Hellos & Goodbyes

Coskit’s Goodbye.

This post is written by Coskit—ignore the author attribution.

Hijuyo’s Note

To make a long story short, many of us on chat have realized that we need to have a proper power balance control, and part of that included making Coskit a mod. She didn’t like that and made up her mind to leave.

You can still contact her on the Poptropica Help Chat.

Coskit’s Note

I’m leaving this blog in the hopes that people will learn respect and lose suspicion. I’ve tried and tried, but it looks like the hard way is the only way. And this is it.


Hijuyo, this is for you. I’m staying on the chat, at least for now. You brought me into this by modding and ownering me, and of course I’m grateful to you for that. You answered all my questions. Thank you.

Smockers. When I saw you, you always made me laugh with your jokes. You gave me Membership (although I later lost the password to that account 😮 ) I’ll always remember you as the funny man and Hijuyo’s right hand.

Neat Whale – Oh, NW. What can I say? You were more than a friend to me. You comforted me, made me laugh, and were one of the best online friends I’ve ever had.

Coderkid – I’ve only met you a few times, but you showed me a determination and efficiency to accomplish goals  that I’ve never seen before.

Hyper Star – We had so much fun together. Master and Nack. It was great. I don’t know where you’ve been lately, but I miss you on the chat already.

I’d just like to say, if it seems like I’m blaming anyone or insulting anyone in this post, I’m not. I hold no grudges. I want to leave with a clean heart and mind, just as I came here.

I’ll still be on the chat once in a while. If not the PHB chat, then my chat or one of my friends’ chats. You know where to find me.

Goodbye, for the last time.


Web Development

Resignation note of Neat Whale/WhispersSecret.

…Yeah. Believe it. NW signing off.

As you might have noticed, I haven’t been posting for a while. That’s because I’ve…I’ve kinda lost control. I’va become more interested in other things such as like being of the Zone and just chattign with my friends (and DeviantARTing). I’ve completely lost interest in everything…and hey, well, what is there to it if you’re not enjoying it anymore?

But I do want to thank of course, Hijuyo for being my best friend, Coskit, HS, CW, and so many other people on the PHF and PHB for being there and supporting me, the rest of the Poptropica Help Team for…err, being my teammates, the idiots ( 😛 ) awesome people on the PHF for making me laugh, that includes EVERYONE, and a huge thank you to MF/GB (Maroon Fire/Golden Butterfly) for being awesome and always lending an open ear, and being like me and sticking it in with your dreams…which is why I recomend right out here in the open that she becomes a moderator on the PHF, instend of me.

I’ll still be on the PHF, but I want Motion to make me just a member. I’ll be on the Zone. I’ll still be playing Poptropica. I’ll still be on DeviantART. I’ll be on YouTube occasionally. And I’ll comment here from time to time; I’ll never leave completely.

See you soon.


P-p-pink?! Ewww…….

New PCB post, everyone! This one’s simply called Pink. (Ew, I hate pink…..) It is posted by Dr. Hare and is in honor of da big V-Day (Valentine’s Day) tomorrow. I don’t know about you, but I have my valentines picked out.  ♥ Anyway, here’s  the post.

Friday, February 12, 2010


Look, it’s my favorite color! And just in time for Valentine’s Day.

avatar image

It looks like a heart costume and a love potion. Hmm, I wonder what the love potion will do. Will it make the nearest Poptropican fall in love with you? Coooooool.

In other news, I’m changing my name! I’ve decided to drop the name DaVinci because it has too many things associated with it – AND, people keep misspelling it. (It’s not DaVinche, DaVince, DaVench, or DaVanchie.) Yes, people have spelled my name DaVanchie. So, I’m changing my name. My new name is……..


I know, it sounds weird, but the name is made out of different words that symbolize parts of me. So the entire name means a lot to me, so I hope you all can get used to calling me that.

Ciao, everyone!

Coskit is…..outa heeeere!


Also, Happy Valentine’s Day and Happy Chinese New Year to all of our PHB readers! ^_^

We hope you spend your holiday-filled Sunday with lots of fun. 🙂

Ya know, since I’m getting so many comments about how my name is “epic fail” (inspired by the PHF thread to this purpose), I’m thinking of changing it back to DaVinci. If you figure out this message, post a comment about whether I should change my name back to DaVinci, leave it at Coskit, or change it to something entirely different. Ciao, peoplez.