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Resignation note of Neat Whale/WhispersSecret.

…Yeah. Believe it. NW signing off.

As you might have noticed, I haven’t been posting for a while. That’s because I’ve…I’ve kinda lost control. I’va become more interested in other things such as like being of the Zone and just chattign with my friends (and DeviantARTing). I’ve completely lost interest in everything…and hey, well, what is there to it if you’re not enjoying it anymore?

But I do want to thank of course, Hijuyo for being my best friend, Coskit, HS, CW, and so many other people on the PHF and PHB for being there and supporting me, the rest of the Poptropica Help Team for…err, being my teammates, the idiots ( ๐Ÿ˜› ) awesome people on the PHF for making me laugh, that includes EVERYONE,ย and a huge thank you to MF/GB (Maroon Fire/Golden Butterfly) for being awesome and always lending an open ear, and being like me and sticking it in with your dreams…which is why I recomend right out here in the open that she becomes a moderatorย on the PHF, instend of me.

I’ll still be on the PHF, but I want Motion to make me just a member. I’ll be on the Zone. I’ll still be playing Poptropica. I’ll still be on DeviantART. I’ll be on YouTube occasionally.ย And I’ll comment here from time to time; I’ll never leave completely.

See you soon.

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The Missing Sneak Peak and Updates

I’m sorry but the post is not missing.

The PHB Sneak Peaks have been cancelled. This is due to an overload of work i have to do.

Maybe in the next couple weeks i can make a post with all the sneak peaks in one dedicating everything that has happened in the past 10 weeks. I will also tell you if it came true or not. The PHB Sneak Peaks will be no longer. They have retired. But don’t panic. Something even better will be happening.

Well after that sad news i have some great things to tell you. Well you can call them PHB Sneak Peaks if you want :P.
But these sneak peaks are for our site.

In the future we will be updating the costume section, a faster way for you to communicate and receive updates.

A HUGE thing will be happening in the near future. Also we have decided that every month we will be posting something BIG. It will be like PHB Sneak Peaks. But only BIGGER. Involving you.

Hope you enjoy the future with Poptropica Help Blog.

Scary Tomato, Smockers and Codienย 
The PHB Crew.