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Hey guys, Scary Tomato posting:

You probably know me as Scary Tomato, or ST. But like how Gazek was once Speedy Ice, I’ve also decided to change my internet name into something that might be easier to remember. You can still call me ST (many are used to it anyway 😛 ), but I’ll be changing my display name around this website too. Please try to refer to me with this name in the future:


So, “hi” comes from the greeting word hi; “Ju” and “Yo” come from parts of certain names. [Original paragraph rewritten for personal reasons..] I know, the name change may take some getting used to. I wanted something that wasn’t a generic Poptropica name that some other Poptropican might also have.

Already using this name for other sites, such as Webosaurs and the new PHF.

Also, the International Blog of Poptropica (IBOP: http://theibop.wordpress.com/) has discovered a new item coming to the Poptropica Store. It’s called the ”Follower” and looks like this:


A slight mistake, Creators – ”funner” is not good grammar. 🙂 Also, this isn’t a fake; you can check out the item SWF here: http://static.poptropica.com/items/item3051.swf. Wonder what’s going to follow us? Non-player characters (NPCs) like the mayor from 24 Carrot, or randomly generated pets like kittens? 😀

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That is one HOT ride, dude!

Today at the PCB we get a look into Binary Bard/Mordred’s transportation life! He sure does have taste in cars… and flame decals. Yet, it makes me wonder how much money he has to afford a giant robot that spews super-spiky wheels of doom, a robotic mouse and owl, and now a car?! Geez.


Blog Post Title: Sweet Ride
Description: When I’m not in space trying to take over the universe I still have to get around somehow. 01000111011001010110111100100000
Image URL: http://4.bp.blogspot.com/_bqXCl2IJBSo/SkUGB5Lhp1I/AAAAAAAAACE/LGU8bLBa0qg/s1600-h/bard_metro.png

Image Name: bard_metro.png

Posted by: Binary Bard

The binary, by the way, translates to Geo Metro (which I’m guessing is the model of the car =P)

Next, it seems like we have found yet another secret “Cool Stuff” item from the Poptropica Credit Store, much like the Party Room that was also discovered recently. This item seems to allow you to vanish/turn invisible! Cool!


That’s about it! Please check out the below posts detailing the results of our Dr. Hare Competition results and the new forum, the Poptropica Help Forum!

Also, sorry, I just have to make reference to the King of Pop[tropica], Michael Jackson, who died yesterday. =( This seems kind of awkward for a Poptropica blog, but this needs mention. Smockers out!

Keep on singing, Michael Jackson!

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Costume Party

Have you seen our new section?

On our new Page ‘Cool Stuff’ you can find the link to our Costume Page.


It is a database that is still growing of some famous, old, or just plain cool outfits.

You can help contribute or sit back and enjoy the Outfits.

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Scary Tomato: Don’t forget to check out the new poll located on the right side. :mrgreen: