean the Discovery Show ‘Pitchmen’ will be canceled?

      1. oh man WE SHOULD STOP GIVING CREDITS AHHHH THIS IS GETTING TO CRAZY ITS LIKE SPAMMING sorry tht i used capitals alot… man 4 famous people died in just 1 WEEK?

    1. Everyone is dieing! I mean EVERYONE FAMOUS! Farrah Fawcett, Micheal Jackson, Billy Mays, Gale Storm, and Fred Travalena! Well I hope they all R.I.P (Rest In Peace).

  13. Wow. I have just discovered 2 more famous people who have died this week: Gale Storm (American actress/singer) and Fred Travalena (American entertainer)! That’s a total of 6 people. May all of them R.I.P. I hope all of their families can pull through a tragedy like this one.

    1. And Time Tangled island! Okay, the Time Tangled thing was random, because why in the world will they just decide to make that now?

  14. They just added the new costumes to the Store! These r the costumes:

    Karate Master
    Retro Robot*
    Sky Hawk Warrior*
    Xenon Troooper
    Space Sentry

    * These outfits include 2 special actions!

      1. Actually, I don’t care if you forgot it, because I hate the outfit. Now, a lot of people probably have a different opinion, but I’m not girly…

    1. Thanks, but if you want to post about new updates, please do so at the “Poptropica Updates” section of our Poptropica Help Forum.

      To everyone:
      If someone has already posted about something (whether on this blog or on the forum), there’s no need to repeat it by mentioning it again in a new post.

      If you are the one to start the topic about a new Poptropica update (on the forum), we will acknowledge you when we write the blog post for it, to thank you for taking the time to help everyone.

      Comments posted on our blog posts from now on (not including this one) talking about a Poptropica update will most likely be ignored/deleted, but there may be some exceptional cases in the future.

      Again, thank you, and remember to join the PHF in order to get even more awesome Poptropica chatting topics to talk on! 🙂

  15. Lol OK lets calm down pplz down be so “worried” about this ummmm 8 PEOPLE DYING TRADFEGY AHHH!!! TO MUCH!

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